The Best Glow in the Dark Toys for Toddlers (and Older Kids too!)

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7 Glow in the Dark Toys for Kids

When the kids were really little, we used to play hide and the seek in the house after dark using glow sticks. One of my girls found it scary, so we renamed the game “Hide and Hug” and everybody would hug the person when they were found. This worked much better!

No matter what age you are, glow in the dark toys can be both fun and useful. They can be a safely tool when going trick or treating on Halloween, or as a substitute for sparklers on July Fourth. They make easy stocking stuffers and party favors. It goes without saying that they’re great during a trip to Disney World. And you don’t even need it to be dark for them to come in handy: I’ve heard of parents using them for parties at indoor play places to keep track of all the kids. How clever!

I found these seven colorful and creative toys that offer glow in the dark fun for kids of all ages ranging from preschool through teen (in fact, they’re at least one toy that’s great for adults!


Glow in the Dark Party Supplies

Planning a party? These rings could make a great party favor These come in a pack of 18 rings in assorted colors, with each ring individually packaged in its own bag.They are made of very stretchy, rubbery material, and there is a switch on the bottom edge of the top of the ring that makes it light up in different colors.

Two things that are particularly nice about these are that:

1) The ring looks colorful and fun even when it isn’t lit up

2) Since you can turn the light on and off, it won’t burn out in a single evening.

Another thing that’s unique about these rings is, because they are stretchy, you can shoot them like a slingshot. I’ll leave that to you to decide whether or not that’s a good thing. 🙂

Glow in the Dark Party Favors
Glow in the Dark LED Rings

If rings aren’t you’re thing — or you want more than one glowing toy for your party guests — then check out these lizards.
They’re simple, but sure to delight little kids.

Each set comes with a dozen lizards, each about five inches long, in a variety of colors. They are great for favors or for a backyard treasure hunt at a kid’s party. They’re also a clever way to accent Halloween decorations. Amazon reviewer Mary C. Collins says, “These were perfect for gluing inside my large witch’s cauldron and they glow in the dark so they were perfect for my outdoor display for the kids on Halloween night.”

Glowing Neon Lizard Party Favors
Glowing Neon Lizard Party Favors


Glow in the Dark Car Track

Glow in the Dark Car Track
Glow in the Dark Car Track

This toy comes with twelve feet of glowing track in five different colors, plus two cars that light up. Since the track pieces are both small and flexible, there are a ton of different shapes you create with them, including creating hills using objects like pillows. The cars run on AA batteries, which are included in the set, and each have an on/off switch.


Indoor Fort for Kids

If you have kids — or have ever been a kid — then you know how much fun it is to build a fort. This comes with glow-in-the-dark balls and rods that can be connected in a variety of different ways. When you’re finished, throw a blanket over it to create a tent! For more security, you can use ordinary clothespins to attach a comforter to the rods.

Glowing Toy Fort for Kids
Glowing Toy Fort for Kids


SmartLab Glow in the Dark Lab

One of my three kids has always loved science kits and experiments, and the gooey-er and messy-er, the better. (Interestingly, now she is quite an accomplished baker.) This kit looks right up her alley.

It is aimed for kids about second or third grade and up and contains a 24-page book with twenty different chemistry experiments that introduce different principles.  For example, the “Ooey-Glowy-Oobleck” experiment says at the top of the page, “Principles: Phosphorescence-NonNewtonian Fluids.”

Note: Be aware that this kit does not include everything you need to complete all the experiments. Some of the things you will need to provide yourself include food coloring, white glue, cornstarch, vinegar, vegetable oil, plastic bags, and eggs in an egg carton.

SmartLand Glow in the Dark Lab
SmartLan Glow in the Dark Lab


Glow in the Dark Alien Toys

These glow in the dark aliens are so funny that I’m seriously thinking of getting them for my husband. I think he would get a kick out of them, and a few of them would look cute hanging out around his computer at work.

They are about an inch tall, made of semi-soft plastic material, and have a few different poses amongst them. They work great as cupcake toppers, party favors, and putting inside clear plastic eggs for a nighttime Easter egg hunt.

Glow in the Dark Toy Aliens
Glow in the Dark Toy Aliens


Glowing Sticker Launcher

Here’s something different! This sticker launcher is kind of like a nerf gun that shoots glow in the dark star sticker onto the wall and ceiling.

It comes with four sheets of stickers and you can buy extras, like these butterfly stickers. It takes AA batteries which are not included.

The sticker don’t stay on much longer than a few days, which is a plus if you like the idea of easily reusing them. However, if your point is to decorate a room for a few months, you’d probably be better off getting something like these vinyl wall decals. These sticker launchers are more about the shooting than the decorating.

Glowing Sticker Launcher
Glowing Sticker Launcher


Glow in the Dark Flying Disc

This flying disc comes in blue, red, green, and multicolor. It’s electronic, so don’t make the mistake of playing with it near a pool or too close to the ocean at the beach.

This disc is great for Ultimate Frisbee practice and has a much softer plastic than other UF discs, so it is easier to throw and less painful to catch. However, it can’t be used in an actual UF game because it is 185g instead of 175g and has the battery compartment in the middle. I don’t know a thing about Ultimate Frisbee, but I’ll take people’s word for it!

LED Light Up Flying Disc
LED Light Up Flying Disc


Glow Toys for Bedtime

Isn’t this plush teddy bear just adorable? It’s white, made of cotton, eight inches tall, and super soft. When you press the “On” button, the LED lights inside glow and change colors. This is a great gift if you want to give something a little more interesting than just your ordinary bear. It works wonderfully as a nightlight and cn be very soothing to toddlers at bedtime.

It requires two AA batteries, which are not included.

Glowing Plush Toys for Bedtime
Glowing Plush Teddy Bear for Bedtime


Glow in the Dark Toys for Toddlers

Glow in the Dark Sensory Ball for Toddlers
Sensory Ball for Toddlers

Other Toys for Kids

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