Best Toy Garages for Toddlers

Toy Garages for Toddlers

This group of the best toy garages for toddlers make playing with cars extra fun, particularly for little boys, who in my experience are always fascinated with them.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

When my son Benjamin was very little, he loved toy cars and trucks more than anything else. I remember when we took him on a tour of a neighborhood preschool, he was mesmerized by the toy car garage in one of the classrooms. Days later, he was still saying that he was looking forward to going to preschool and hoped he would get to be in “the class with the parking garage toy.”

Here are nine toy garages for toddlers that received good customer ratings and looked like something Benjamin would have loved. (In fact, he is nine years old now and I bet he would still enjoy playing with some of these!)


Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking Garage With 2 Wooden Cars and Drive-Thru Car Wash

Wooden Parking Garage with Car Wash
Wooden Parking Garage with Car Wash

This toy car parking garage is one of the many clever and well-made wooden toys from Melissa and Doug. We had a ton of their toys when my kids were little.

Like many Melissa and Doug toys, this garage playset is portable (the cars can be securely stored by closing the garage doors), so it’s great for taking along to restaurants and doctor waiting rooms. Two unique feature are its drive-thru car wash and the gas station pump that actually connects to the car. And since kids who love cars usually also love trains, it’s a real plus that the two cars in this set are compatible with both Thomas and Brio train track sets.

This is the toy garage that was voted “Amazon’s Choice” in its category.

If you can grab this parking garage at $30 or so, I think it’s a great deal, but I don’t think I’d spend more than $34 on it unless I was getting free shipping.

Check the current price here.

The over-whelming majority of the reviews of this wooden garage toy are very positive and contain a good bit of helpful information if you’re not sure if it’s the best fit for your child.

Read all 5-star reviews here.

On the other hand, there were a few people that were NOT happy with this toy at all and gave it ONE star.

Some of their negative feedback might really help you realize that this isn’t the best choice for your child.

Read all negative ONE star reviews here.


VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Park and Learn Deluxe Garage

Toy Garage and Ramp for Toddlers
Toy Garage and Ramp for Toddlers

This garage set includes one tow truck and the two AAA batteries that you need for it, although you will also need two AA batteries for the garage, a screwdriver, and about twenty minutes of time to fully assemble it. There are nine different points on the tracks that you can roll the tow truck over to hear different phrases, music, or sound effects. There are also three different songs that you can hear by pressing the button on the truck.

One possibly downside to this set is that it takes up a lot of space and isn’t easily transported once you set it up. It would probably work best in a big playroom area where it stay for long periods of time.

Click here to watch a 5-star video review of the V-Tech Park and Learn Garage.

Click here to watch a negative ONE star review of the V-Tech Park and Learn Garage.



Plan Toys City Series Parking Garage

Wooden Toy Parking Garage with Elevator
Wooden Toy Parking Garage with Elevator

There’s a lot going on in this garage play set. It has ramps, an elevator and helipad, a car and figure, and a gas station and car wash. It’s sized so that Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars fix on it as well.

It’s also worth noting that the manufacturer, Play Toys, prides themselves on being of environmentally responsible and strive to reduce waste and save energy when creating their toys.


Melissa & Doug Stack & Count Parking Garage

Stack and Count Wooden Parking Garage
Stack and Count Wooden Parking Garage

This wooden stacking car garage is made by Melissa and Doug, who, as I mentioned earlier, you can always count on to make sturdy, well-designed toys with a lot of “play value.” It comes with ten wooden cars that in different colors that have pegs on the front. You drop them into the slot at the top of the parking tower or pull them out from the bottom of the stack, and the colorful counter on the side adjusts every time you add or remove a car. This is a great educational toy because it includes colors, numbers, counting, and fine motor skills.



KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set

Toy Garage with Elevator and Spiral Ramp
Toy Garage with Elevator and Spiral Ramp

This large playset stands at just over two feet tall and does require some assembly. It’s a great toy for two closely-spaced siblings to play together. For example, one child can play with the straight ramp while the other uses the spiral slide. Another nice touch is the traffic light at the bottom that goes from red, yellow, then green to count down when two cars race down the straight ramp. One child can push the button to start the lights, while the other child can race the cars.

One nice perk about this playset is that if you already own Hot Wheels or Matchbox car, they both work perfectly with it.

Click here to watch a video demo of the KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set in action.



BRIO Parking Garage

Brio Wooden Toy Garages for Toddlers
Brio Wooden Toy Garages for Toddlers

My mother was always very impressed with the quality of Brio toys, and this Brio wooden parking garage is very durable and able to stand up to any toddler abuse. It has two cars, a car trailer, two rail ramps, a road ramp, and a gas storage tank. It even has numbered parking spaces, which I think is a nice touch.

The garage comes completely assembled. All you have to do is set the tower in place and snap on the red slide. Kids can crank the red handle to raise the car to different levels, and then have them ride down on the slide.

Another plus is that, at only fifteen and a half inches tall, it can easily be stored on a shelf as opposed to just constantly sitting in the middle of the room because it’s too big to be “put away.”

This toy connects to any and any Brio wooden railways, trains, and vehicles, so you can creatively expand it over the years if you choose to.


Matchbox Garage Adventure Set

Matchbox Toy Garage Playset
Matchbox Toy Garage Playset

My nine year old son Benjamin had this exact garage playset when he was younger (in fact, I think it’s still in our attic), so I asked him to describe this one. Here’s what he said:

“It’s really fun. There are more like this that can be connected to the set, so if you’re that kind of person, this would be great for you. It gives you the impression that you’re actually fixing a real car. I LOVED the elevator. When you turn the grey wrench, it moves the platforms up. The car is detailed. The set itself has a handle on it, making it easy to pick up and carry with you somewhere else.”

So there you have it!

BUT if you’re a parent, you already know that kids can be very different in their interests and personalities. Amazon reviewer Kaylan said that their boys didn’t care for this set.

Click here to read Kaylan’s full review.


Hot Wheels Workshop Track Builder Speedtropolis Track Set

Hot Wheels Toy Parking Garage Playset with Car
Hot Wheels Toy Parking Garage Playset with Car

This playset comes with one Hot Wheels car, so no matter what your toddler does or does not already own, they can begin playing with it right out of the box. However, if he does already own other Hot Wheel sets, he can start linking them together to build an even bigger car world. (This is something my son still loves to do!)

By itself, this set is fairly small. At 15 inches in length..and about 12 inches high, it fits nicely on a small play table or the corner of a room, so it’s perfect for families that don’t have a lot of available floor space.

The beauty of this toy is that there are plenty of places for the cars to visit on multiple levels, so kids can easily enjoy playing with it for a long time. In addition to the parking garage itself, cars can ride the elevator up to visit the penthouse suite at the top, then roll down the ramp to see a movie at the movie theater.


Help! How am I Supposed to Store all These Toy Cars?

If your house is anything like mine, you have a ridiculous amount of Matchbox and Hot Wheels toy cars — and perhaps, like me, you have tried many unsuccessful methods of containing them.

We used to try putting some of them in things like shoe boxes and plastic bins of different sizes. Not many was that still pretty messy and unorganized, but we found that the cars were getting scratched up by rattling around on top of each other like that.

We bought a cute Matchbox carrying case with a handle that was shaped like a car tire. Unfortunately, that didn’t work well either. It was very flimsy and the hinges quickly broke.

Here’s a possible solution that is both a toy truck and a storage case in one:

Toy Truck Car Carrier
Toy Truck Car Carrier

This car carrier truck Includes 6 die-cast racing cars, as well as construction signs, cones, and road blocks. The carrier is 20 inches long and has 28 slots for storage.

Now 28 slots would not have been nearly enough for all of Benjamin’s cars — but it’s a good starting point, as well as a fun and helpful way to make a smaller amount of cars easy to transport.

This truck won an Amazon’s Choice Award in the category of “Toy cars for 3 year old boys” and has many 5-star reviews, with reviewers saying that their son or grandson “loved it” or “played with it all day.”

But guess what? Yup, some reviewers hated it and gave it only ONE star.

You can read all the negative one-star reviews for this car carrier here.

What eventually worked best for us, storage-wise, was to mount several shelves on the wall. This especially became true as Benjamin got older and was a) slightly less obsessed with his toy cars; and b) didn’t carry them around all the time like he used to.

We have three wall racks in Benjamin’s room that are either this exact product or something very similar. What’s nice about the wall rack idea — other than the obvious benefit of it saving space — is that it ends up being a very nice-looking room decoration.

Wall Display Case for Matchbox Cars
Wall Display Case for Matchbox Cars

This cabinet holds 60 cars (more if some of the cars are small) and is just under 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide. It comes in black, oak, walnut, or cherry, so you can match it to the existing decor of the room. The shelves each have a “bottom lip” to secure the cars in place, and there is a latch to keep the plexiglass door securely shut.


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