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The Best Bags for Disney World: Backpacks, Purses, and Sling Bags (2022)

The Best Bags for Disney World: Backpacks, Purses, and Sling Bags (2022)

If your family is spending the day at one of the Walt Disney World parks, you’re going to need plenty of stuff with you. How much stuff depends on your personality, how old your kids are, and your eating game plan for the day, among […]

Which Disney World Park Has the Most Rides [2022]

Which Disney World Park Has the Most Rides [2022]

There are lot of different reasons that people choose, or prefer, one Disney park over the other. But one common question that comes up, especially for Disney first-timers, is “Which park has the most rides?” And it makes sense. After all, you paid a lot […]

11 Unicorn Toys & Other Baby Shower Items [2022]

11 Unicorn Toys & Other Baby Shower Items [2022]

Even though I’ve had three babies of my own, t’s not often that I specifically write about baby-related stuff. (In fact, one of the few baby-themed posts I have, about taking an infant to Disney World, was written by interviewing other moms.)

But I have such a nice set of unicorn-themed posts (scroll down to the yellow block at the very bottom of this post to see some of them) that I couldn’t resist adding a post about unicorn stuff for babies.

(Not to mention that “shopping” for baby stuff is always so fun!)

I discovered some adorable unicorn toys for babies, and then (toward the end of the post) included some unicorn-themed baby products, like teething toys, washcloth and towel sets, and a great-looking diaper bag for the parents.

Any of these would make great gifts for a unicorn-themed baby shower.


Baby GUND Princess Castle Plush PlaysetBaby GUND Princess Castle Plush PlaysetBaby GUND Princess Castle Plush PlaysetBaby Rocking Horse  Unicorn, Ride On Toy for 1-3 Year OldBaby Rocking Horse Unicorn, Ride On Toy for 1-3 Year OldBaby Rocking Horse  Unicorn, Ride On Toy for 1-3 Year OldWooden Stacking Rings Toy with Unicorn TopperWooden Stacking Rings Toy with Unicorn TopperWooden Stacking Rings Toy with Unicorn TopperBright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn ToyBright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn ToyBright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn Toy



Wooden Stacking Ring Toy with Unicorn Topper

Montessori Wooden Stacking Toy with Unicorn TopperMontessori Wooden Stacking Toy with Unicorn TopperMontessori Wooden Stacking Toy with Unicorn Topper


This is a much higher-quality, more visually pleasing, and slightly smaller version of the plastic Fisher Price toy that many of us had as kids.

It helps babies and toddlers develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and a sense of order.

The rings, and the unicorn topper, are made with real wood and coated with non-toxic varnish and waterborne paint.


Stuffed Princess & Castle Playset

Baby GUND Stuffed Princess PlaysetBaby GUND Stuffed Princess PlaysetBaby GUND Stuffed Princess Playset


This is such an adorable gift for a baby girl. It’s safe, soft, and self-contained. I always like how all the pieces have a different sensory element to them.

The pieces include:

  • Princess crinkle doll
  • Magic mirror
  • Squeaker wand
  • Unicorn that “neighs” when you squeeze him

They all fit inside a plush pink castle that fastens shut, making it easy to pack up and take it all with you.



Baby “Rocking Horse” Unicorn

Baby Rocking Horse  for 1-3 Year OldBaby Rocking Horse for 1-3 Year OldBaby Rocking Horse  for 1-3 Year Old



This cute ride-on toy is designed with babies in mind and has a 3-side seat with a belt so little ones won’t lose their balance.

Yes, this is a bit of a pricey gift, but many reviewers, like Shelby, said it was worth every penny:

I bought this for my daughter’s first birthday present because of how much she loves to rock. I could barely put it together before she started trying to get on it. I kept having to tell her no and finally had to get Daddy to run interference so I could get it screwed together. She absolutely loves it. More than any of her other toys. I’ve already recommended this to others twice.



Unicorn Snuggle Baby Blanket

Carter's Unicorn Snuggler BlanketCarter’s Unicorn Snuggler BlanketCarter's Unicorn Snuggler Blanket


When my second daughter was born, one of our neighbors gave us a blanket just like this (except I think it was a bear instead of a unicorn.)

As luck would have it, this particular daughter was (and still is) very tactile, and for years she loved rubbing her thumb and finger back and forth against the satiny-soft edging.

This blanket is 14 by 14 inches. And don’t worry — both the unicorn’s hair and its gold horn can be machine washed and still look great.


Rock and Glow Unicorn Toy

Bright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn ToyBright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn ToyBright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn Toy


What a clever idea — a toy that a crawling baby can chase!

This interactive toy has 2 settings:

  1. “Learning Mode” lets children activate different lights, music, and sound.
  2. “Chase Me Mode” has the unicorn rock and gallop around in different directions.

Amazon reviewer Familyof6 says this is a great toy for a baby girl around 6-12 months old:

We got this for our 6 month old daughter for Christmas and couldn’t be happier with the purchase! When she received it she couldn’t yet crawl, but is crawling now.

I would say this is probably her favorite toy right now. She loves that it lights up, plays music, rocks, and gallops!

I like that you can switch it from hard floor mode to carpet mode, because we have both. I also like that you can play with it stationary (for precrawlers) and galloping for older babies. In gallop mode, it goes QUITE far, and gently turns when it meets an obstacle.

It’s actually pretty smart for a toy- gives my Roomba a run for it’s money in not getting stuck in awkward places, haha. Overall I’m a very big fan, I would highly recommend it.


Plush Unicorn Chair

Sweet Seats: Teal Unicorn Children's Plush ChairSweet Seats: Teal Unicorn Children’s Plush ChairSweet Seats: Teal Unicorn Children's Plush Chair


This adorable pink and teal chair is 14 x 19 x 20 inches and lightweight enough that little girl can carry it from room to room.

Several reviewers said that were surprised at how cute and durable this chair is, especially considering it’s about a fraction of the price of a children’s chair at Pottery Barn.

Amazon reviewer Angelique D. says this is her daughter’s favorite chair:

We were looking to purchase a chair for our daughter to sit in while reading her books. She currently has a fixation on all things unicorns. This chair has checked both of these boxes. She uses the chair multiple times throughout the day to read her multiple books.

The chair is made of a plush material that is soft and washes well. I recommend cutting off the tags so as to not be something kids see as a toy. Our daughter is weighing 25 lbs. and is 32 inches tall. There is plenty of room for her to continue to grow into this chair.


Unicorn Baby Products

While baby toys are great, babies need other things too. And just because they’re “practical” doesn’t mean they have to be any less adorable.

Here are some unicorn-themed baby products that make great gifts for the new parents.


Ella the Unicorn Soothing Sound Machine

Ella the Unicorn Soothing Sound MachineElla the Unicorn Soothing Sound MachineElla the Unicorn Soothing Sound Machine


If you’ve ever had a baby, you know there are time when you would give your life savings in exchange for something that would magically make the baby stop crying and go to sleep.

Fortunately, Ella the Unicorn can help your little one sleep well without you having to forego your baby’s college education.

Not only that, but babies will enjoy soft Ella and her soothing sounds for years after they’ve stopped being babies.

You can choose which soothing sound you want Ella to play:

  • Heartbeat
  • Rain
  • Ocean waves
  • Wale song
  • 4 different lullabies

You can choose an automatic shut-off time of either 23 or 45 minutes so that Ella doesn’t drain your batteries or need you to constantly go in and out of your baby’s room to shut it off. There’s also an adjustable volume control, so you don’t have to worry about the sounds being either too loud or too soft.

Ella has a velcro tab behind her head that makes it easy to attach her to a crib rail, car seat, or stroller.

One big plus is that the sound box is easily removable, so you can just pop it out and toss Ella into the washing machine whenever she needs a bath.


Large Unicorn Backpack Diaper Bag

Large Unicorn Backpack Diaper BagLarge Unicorn Backpack Diaper BagLarge Unicorn Backpack Diaper Bag


I made many mistakes when my kids were babies, but one that I’ll admit here is: I never got myself a decent diaper bag. I just used the little thing they gave you for free at the hospital.

Yeah, I can’t believe it either.

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a real diaper bag. One that you really like and that is kinda cool. Or, if you’re friend or relative is having a baby, get them a really cool diaper bag that they’ll love.

This bag looks great, can be used as either a backpack or a handbag, is waterproof, is durable, and holds a ton of stuff.

I measures 11 by 9 by 16 inches and has a large main compartment plus 15 (!) separate storage pockets. (Here are some photos to show you where all the pockets are located.)

The front pocket is insulated and holds three bottles.


8-pack Short Sleeve Unicorn Onesies

8-pack Short Sleeve Unicorn Onesies8-pack Short Sleeve Unicorn Onesies8-pack Short Sleeve Unicorn Onesies


What could be cuter than a little baby in a onesie that says “Talk to the horn” or “I spit up rainbows”?

This is an 8-pack of unicorn-themed onesies, sized 0-3 months. If the new parents are unicorn fans and/or going with a unicorn theme, I guarantee these will be a huge hit.


Unicorn Teether for Toddler & Baby

Unicorn Teether for Toddler & BabyUnicorn Teether for Toddler & BabyUnicorn Teether for Toddler & Baby


There was a time when I feel like I owned every teething toy known to man. Rubber ones. Bumpy ones. Ones that you put in the freezer. Ones that had little stuffed animals attached to them.

But we never had one as beautiful as this unicorn teether!

This teether is made of 100% pure natural and measures approximately 5 x 2 x 6 inches.

Reviewers liked how this teether is easy for babies and toddlers to hang on to. Also, it squeaks, is durable, and is easy to clean.


Baby Hooded Towel with Five Washcloths

Unisex Baby Hooded Towel with Five Washcloths, Unicorn, One SizeUnisex Baby Hooded Towel with Five Washcloths, Unicorn, One SizeBaby Hooded Towel with Five Washcloths, Unicorn, One Size


You can never go wrong getting a basic towel and washcloth set as a newborn baby gift. I guarantee they will get used!

This hooded towel measures 30 by 30 inches, while each washcloth is 9 by 9 inches.


9 Unicorn Toys and Gifts for 3 & 4 Year Old Girls [2022]

9 Unicorn Toys and Gifts for 3 & 4 Year Old Girls [2022]

I remember when my girls were preschool age. It was a lot of work, and very tiring at times, but it was so fun — not only spending time with them, but also getting them clothes, books and toys. Everything for that age group is […]

10 Cute Unicorn Toys for 7, 8, and 9 Year Old Girls

10 Cute Unicorn Toys for 7, 8, and 9 Year Old Girls

The ages between 7-9 years old is a great time to have daughters. (And granddaughters, I’m guessing.) Girls at that age are at a wonderful stage where they still like whimsical things like unicorns and mermaids … but they’re getting more sophisticated and creative. This […]

The Best Shorts to Wear to Disney World (for both men & women)

The Best Shorts to Wear to Disney World (for both men & women)

If you’re a regular reader here, you may already know that I prefer to wear sundresses for more than half the trip when I go to Disney World.

And on the days when I do wear shorts, I don’t go out and special pair for the trip. I just throw it whatever shorts I happen to own at the moment, which for the last few trips (and in the photo above) has been a pair of denim shorts.

However, I know some people like the wear shorts the entire time, and that they prefer a more “athletic type of shorts while at Disney World, since there’s so much heat and so much walking.

I also know that some people don’t like to wear shorts, either because they feel self-conscious in them or because they just like to have their legs covered more. So they want something that’s not quite shorts, but something that will be comfortable and cool.

Don’t worry — if that’s you, I’ve got you covered too.

I did some research on the DisBoards and on Amazon and found several pairs of shorts I know you’re going to love. (I even ended up buying a pair for myself after I wrote the article.)

I also included several alternatives to wearing shorts, for women who either don’t like them or just want to mix things up.

Although this post is mostly focused on women’s clothing, there are some suggestions for men at the bottom of the post.



Don’t Forget the Body Glide!

Body Glide is one of the most popular product among my readers, and I have a stick of it in my closet that I use for every Disney trip.

body glide Original Anti-Chafe Balmbody glide Original Anti-Chafe Balmbody glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm


If you’re worried about chafing (after all, you’re probably going to walk 9-10 miles each day at the parks), then this is for you!

I also rub it all over my feet before I put my shoes on.

They also sell Body Guide for Women and Body Glide for Feet, although I have ever tried either of those — just the original.

Now onto the shorts …

Columbia Women’s Sandy River Shorts

Columbia Women's Sandy River ShortsColumbia Women’s Sandy River ShortsColumbia Women's Sandy River Shorts


These comfortable shorts come in 24 different colors, ranging from City Grey to Coral Reef to Olive Green to Blossom Pink. So you’re sure to find the one (or two or three) that look great on you and go perfectly with your favorite shirt.

They are made of 100% nylon and features a “signature sun protection fabric” that provides UPF 30 for both UVA and UVB rays.

These shorts have an interior drawcord waist, so you can adjust the fit to where it’s most comfortable for you.

They also have two side pockets and a single zippered pocket, so you have plenty of options for holding your wallet, keys, and/or phone. (However, do be aware that one reviewer said the front pockets were very shallow, and a phone could fall out of it easily.)

Reviewers loved how these shorts were lightweight, but didn’t “look dorkey or like an old woman’s shorts.”

Along the same line, several people said that the length was just right — not so short that you’d be flashing your butt cheeks every time you get in and out of a ride, but not “grandma length” either.

Another big plus is that they dry easily, so whether you’re sweating profusely in the Florida heat, got attacked by a sudden downpour of rain, or just went down Splash Mountain and got more water than you bargained for, you won’t have a soggy bottom for the rest of the day.

Click here to see photos of a happy customer modeling her bright orange shorts.


Roxy Women’s Boardshorts

Roxy Women's to Dye 7” BoardshortRoxy Women’s to Dye 7” BoardshortRoxy Women's Boardshorts


If you’re not familiar with the term “boardshorts” (I wasn’t), they’re a swimwear/casual wear combo in the form of loose-fitting shorts that are designed to be quick-drying. (If you remember the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon when Suzy thought it was so cute that Hobbes was wearing “Jams” … well, that’s what boardshorts are.

Some women really like them because you can go straight from the pool to the store, or whatever, without have to change clothes or put something over your bathing suit.

These mid-length 7″ boardshorts are made of 90% polyester and 10% elastane. They come in both solid colors and floral designs.

They have a hook and loop closure in the font inside and a closure tie on the outside. (If you don’t know what “hook and loop” is, then you need to watch this very funny video.)

These shorts don’t have any inner lining, so you don’t have to worry about weird panty lines. And since they’re not see-through, even when they’re wet, you can probably skip the underwear if you want to, like you would with a bathing suit.


Roxy Women’s Boardshorts

Roxy Women's Endless Summer 2 BoardshortsRoxy Women’s Endless Summer 2Roxy Women's Endless Summer 2 Boardshorts


If you like the idea of boardshorts, but don’t like shorts that cover that much of your leg, then check out this pair, which has a drawcord waistband, a 2 inch inseam, and 4-way stretch fabric.

These shorts also have no liner (and no pockets), but I would not recommend wearing this length without some sort of underwear or bikini bottoms underneath them.


Under Armour Women’s Shorts

Under Armour Women's Play Up 3.0 ShortsUnder Armour Women’s Play Up 3.0 ShortsUnder Armour Women's Play Up 3.0 Shorts


Since you’ll do a ton of walking at Disney World, wearing a pair of athletic shorts makes a lot of sense.

These lightweight Under Armour women’s shorts are 100% polyester, have an elastic closure, and are made of material that wicks sweat and dries really fast. There is no built-in liner.

Reviewers thought the length was just right so that you “didn’t have to worry about your butt hanging out.”

This Amazon reviewer says that she is very picky, but loves these shorts:

I have purchased MANY pairs of athletic shorts over the years. By far, these are my favorite. First, they have pockets that are useful, but very concealed. The way they are made, the pockets lie complete flat against the body and are not the least bit visible. Second, the fabric is lightweight and not scratchy or crunchy like some shorts. Third, the waistband is comfortable and smooth on the inside.

The style is super cute, and they are the perfect length as well. Not too long or too short. I am 52 years old and very active. I need a short that is flattering, stylish, but still offers some modesty. I’ve purchased four pairs of these, and will continue to buy more as more colors are available.


Click here to see both the front and side view of a woman wearing these shorts.


Hanes Women’s Jersey Pocket Short

Hanes Women's Jersey Pocket Short with Outside DrawcordHanes Women’s Jersey Pocket Short with Outside DrawcordHanes Women's Jersey Pocket Short with Outside Drawcord


We all know how comfortable — and cool — cotton is, which is probably one of the reasons these shorts are extremely popular. (The other is probably the low price.)

These shorts are machine washable and have a 7″ inseam, roomy pockets, and a wide, ribbed waist with a drawstring closure so you can easily get the perfect fit.

Reviewers loved the low price and the length of these shorts. They said they were great for running errands, working out, doing yard work, walking the dogs, hanging around the house, or even sleeping in. Women also loved the drawstring so you could adjust them after having a big meal!

I ended up buying a pair of these short in Heather Charcoal after writing this article. For that price, I couldn’t pass them up, and I wanted something that had pockets, wasn’t too short, and that worked well for when I do yoga and Pilates and go on long walks.

I don’t think I would ever wear them to Disney World, just because I personally don’t like to wear “workout” clothes for anything other than exercising or just hanging around the house.

But these shorts were perfect for exactly that: both comfortable and a good length.

In retrospect, I do wish I’d bought the Light Steel color instead of the Charcoal Heather. But it’s not a big deal since, like I said, all I’m wearing them for is doing Yoga or Pilates, sitting on the couch, and the occasional hike or bike ride.

One thing about the Hanes shorts that’s important to know: the pockets aren’t very deep and are at an angle where something could fall out of it easily. I literally had my phone fall out of the pocket one day while I was out walking.

So that’s something pretty important to be aware of, especially if you do plan to wear these shorts to Disney World. The last thing you want to be worried about it is suddenly realizing your phone is gone!


Women’s Mini Skater Skirt with Shorts

DJT FASHION Women's Stretchy Mini Skater Skirt with ShortsDJT FASHION Women’s Stretchy Mini Skater Skirt with ShortsDJT FASHION Women's Stretchy Mini Skater Skirt with Shorts


These skater shorts (sometimes referred to as “skorts” combine the style of a skirt with the comfort and coverage of shorts. You can wear them in all seasons, pairing them with a t-shirt, blouse, crop top, or sweater.

These are perfect if you want to wear to wear a skirt to Disney World, but are worried that you’re going to flash everybody when you get in and out of your Space Mountain car.

They come in 20 different colors and designs, including navy plaid, red plaid, black, wine, green, and grey.

This reviewer describes why she loves these shorts, especially for “midsize” women:

I love this skirt! I’m 185, 5’6 athletic build and 44 booty. It’s really hard to find skater skirts (or any skirt really) that doesn’t show my butt in the back. I ordered XL and it fits perfectly!

The waistband is really thick and nice, the skirt length is long enough to cover but not so long it’s church-girl frumpy, and the shorts are the perfect length that they prevent chub-rub but don’t show! AND it comes in plaid!?! The only thing this skirt needs to be absolutely perfect is pockets! I can bend over with confidence, knowing I’m not flashing the world with my Thiccness 😌 …

Click here to see photos of her wearing the red plaid skirt combined with a black top.


BLEVONH Women’s Elastic Skorts with Pockets

BLEVONH Women's Elastic Skorts with PocketsBLEVONH Women’s Elastic Skorts with PocketsBLEVONH Women's Elastic Skorts with Pockets


Here’s another skort, but this one has a more athletic look and less of an A-line flare. (One reviewer described the shorts part as “mesh, like basketball shorts”.)

It also comes in twenty different colors, including black, white, purple, turquoise, a few different tie-dye patterns.

Reviewers loved the vibrant colors and the lightweight, comfortable texture. The inner pocket (under the skirt) for a cell phone is also a nice touch.

Click here to see photos of one reviewer wearing her “crazy gorgeous” shorts.


Alternatives to Wearing Shorts at Disney World

Women's Baggy Linen Harem PantsWomen’s Baggy Linen Harem PantsWomen's Baggy Linen Harem PantsBALEAF Women's Lightweight Hiking Capri PantsBALEAF Women’s Lightweight Hiking Capri PantsBALEAF Women's Lightweight Hiking Capri PantsEddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro PantsEddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro PantsEddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro Pants


Some women don’t like wearing shorts to Disney World — either because they don’t the way their legs look for whatever reason, and/or just they don’t like how shorts makes their legs stick together and cause chafing in the heat.

Here are some cool and comfortable alternatives to shorts:


Women’s Baggy Linen Harem Pants

Women's Baggy Linen Harem PantsWomen’s Baggy Linen Harem PantsWomen's Baggy Linen Harem Pants


These beautiful, lightweight pants have a bit of a “boho” look to them that I love.

They’re made of 55% linen and 45% cotton, have an elastic waist (making them easy to pull on), drawsting closure, irregular pant cuff, and a slightly low crotch.

The length was perfect, reaching about 3” above the ankle.

The length is like a long crop, hits just a smidge above my ankles.

Reviewers loved how the fit was quite baggy and roomy, but not “sloppy-baggy.”

This reviewer loved these pants so much that she’s getting more pairs in different colors:

I just can’t get enough of these! I’ll probably end up with one in every color. I already love Minibees stuff, but these are some of my faves, they are really cute and flattering. Well made with a soft cotton linen that isn’t scratchy at all.

The color holds up well with washing and they are comfortable enough for hanging out on the couch but nice enough to accessorize and wear anywhere. Looks great with everything from a cotton T to a bulky sweater. I get tons of inquiries about where I found them every time I wear them …


BALEAF Women's Lightweight Hiking Capri PantsBALEAF Women’s Lightweight Hiking Capri PantsBALEAF Women's Lightweight Hiking Capri Pants


These hiking capri-style pants are made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

They’re made of lightweight, breathable, water-Resistant and quick-dry fabric, the women’s hiking pants that, even though they’re long pants, will keep you cool and fresh all day.

The fabric also has UPF 50+, which is a great alternative to wearing shorts and then having to smear sunscreen all over your legs every few hours.

They also have four zip-closure security pockets and an elastic waist with a drawstring to give you the perfect fit.

Reviewers liked how these pants were cool and comfortable — and how well they fit “curvy bodies” and women with “ample booties.”


Eddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro Pants

Eddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro PantsEddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro PantsEddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro Pants


These boardshorts for men are made of 100% polyester and have a drawstring closure and side cargo pocket. They come in 18 different colors and do not have a mesh lining sewed in.

This guy wrote a really funny (and helpful!) review of these shorts, saying they transformed him “from DadBod to RadBod.”


Quiksilver Men’s Everyday Board Shorts

Quiksilver Men's Everyday Board ShortsQuiksilver Men’s Everyday Board ShortsQuiksilver Men's Everyday Board Shorts


Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Stretchy Shorts

=Men's Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Stretchy Shorts=Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Stretchy Shorts=Men's Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Stretchy Shorts



Sportneer Men’s Padded Biking Shorts

Sportneer Men's Padded Biking ShortsSportneer Men’s Padded Biking ShortsSportneer Men's Padded Biking Shorts


What Kinds of Shorts Do You Like to Wear to Disney World?

Now it’s your turn.

Do you like to wear shorts at Disney World?

If so, let us know in the comments below what your favorite styles and brands are. And if not, let us know what your prefer to wear instead.

Frozen 2 Activity books (and free printable coloring pages)

Frozen 2 Activity books (and free printable coloring pages)

Kids of all ages went crazy over Disney’s animated movie Frozen. (I still remember my daughter walking around the house singing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” constantly. Well, of course there had to be sequel. Frozen 2 is full of new adventures that […]

Best Baby Carrier for Disney World

Best Baby Carrier for Disney World

If you’re bringing a baby to Disney World, a baby carrier that you and your baby both very comfortable is a very useful item to bring along too. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Oh, we don’t need that, we’re bringing a stroller,” keep in mind […]

Are Babies Free at Disney World? (and other tips for Disney with an infant)

Are Babies Free at Disney World? (and other tips for Disney with an infant)

Taking an infant (or even a 1 or 2 year old) to Disney World can be a controversial issue.

This quote from Reddit sums up how some [rather grumpy] people feel about it:

You traveled all the way out there, spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars for someone that won’t remember a bit of it and is entertained by jingling car keys.

You’re not doing it for the kid, you’re doing it for your Instagram and everyone knows it. Wait until he or she is al least 6 or 7, then make those memories. Until then you’re just in everyone’s way.

I always find it curiously funny when people say not to take a 1 year old to Disney World because “they won’t remember it anyway.”

By that logic, why do anything with or for your baby? Why take them to the park or the zoo? Why talk to them or sing to them or buy them toys? They won’t remember anything anyway!

Also, you — the parents will remember the trip. Doesn’t that count for something? And what’s wrong with adults wanting to have a great time with their baby?

(I won’t even bother commenting on the “you’re just in everyone’s way” remark.)

Now, to me, the main concern about bringing a baby to Disney World is that sounds really … tiring.

Changing diapers. Worrying about naps. Worrying about feedings. Having to hold them while you stand in line …

I’ve never taken anyone younger than a potty-trained two and a half year old to Disney World, so I asked three of my blogging friends to help me with this post.

They are:

Adriane from Put On Your Party Pants.
Adriane took a family Disney trip consisting of two adults, a 1 year old boy, and a 3 year old boy. They went for 5 nights and 4 days and spent all 4 full days at the parks.

They stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and thought it was definitely worth it to stay on property.


Carly at Mommy on Purpose.
Carly made it very clear that their trip was for her and her husband, not the 4 month old, who slept 75% of the time. Their trip was 5 days long, and they went to the parks for 4 of those days.

Her family stayed in the Disney Springs area. Carly (who calls herself “sort of cheap”) thinks staying on property is never worth the extra money, but especially not worth it when you have baby, because it’s basically no hassle to drive a baby in a car seat.


Charissa West at The Wild, Wild West
Charissa has four boys and has taken many Disney trips since her oldest was 6 months old. However, for the sake of this post, she focused on a week-long trip that was two adults and three kids, ages 6 months, 2 years old, and 5 years old. The grandparents also joined them for two days.

Charissa’s family stayed at at VRBO at Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek), which is within the Disney World property gates, but technically not on-property.

She thought this was the best of both worlds. It was super close and you could see the Epcot fireworks from our balcony, and there was a lot more space for less money than staying on-site. The only downside was that there was no bus from the hotel to the parks.


Are babies free at Disney World?

Yes. Children aged under 3 years get in free to all four theme parks and two water parks at Disney World. They also don’t need to purchase either Disney Genie+ or Lightning Lane access for them — they’ll just go on with you.

Also, children ages 0-2 get to eat for free at Disney buffet restaurants. (The assumption is that they’ll just eat off your plate.) However, still make sure that you include them when you make dining reservations.


How do you dress a baby for Disney?

I read advice on the Disboards saying to just dress a baby in various white onesies for the entire trip.

I thought this was brilliant: both simple and cool. Of course, be sure to protect those chubby little legs from the sun, either with sunscreen (if they’re old enough) or a lightweight blanket. I’d also make sure they wear a rel=”sponsored noopener” target=”_blank”>sun protective hat.


Mickey Mouse Kids Bucket HatMickey Mouse Kids Bucket HatMickey Mouse Kids Bucket HatDisney Minnie Mouse Cotton Sun HatDisney Minnie Mouse Cotton Sun HatDisney Minnie Mouse Cotton Sun Hat



How do you keep a baby cool at Disney World?

I did a little research on this, and honestly, it’s very similar to the ways anyonecan keep cool at Disney, such as:

  • Stay out of the parks in the middle of the day.
  • Stay well-hydrated (but be sure to check with your pediatrician before giving your baby water)
  • Take a dip in your hotel pool to cool off.
  • Use a handheld misting fan
  • Put a shade cover on your stroller.
  • Have them wear the above-mentioned sun hat.


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Does Disney World sell things like diapers, pacifiers, and baby powder?

Yes. (Although, not surprisingly, they will cost a lot more than if you brought that stuff yourself.)

Each park in Disney World has a Baby Care Center that is well-stocked with just about everything you could need to care for your baby, including formula, diapers, wipes, baby food, sunscreen, and even clothes.

Since I’ve never even been inside one of the Baby Care Centers, I asked Adriane, Carly, and Charissa about their experiences:

Adriane: We didn’t use the Baby Care Centers or need to purchase any baby care items while we were there.


Carly: We did not use them. Taking these things along will save you hundreds LOL.


Charissa: I used the Baby Care Center in Magic Kingdom to pump when I went with a baby I was feeding via exclusive pumping. It was well-stocked and the people were very friendly and helpful.

I also used it on a different trip to pick up an OTC medicine for my toddler another time (I think it was cortisone cream, but I can’t remember for sure, it’s been so long)– but there was an actual certified nurse there, which was nice.


Where are the Baby Care Centers located in each of the parks?

Magic Kingdom — near the First Aid Station between Casey’s and The Crystal Palace.

Epcot — in the Odyssey Center between Test Track and the Showcase Plaza.

Hollywood Studios — inside of Guest Relations near the main entrance to the park

Animal Kingdom — to the left of the Tree of Life, right before you cross the bridge into Africa


Dumbo ride at Magic Kingdom in Disney World
Photo courtesy of Laurie at Pics from the World of Disney


Which Disney park is the most (and least) baby-friendly?

The best park for a baby is unquestionably Magic Kingdom. They can ride quite a few things, and you can always find air conditioning without much trouble.

The worst park is a tough call, but I believe it is Hollywood Studios. Hollywood Studios lacks people eater-type attractions like shows and less popular, slow moving rides. These are easy places to sit in air conditioning without waiting in line. If often feels like you have to wait in a long line to do anything at all at Hollywood Studios.


At 4 months old, the baby literally did not care where we were and we were able to take her (or do rider switch) on almost everything. I don’t think there is a bad park for babies!


I think Epcot is the worst because there’s not much shade. There’s a lot of concrete and open sun. Even many of the benches around the park are in full-sun, which is challenging with a baby and the Florida heat. Many of the shops are also relatively snug/tight, especially in the World Showcase, which makes it tough to maneuver a stroller.

I think the best park for a baby is Magic Kingdom just because there’s so much to do there. There are also several rides you can use to escape the heat, like Mickey’s PhilHarmagic, Small World (which frequently has little to no line), Journey of the Little Mermaid, or Pirate’s of the Caribbean.


Journey of the Little Mermaid ride at Magic Kingomd
Photo courtesy of Judd at WDWOW


What are the best Disney World rides for babies?

Babies can go any any rides with no height requirement.

It’s perfectly fine to have your baby just sit on your lap. I have heard that, depending on the ride, you may have to take your baby out of its carrier if you’re “wearing” your baby.

At that time, my sons’ favorite rides were:

  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
  • The Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh
  • Dumbo
  • Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

The longer rides, like “it’s a small world”, can be hit or miss. If your baby melts down, you have nowhere to go.


There were SO many great rides that we enjoyed with the baby – I mean the baby didn’t care what we were doing, but we were able to enjoy almost all of them.

Of course, the slower moving air conditioned ones were the the best / easiest because we could all go on them together (although the rider switch option made it not prohibitive to go on other rides!).

These rides were all great with a baby!

  • The Epcot Ball [aka Spaceship Earth]
  • The Frozen ride
  • It’s a Small World
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Ride


My favorite ride for the baby was It’s a Small World. I know a lot of people don’t like that ride, but there’s music and so much for a baby to look at. Plus, you can sit down and it’s air-conditioned. That counts for a lot in Florida in August when there’s a baby strapped to you!

The Winnie the Pooh Ride has never gone over that well with my babies. I think it’s because there’s a random thunderstorm scene near the end, plus the Elephants & Woozles scene. Other babies may like it, but not mine! [Same here, Charissa — my two and a half year old daughter got very scared at the Hefflump scene. – Jen]


Festival of the Lion King Disneys Animal Kingdom
Photo courtesy of Judd at WDWOW


What are some great Disney activities for babies other than rides?

At that age, we loved Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort and Tusker House at Animal Kingdom for character meet and greets.


Fireworks, of course! [In contrast, my daughters, at the ages of 2 and 4, were terrified of the sound of the fireworks and screamed bloody murder until we all ran inside the nearest restaurant. -Jen]

And parades (outside of 2020 / 2021) are always a blast too – even babies enjoy watching them go by. Watching the Lion King live show – or any of those types of attractions – was just wonderful with a baby.


We loved the character breakfasts with our baby. He was big enough to sit on his own in the high chair and appreciate the music and characters (Ohana at the Polynesian Resort was our favorite for that). He could also enjoy some of the table food, which made him happier for longer, allowing the rest of us to eat too.

We’ve also done the T-Rex restaurant at Disney Springs. One of our babies loved all the animals and moving statues, the pretend “meteor shower” etc. But another one of our babies on a different trip found it terrifying. Live and learn!


Chef Mickey character dining Disney Contemporary Resort
Overhead view of Chef Mickey

Photo courtesy of Brett at Disney Photo Snapper


Are there nursing rooms at Disney?

According to Plan Disney, there are nursing rooms in each park, each with electrical outlets in case you need to use a breast pump.

At Magic Kingdom Park and Epcot, the nursing rooms are semi-private, with rocking chairs for four mothers at a time.

At Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, the nursing rooms are completely private, allowing for only one mother at a time.


Where can I breastfeed my baby at Disney World?

I’m a pull-my-boob-out-in-public kinda mom, so I breastfed when ever we needed, without a cover because it was SO SWEATY. You can always find a quiet corner to sit down. Disney does have great air conditioned breastfeeding rooms that I used as well, because it was nice to get out of the heat.”


I have breastfed a baby at Disney World and exclusively pumped at Disney World.

For breastfeeding, they do have a dedicated place in each park if you need the AC, privacy, and the comfort of a rocker.

For me, that wasn’t worth the inconvenience, because they’re typically only at one part of the park. I just tried to feed discreetly wherever I could find a seat or bench.

The only time I found it challenging was when we went in the summers because it was just so hot and finding a cooler place to feed can be tough if it’s near a meal time.

When I was exclusively pumping, I did bring a breast pump into the park and I utilized the special dedicated nursing rooms, because they had an outlet I could plug into. While I don’t mind breastfeeding on the go, you can’t really pump discreetly and I needed the privacy the nursing room provided.


Frozen Ever After in Epcot
Photo courtesy of Laurie at Pics from the World of Disney


What should you bring to Disney World with a baby?

We had a basic, Graco diaper bag at that time. Aside from the obvious things like diapers and wipes, do not forget a thermometer and Tylenol. These are things your baby may not need everyday, but you would regret not bringing if the need arose.

Try to minimize what you bring. Too much clutter in a small hotel room will just cause stress. Do not forget swim diapers. You won’t be allowed in the pool without them.


I recommend a backpack over a diaper bag! It’s good to be able to wear it, in my opinion. And I would put in AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE haha.

The only thing I always wish we had (where ever we go) is plastic bags to put wet things in.


We just brought our regular, over-the-shoulder diaper bag, but if you have a backpack diaper bag, I think that would be better just for ease of carrying.

Definitely pack more of everything in your diaper bag than you think you’ll need. I remember one time, we were sure we were going to leave the park after dinner, but my other kids were behaving so well, we decided to stay. We ended up cutting it very close on diapers. You can certainly purchase more at the park, but the costs of everything are inflated.

I’d also be sure to pack diaper cream, even if your baby doesn’t typically need it often. You’ll probably go longer between changes than you normally do, plus FL is often hot and humid — both recipes for diaper rash.

Pack a carrier (sling, Ergo, whatever), even if you don’t usually use one at home.

You have to park your stroller outside of any ride lines, so you don’t want to be stuck holding baby while you wait in lines. Even if you share the job and pass baby around to adults in your party, everyone’s arms will get tired.

I also recommend a stroller that can recline for naps.

We brought a “regular” umbrella stroller once because it’s so cheap and easy. It worked great for us until nap time, when we kept having to try to lean it back so baby could fall asleep.

There’s a type of umbrella-like stroller made by Jeep [maybe this one?] that ended up being amazing for us on subsequent trips. They’re cheap, small, and collapsible, but also have a way to recline the baby almost flat for napping (and there’s a sunshade, which is so needed in FL).

I’d also recommend packing the cheap, plastic-bag like ponchos. They only cost a dollar or two and are great to have on hand for those passing late afternoon (3-4 pm ish) storms that frequently blow through in FL.

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Do you have any amusing stories about your Disney vacation with a baby?

Once, we had our two-year-old throw up in line for the Jungle Cruise. I couldn’t get over how quickly the employees responded and handled the “situation” (which they call a “Code V”). [For some reason I thought this was really funny. -Jen] T

They were so kind and so helpful. When we went back to our hotel and had to cancel the following day’s activities, they helped us rebook everything for the following day (we had a rest day built in to our trip) including dining reservations, fast passes, everything). I couldn’t believe how helpful they were in an otherwise lousy situation. They even called our room to check on us.

Another thing that surprised us on a different trip was that we spent three hours with our kids (baby, two year old, and four year old) riding the Disney Skyliners from place to place. It ended up being two of our kids’ favorite thing from the entire week. That’s great and all, but it made us laugh that at such on expensive place, their favorite activity was something that was completely free.


What’s your best advice for someone taking an infant to Disney World?

Don’t push the baby’s schedule too much. If you can stay longer and see the parks in a more leisurely fashion, you will have a better experience.


Relax! Toddlers are WAY harder at Disney than babies are!


If you’ve gone to Disney before, but never with a baby, just recognize that some things will be a little different. You probably won’t be able to get as much done as you have in trips past because you’ll be doing a lot of stroller parking and retrieving, strapping in and out, stopping for diaper changes, etc.

With all that said, it can still be a really fun family vacation. We’ve gone many times with a baby (since we have so many kids) and we’ve never regretted taking them.


Tinkerbell Disney World Parade
Photo courtesy of Laurie at Pics from the World of Disney


Should you take a 1 year old (or even younger) baby to Disney World? Is it worth it?

If you feel ready, go for it. Kids under age 3 are free, so you don’t have much to lose. Try to build in a break day, stay longer, and move at a leisurely place. Be sure to make dining reservations to ensure you get a break from the sun and a comfortable place to rest.


I honestly wouldn’t go to Disney with a baby unless you didn’t have other kids. My whole experience was so EASY, but only because we didn’t have other kids with us that needed our attention. We’ve also taken a 3 year old and a 5 year old to Disney, and 5 is the perfect age. 3 is still a little too young!


If it’s an annual trip you always take, definitely don’t stop just because you have a baby. Definitely go!

If you’re thinking about going very rarely, and you just have one baby, I’d probably wait until they were a little older (2+) so they can really enjoy and appreciate Disney more, since it’s such a big expense to go.

If you’re planning to take your whole family, and that just happens to include a baby this time around, definitely go! We’ve done the family trip many times, and it’s included a baby as often as it hasn’t (since we have four kids). We’ve never felt like the baby required more effort than the trip was worth.


What is your experience of Disney World with a baby?

Now it’s your turn.

How you been to Disney World with a 6 month old? A one year old?

Would you recommend it?

Do you have any advice?

Let us know below in the comments!



Dumbo ride at Disney World


Tinkerbell at Disney parade

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