Easter Gifts for Toddlers

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Easter Gifts for Toddlers

I have so many fun memories of my kids when they were toddlers. We used to color eggs, go on Easter egg hunts with other families at the park, and decorate the house with stuffed bunnies (which we still do.) And my mother always bought the girls new Easter dresses — and sometimes Easter bonnets as well.

Filling Easter basket with gifts to a toddler is tons of fun, but it’s too easy to make it filled with nothing but chocolate, jelly beans, and other candy if you’re not careful. How can parents find gifts that are more creative, have better longevity, and aren’t lousy for our kids’ health?

I went searching for children’s Easter gifts and found several great choices. Some teach children about the religious significance of Easter, some are just plain fun, and some manage to do both!


I broke this post into two sections: the secular Easter gifts are listed first, so just keep scrolling down if you’re looking for the religious gifts!


If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

Click here to see ALL the secular Easter gifts in this post at a glance.
Click here to see ALL the religious Easter gifts in this post at a glance.


Soft Stuffed Easter Bunny Gift
Soft Stuffed Easter Bunny

Of course you have to include a stuffed bunny in a list of toddler Easter gifts — and as soon as I saw this one, I knew it was the one I needed to include. This chubby bunny is almost seven inches high and looks so soft and cuddly! Can’t you just picture a toddler taking it everywhere they go? Plus it’s made by Gund, which has been around forever and has always made quality stuffed animals.

Squeaky Egg Matching Toy
Squeaky Egg Matching Toy

This is a really cute clever toy for toddlers, whether it’s Easter time or not. The carton contains six white eggs which come apart and reveal a colored egg that squeaks when you push it.

The bottom of each egg has a different protruding shape, like a star, heart, or circle, that fits into the specific matching shape in the bottom of the egg carton. In addition, each egg has a different face on it which matches to a certain shell.

Babies and young toddler can learn cause and effect and have fun making the eggs squeak, while older toddlers and preschoolers can practice their gross motor skills and shape recognition. I can also picture certain children giving the eggs their own names, personalities, and even voices.

Click here to watch a video review of the Tomy Hide and Squeak Eggs.


Bunny and Chick Finger Puppets
Bunny and Chick Finger Puppets

These vinyl bunny and chick finger puppets make great gifts, either for an Easter basket or, because they come in a pack of two dozen, for being part of an Easter egg or party favors. (Do note, however, that they do not fit inside a standard-sized Easter egg.)

Amazon reviewer Stephanie S. Hinderks explains how, for the parent of toddlers, these puppets are the gift that keep on giving:

My toddler loves these little puppets. And so do I! Tough plane fight? Stuck on line with your antsy toddler? Just whip out one of these little guys. “Ohhh! Pink bunny! Blue bunny!” she says, and the fun begins.

These little bunnies (and the chick) saved our Disneyland trip. Every we waited on line and my toddler started getting fussy, we would play games with a few of these little puppets. I carried a dozen of them each day in my bag. When my daughter inevitably lost these, I just whipped out a replacement. They kept her content through many, many lines.

They also were great for my older child at the pool. We had forgotten pool toys, but I had these. He threw them in the pool, they sunk to the bottom and he dove to pick them up. Being brightly colored and small, they were easy to spot.

In the interest of fairness, I went looking for the one- and two-star reviews on Amazon to see what some of the negative comments were — but guess what? There weren’t any!

This toy was voted “Amazon’s Choice in the category of Easter Puppets.

Play Doh Easter Eggs
Play Doh Easter Eggs

Is there any child who doesn’t love Play-Doh? This set of “Spring Eggs,” as they’re called, contains four plastic eggs in different pastel colors, each of them filled with Play-Doh. These make a great substitute for candy-filled eggs for a basket or Easter egg hunt, or if you prefer, can be used to supplement the traditional candy-filled eggs.

If you like more flexibility and control over the choice of color and other details, you could create something similar to this yourself by purchasing the Play-Doh and plastic eggs separately. You would probably get more Play-Doh for less money by doing it yourself!

Easter Egg Lift the Flap Book for Toddlers
Easter Egg Lift the Flap Book for Toddlers

Wow, seeing this book brought back memories — all good ones!

My kids all loved lift-the-flap books like this one when they were little and never seemed to get tired of them. Available in both hardcover and board book format, the story has Baby going on an Easter egg hunt where lifting the flaps reveals items like jelly beans, bunnies, and a pretty Easter bonnet.

Click here to see more lift-the-flap board books for babies and toddlers about Easter. I know my kids would have loved ALL of them!


My First Easter Basket Gift
My First Easter Basket Gift

This is an adorable Easter gift that is safe for babies and toddlers of all ages. It includes a bunny that rattles, and egg that crinkles, and a chick that chirps. All the pieces are super-soft.

Since the basket is pretty small (just under seven inches tall) and there isn’t a whole lot to do with the different pieces, I would recommend this for babies about twelve months and under. Even though the age recommendation goes up to age three, I would think many three year olds would get bored with it quickly.


If you prefer giving children Easter gifts that stress — and teach — the religious significance of Easter, then you’re sure to find something below that you like:

Easter Egg Set wth Religious Figurines
Easter Egg Set with Religious Figurines

I remember at least one of our kids got these at church at one year, although I’m embarrassed to say that the different pieces all got lost and we couldn’t use it for future years as we had planned. (Takeaway lesson: don’t let young children have access to this one on their own.)

This is a carton of twelve plastic eggs, each filled with a small figurine that represents some part of the Easter story. Included are a donkey, a cross, a stone … and of course the last egg is empty to represent the empty tomb!

Amazon reviewer Karla Slager describes why this was a big hit at her house:

This was a perfect fun way to discuss the Easter story with my 7 and 4 year old. They had so much fun doing a hunt for the eggs first and then we went through the book which I thought was very good. Of course, I added some of my own explanation and asked them questions along the way so I wasn’t just reading something. We opened up one egg at a time for each part of the story. The items were a lot of fun for them to hold and put a visual to each part of the story. Very good quality! I also love the plastic case that the eggs store in.


God Gave Us Easter Gift Book for Toddlers
God Gave us Easter — Gift Book for Toddlers

I tend to be biased toward anything involving bears, so I was immediately drawn to this book where a Papa polar bear explains Easter to Little Cub as the two of them take a walk around the Arctic. It is a beautifully illustrated book using watercolors and colored pencils. Reviewers say that it’s a bit on the wordy side, so this is more of book that you would to four and five year olds, and not so much to two year olds.

It’s worth noting that this book attempts to explain God’s plan of Easter without specifically mentioning the cross or the crucifixion. Instead, Papa Bear uses items found along their walk, such as an uprooted tree and a pinecone, to explain how Jesus came to die and to rise again so that we would have the chance to go to heaven and see Him face-to-face. I can appreciate the author leaving out the gruesome details, but I’m sure many Christians would find that incomplete and disappointing.


Berenstain Bears Easter Story Book
Berenstain Bears Easter Story Book

I can’t even imagine how many times I must have read various Berenstain Bears books to my three kids over a span of about ten years while they were little. They were big big hits, particularly with my son. And they are so many of them!

You may not be aware, especially considering their Jewish name, that the Bears have their own line of specifically Christian books. Apparently Mike Berenstain, Stan and Jan’s son, starting helping out with the family business in the mid-1980’s and took over the writing part of the book series in 2005 after his father’s death, while his mother still continued the illustrating side.

In 2006, both Mike and his mother Jan realized that they were getting a huge amount of fan mail from devoted Christian families. They went to their published and suggested the idea for a new line of Berenstain Bears books specifically geared for religious Christian families. We’ve never read any of the books in this line, but they are particularly popular with homeschool families and include titles like Kindness Counts, The Forgiving Tree, and God Made You Special.


Veggie Tales Twas the Night Before Easter DVD
Veggie Tales Twas the Night Before Easter DVD

Like The Berenstain Bears, Veggie Tales is another series that we knew a lot about at one time, but haven’t kept up-to-date with their recent stuff. (Interestingly, my husband and I owned a few Veggie Tale videos years before we even had kids, just because we thought they were so funny, particularly the Silly Songs with Larry.)

So I had no idea until just now that they had a DVD called ‘Twas the Night Before Easter, and being a musician who plays for a lot of musical theater shows, I was amused to see that the plot involved putting on a musical.

Click here to watch a video clip from ‘Twas the Night Before Easter.

I wanted to share two different Amazon reviewers so you can make the right choice for your family, depending on what you’re expecting from an Easter show for toddlers:

First, Abigail N. Reilly says:

My kids and I LOVE VeggieTales. This is a fun and entertaining story that reminds us that the bunny and all the candy is fun but that isn’t the true meaning of Easter. Bob and Larry explain Easter in simple words that kids can understand and they are hilarious while they do it. I’ve never been disappointed with veggie tales. They are always fun and always appropriate.


However, Kelly V. feels the opposite quite strongly:

This episode was barely about Easter, well perhaps Easter in the secular sense, but it did not handle Resurrection Day at all. The resurrection is the climax of the Gospel, and the story of Easter cannot be divorced from the Gospel and the fact that it is our sins that separate us from God, and that only the blood of Jesus can cleanse us. This movie did not handle the Gospel message of the cross whatsoever, and simply emphasized good moral behavior, i.e. serving one another, forgiveness, kindness, humanitarianism, etc. Don’t get me wrong, these things are all good and traits I want to see in my children, but not what I was looking for in a Easter/Resurrection Day episode.


Click here to read all the ONE star reviews of ‘Twas the Night Before Easter.


Christian Easter Puzzle Gift for Kids
Christian Easter Puzzles for Kids

These foam puzzles showing Jesus’ resurrection and the empty tomb on Easter Sunday has fifteen pieces each. They come in a set of twelve, making them perfect for church’s children programs and Sunday School classes. The suggested age is three and up, but I could certainly see toddlers doing them with an adult’s assistance.


Easter Canvas Tote Bags
Easter Canvas Tote Bags

These canvas bags are a more sturdy and more Christ-centered alternative to Easter baskets, either for an egg hunt or as a goody bag for Easter gifts. Each order contains twelve bags, and each bag is eight and half inches. Once Easter is over, they are perfect for children to carry their Bible and other supplies to and from church and Sunday School.


Beginner's Bible The First Easter
Beginner’s Bible The First Easter

This is another great gift to use for teaching your young child the story of Easter. Since this book includes several different subjects, including Jesus’s miracles, Palm Sunday, Jesus washing the disciples feast, the Last Supper, and Jesus’s crucifixion and Resurrection, you might wish to break the book down into just a couple sections at a time for children under the age of three or four.



Religious Easter Craft for Children

This folding coloring card that tells the Easter story can be used at Sunday School, put in Easter baskets, or used for Easter Egg hunts or with your own children.


Perfect Ideas for your toddler's Easter Basket

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