Cool Things to Buy For Your Disney Trip!

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Cool Things to Buy for Your Trip to Disney World

I mentioned a couple months ago that I hadn’t been anywhere (like anywhere) since November and I was going to lose my mind if I didn’t get out of here soon.

Well, fortunately, my daughters and I will both be heading to Disney in …

DIY Countdown to Disney World Trip Mickey Ears


… exactly twelve days!


Some Details About Our Disney Trip

— We’ll be staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort (which we’ve never been to before)
— We’ll be on the Free Disney Dining Plan (which I know a lot of people think is a bad value, but we are very excited
— We have character meals booked at Crystal Palace (Winnie the Pooh gang); Garden Grill (Chip and Dale) and Tusker House for breakfast (Donald and Daisy Duck).
— We also have a reservation at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, which we’ve never been to before.

Over the past couple weeks we’ve been ordering some things for our trip:

Keeping Cool and Fresh While at Disney World


Chilly pads to buy for your Disney World trip

Chilly Pads — and air fresheners for the room and car!

This big pink thing is something called a Frogg Togg Chilly Pad, which I kept reading great things about.
I’ve been to Disney World before, and it is still pretty darn hot. Apparently when you wet these Chilly Pads, wring them out, and put them around your neck and shoulders, it cool you off incredibly while still staying dry. So we’ll see.

Also, we picked up some Renuzit air fresheners so that we would have a nice “Disney Trip scent.”


Best Crossbody Purse for Disney World

Best crossbody purse to carry for Disney World trip
Goodbye ugly fanny pack — hello Vera Bradley bag!

The last time we went to Disney World, I had a fanny pack, and I decided when we got there that I did NOT want to wear it. It made me feel dumpy and ridiculous, especially since I was wearing a couple pretty sundresses for the trip.

I also knew I did not want to wear a backpack.

I did some research and saw that a lot of people were recommending this Vera Bradley Little Hipster crossbody purse, so I ordered it for myself, and Rachael got one as well, in a purple and green color. (Rebecca, on the other hand, has no problem with her fanny pack, which for some reason she does not look dumpy in at all.)

Other items we purchased just for our Disney trip include:

Merrell Women’s Sandals — My Favorite Shoes for a Disney Trip

Great shoes are a must at Disney World, and I know from experience that these Merrell sandals are fantastic. Rachael got the ivory ones on the right; I got the ones on the left because they didn’t have the others in my size.


Disney Trading Pins and Clutchbacks (Buy These BEFORE the Trip)

Rebecca bought herself a set of 26 Disney Trading Pins for only $20, which is an awful lot cheaper than if you bought 26 individual pins at the parks. She’s going to give us a few, so we’re all looking forward to pin trading during the trip.

Pretty Dresses and Cute Clothes to Stay Cool at Disney World!

Each girl got one of these Polka Dot Pinup Dresses (Rachael got purple and Rebecca got red), which look absolutely adorable, but which, sadly, did not come in my size, but this Sequin sundress looks like it will work for me. And the girls still have their Minnie Mouse t-shirts that they bought for our last trip.

A Field Guide to Hidden Mickeys —

We got this book for Rebecca for Christmas, so this will be the first trip that we’re using it. I have no idea how much we will actually spend tracking down Hidden Mickeys, but it seems like something fun that could give the trip a little something extra.

EltaMD UV Pure Broad-Spectrum SPF 47 — Best Suncreen

I am unusually sun-sensitive, and my dermatologist said that this Elta MD Sunblock is the only sunscreen I should ever use. I have the entire family use, because not only is it super-strong, but it’s sunblock instead of sunscreen, so there are no chemicals to worry about.

Emergency Clear Rain Poncho (Pack of 4) —

On our last trip we took the boat from the Magic Kingdom to Whispering Canyon Cafe for lunch, and when it was time to head back, it was absolutely pouring rain. We “had” to buy some Disney ponchos, which cost … well, at lot. We won’t make that mistake again.

42-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer —

This is actually still in our suitcase from our last trip, and it was very helpful. Three females can have a lot of hairbrushes, combs, hair gel, sunscreen, contact lens cleaner, etc, and it was nice to toss them in here instead of having them strewn all over the counters. I even got in the habit of tucking my sandals in there.
So … now we just to get the oil changed, the van cleaned, find someone to take care of the cats, and pack, and I think we’re all set!

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