13 Fun & Easy Easter Cookie Recipes

13 Fun & Easy Easter Cookie Recipes
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Whether you’re heading to an Easter egg hunt, spring classroom party at your kids’ school, or just a casual get-together with friends or family, a plate or bin of cookies is always a nice addition.

While I’m a friend to all desserts, I’m especially partial to cookies because:

  • There’s something about the texture I really love
  • They’re [usually] less messy than cake and cupcakes
  • I like their grab-and-go aspect — you don’t need a fork (or even, necessarily, a plate!) to enjoy them

Plus you can add a cookie or two to a kid’s Easter basket easier than you put in, say, a slice of cake.



These cute 13 cookie recipes all feature an Easter theme and/or spring colors — but also easy to make. (One even “cheats” by using a cake mix.)

Among other things, you’ll discover a cookie recipe for vegans, a cookie for coconut lovers, a meringue “bird’s nest” cookie, cookies you can decorate, and some cookies for chocolate lovers.


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