The Best Shorts to Wear to Disney World: for men & women

The Best Shorts to Wear to Disney World: for men & women
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If you’re a regular reader here, you may already know that I prefer to wear sundresses for more than half the trip when I go to Disney World.

And on the days when I do wear shorts, I don’t go out and special pair for the trip. I just throw it whatever shorts I happen to own at the moment, which for the last few trips (and in the photo above) has been a pair of denim shorts.

However, I know some people like the wear shorts the entire time, and that they prefer a more “athletic type of shorts while at Disney World, since there’s so much heat and so much walking.

I also know that some people don’t like to wear shorts, either because they feel self-conscious in them or because they just like to have their legs covered more. So they want something that’s not quite shorts, but something that will be comfortable and cool.

Don’t worry — if that’s you, I’ve got you covered too.

I did some research on the DisBoards and on Amazon and found several pairs of shorts I know you’re going to love. (I even ended up buying a pair for myself after I wrote the article.)

I also included several alternatives to wearing shorts, for women who either don’t like them or just want to mix things up.

Although this post is mostly focused on women’s clothing, there are some suggestions for men at the bottom of the post.



Don’t Forget the Body Glide!

Body Glide is one of the most popular product among my readers, and I have a stick of it in my closet that I use for every Disney trip.

body glide Original Anti-Chafe Balmbody glide Original Anti-Chafe Balmbody glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm


If you’re worried about chafing (after all, you’re probably going to walk 9-10 miles each day at the parks), then this is for you!

I also rub it all over my feet before I put my shoes on.

They also sell Body Guide for Women and Body Glide for Feet, although I have ever tried either of those — just the original.

Now onto the shorts …

Columbia Women’s Sandy River Shorts

Columbia Women's Sandy River ShortsColumbia Women’s Sandy River ShortsColumbia Women's Sandy River Shorts


These comfortable shorts come in 24 different colors, ranging from City Grey to Coral Reef to Olive Green to Blossom Pink. So you’re sure to find the one (or two or three) that look great on you and go perfectly with your favorite shirt.

They are made of 100% nylon and features a “signature sun protection fabric” that provides UPF 30 for both UVA and UVB rays.

These shorts have an interior drawcord waist, so you can adjust the fit to where it’s most comfortable for you.

They also have two side pockets and a single zippered pocket, so you have plenty of options for holding your wallet, keys, and/or phone. (However, do be aware that one reviewer said the front pockets were very shallow, and a phone could fall out of it easily.)

Reviewers loved how these shorts were lightweight, but didn’t “look dorkey or like an old woman’s shorts.”

Along the same line, several people said that the length was just right — not so short that you’d be flashing your butt cheeks every time you get in and out of a ride, but not “grandma length” either.

Another big plus is that they dry easily, so whether you’re sweating profusely in the Florida heat, got attacked by a sudden downpour of rain, or just went down Splash Mountain and got more water than you bargained for, you won’t have a soggy bottom for the rest of the day.

Click here to see photos of a happy customer modeling her bright orange shorts.


Roxy Women’s Boardshorts

Roxy Women's to Dye 7” BoardshortRoxy Women’s to Dye 7” BoardshortRoxy Women's Boardshorts


If you’re not familiar with the term “boardshorts” (I wasn’t), they’re a swimwear/casual wear combo in the form of loose-fitting shorts that are designed to be quick-drying. (If you remember the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon when Suzy thought it was so cute that Hobbes was wearing “Jams” … well, that’s what boardshorts are.

Some women really like them because you can go straight from the pool to the store, or whatever, without have to change clothes or put something over your bathing suit.

These mid-length 7″ boardshorts are made of 90% polyester and 10% elastane. They come in both solid colors and floral designs.

They have a hook and loop closure in the font inside and a closure tie on the outside. (If you don’t know what “hook and loop” is, then you need to watch this very funny video.)

These shorts don’t have any inner lining, so you don’t have to worry about weird panty lines. And since they’re not see-through, even when they’re wet, you can probably skip the underwear if you want to, like you would with a bathing suit.


Roxy Women’s Boardshorts

Roxy Women's Endless Summer 2 BoardshortsRoxy Women’s Endless Summer 2Roxy Women's Endless Summer 2 Boardshorts


If you like the idea of boardshorts, but don’t like shorts that cover that much of your leg, then check out this pair, which has a drawcord waistband, a 2 inch inseam, and 4-way stretch fabric.

These shorts also have no liner (and no pockets), but I would not recommend wearing this length without some sort of underwear or bikini bottoms underneath them.


Under Armour Women’s Shorts

Under Armour Women's Play Up 3.0 ShortsUnder Armour Women’s Play Up 3.0 ShortsUnder Armour Women's Play Up 3.0 Shorts


Since you’ll do a ton of walking at Disney World, wearing a pair of athletic shorts makes a lot of sense.

These lightweight Under Armour women’s shorts are 100% polyester, have an elastic closure, and are made of material that wicks sweat and dries really fast. There is no built-in liner.

Reviewers thought the length was just right so that you “didn’t have to worry about your butt hanging out.”

This Amazon reviewer says that she is very picky, but loves these shorts:

I have purchased MANY pairs of athletic shorts over the years. By far, these are my favorite. First, they have pockets that are useful, but very concealed. The way they are made, the pockets lie complete flat against the body and are not the least bit visible. Second, the fabric is lightweight and not scratchy or crunchy like some shorts. Third, the waistband is comfortable and smooth on the inside.

The style is super cute, and they are the perfect length as well. Not too long or too short. I am 52 years old and very active. I need a short that is flattering, stylish, but still offers some modesty. I’ve purchased four pairs of these, and will continue to buy more as more colors are available.


Click here to see both the front and side view of a woman wearing these shorts.


Hanes Women’s Jersey Pocket Short

Hanes Women's Jersey Pocket Short with Outside DrawcordHanes Women’s Jersey Pocket Short with Outside DrawcordHanes Women's Jersey Pocket Short with Outside Drawcord


We all know how comfortable — and cool — cotton is, which is probably one of the reasons these shorts are extremely popular. (The other is probably the low price.)

These shorts are machine washable and have a 7″ inseam, roomy pockets, and a wide, ribbed waist with a drawstring closure so you can easily get the perfect fit.

Reviewers loved the low price and the length of these shorts. They said they were great for running errands, working out, doing yard work, walking the dogs, hanging around the house, or even sleeping in. Women also loved the drawstring so you could adjust them after having a big meal!

I ended up buying a pair of these short in Heather Charcoal after writing this article. For that price, I couldn’t pass them up, and I wanted something that had pockets, wasn’t too short, and that worked well for when I do yoga and Pilates and go on long walks.

I don’t think I would ever wear them to Disney World, just because I personally don’t like to wear “workout” clothes for anything other than exercising or just hanging around the house.

But these shorts were perfect for exactly that: both comfortable and a good length.

In retrospect, I do wish I’d bought the Light Steel color instead of the Charcoal Heather. But it’s not a big deal since, like I said, all I’m wearing them for is doing Yoga or Pilates, sitting on the couch, and the occasional hike or bike ride.

One thing about the Hanes shorts that’s important to know: the pockets aren’t very deep and are at an angle where something could fall out of it easily. I literally had my phone fall out of the pocket one day while I was out walking.

So that’s something pretty important to be aware of, especially if you do plan to wear these shorts to Disney World. The last thing you want to be worried about it is suddenly realizing your phone is gone!


Women’s Mini Skater Skirt with Shorts

DJT FASHION Women's Stretchy Mini Skater Skirt with ShortsDJT FASHION Women’s Stretchy Mini Skater Skirt with ShortsDJT FASHION Women's Stretchy Mini Skater Skirt with Shorts


These skater shorts (sometimes referred to as “skorts” combine the style of a skirt with the comfort and coverage of shorts. You can wear them in all seasons, pairing them with a t-shirt, blouse, crop top, or sweater.

These are perfect if you want to wear to wear a skirt to Disney World, but are worried that you’re going to flash everybody when you get in and out of your Space Mountain car.

They come in 20 different colors and designs, including navy plaid, red plaid, black, wine, green, and grey.

This reviewer describes why she loves these shorts, especially for “midsize” women:

I love this skirt! I’m 185, 5’6 athletic build and 44 booty. It’s really hard to find skater skirts (or any skirt really) that doesn’t show my butt in the back. I ordered XL and it fits perfectly!

The waistband is really thick and nice, the skirt length is long enough to cover but not so long it’s church-girl frumpy, and the shorts are the perfect length that they prevent chub-rub but don’t show! AND it comes in plaid!?! The only thing this skirt needs to be absolutely perfect is pockets! I can bend over with confidence, knowing I’m not flashing the world with my Thiccness 😌 …

Click here to see photos of her wearing the red plaid skirt combined with a black top.


BLEVONH Women’s Elastic Skorts with Pockets

BLEVONH Women's Elastic Skorts with PocketsBLEVONH Women’s Elastic Skorts with PocketsBLEVONH Women's Elastic Skorts with Pockets


Here’s another skort, but this one has a more athletic look and less of an A-line flare. (One reviewer described the shorts part as “mesh, like basketball shorts”.)

It also comes in twenty different colors, including black, white, purple, turquoise, a few different tie-dye patterns.

Reviewers loved the vibrant colors and the lightweight, comfortable texture. The inner pocket (under the skirt) for a cell phone is also a nice touch.

Click here to see photos of one reviewer wearing her “crazy gorgeous” shorts.


Women’s Mickey Mouse Biker Shorts

Women's Mickey Mouse Biker ShortsWomen’s Mickey Mouse Biker ShortsWomen's Mickey Mouse Biker Shorts


Of course I had to include these Mickey biker shorts, especially if you like the idea of wearing athletic wear to the parks.

These grey shorts are an officially licensed Mickey Mouse product made of a poly/cotton blend with a pull-on closure.


Alternatives to Wearing Shorts at Disney World

Women's Baggy Linen Harem PantsWomen’s Baggy Linen Harem PantsWomen's Baggy Linen Harem PantsBALEAF Women's Lightweight Hiking Capri PantsBALEAF Women’s Lightweight Hiking Capri PantsBALEAF Women's Lightweight Hiking Capri PantsEddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro PantsEddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro PantsEddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro Pants


Some women don’t like wearing shorts to Disney World — either because they don’t the way their legs look for whatever reason, and/or just they don’t like how shorts makes their legs stick together and cause chafing in the heat.

Here are some cool and comfortable alternatives to shorts:


Women’s Baggy Linen Harem Pants

Women's Baggy Linen Harem PantsWomen’s Baggy Linen Harem PantsWomen's Baggy Linen Harem Pants


These beautiful, lightweight pants have a bit of a “boho” look to them that I love.

They’re made of 55% linen and 45% cotton, have an elastic waist (making them easy to pull on), drawsting closure, irregular pant cuff, and a slightly low crotch.

The length was perfect, reaching about 3” above the ankle.

The length is like a long crop, hits just a smidge above my ankles.

Reviewers loved how the fit was quite baggy and roomy, but not “sloppy-baggy.”

This reviewer loved these pants so much that she’s getting more pairs in different colors:

I just can’t get enough of these! I’ll probably end up with one in every color. I already love Minibees stuff, but these are some of my faves, they are really cute and flattering. Well made with a soft cotton linen that isn’t scratchy at all.

The color holds up well with washing and they are comfortable enough for hanging out on the couch but nice enough to accessorize and wear anywhere. Looks great with everything from a cotton T to a bulky sweater. I get tons of inquiries about where I found them every time I wear them …


BALEAF Women's Lightweight Hiking Capri PantsBALEAF Women’s Lightweight Hiking Capri PantsBALEAF Women's Lightweight Hiking Capri Pants


These hiking capri-style pants are made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

They’re made of lightweight, breathable, water-Resistant and quick-dry fabric, the women’s hiking pants that, even though they’re long pants, will keep you cool and fresh all day.

The fabric also has UPF 50+, which is a great alternative to wearing shorts and then having to smear sunscreen all over your legs every few hours.

They also have four zip-closure security pockets and an elastic waist with a drawstring to give you the perfect fit.

Reviewers liked how these pants were cool and comfortable — and how well they fit “curvy bodies” and women with “ample booties.”


Eddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro Pants

Eddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro PantsEddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro PantsEddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro Pants


These boardshorts for men are made of 100% polyester and have a drawstring closure and side cargo pocket. They come in 18 different colors and do not have a mesh lining sewed in.

This guy wrote a really funny (and helpful!) review of these shorts, saying they transformed him “from DadBod to RadBod.”


Quiksilver Men’s Everyday Board Shorts

Quiksilver Men's Everyday Board ShortsQuiksilver Men’s Everyday Board ShortsQuiksilver Men's Everyday Board Shorts


Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Stretchy Shorts

=Men's Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Stretchy Shorts=Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Stretchy Shorts=Men's Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Stretchy Shorts



Sportneer Men’s Padded Biking Shorts

Sportneer Men's Padded Biking ShortsSportneer Men’s Padded Biking ShortsSportneer Men's Padded Biking Shorts




Is it better to wear shorts or pants at Disney World?

I wear shorts at Disney World when it’s hot, and I wear pants when it’s cold. (And yes, it does get cold in the winter, especially at night.)

Some people don’t like to wear shorts because they don’t want their bare legs touching the seats, or they like to keep their legs covered for various other reasons.

If you’re one of those people, scroll up and to find a few good lightweight pants options.


Should you wear jean shorts to Disney World?

Well … if you saw the photo at the top of this post, you’ll see that I have worn these jean shorts (and others) to Disney World.

And it was no problem at all.

However, I wouldn’t recommend jean shorts if:

  • They’re a snug fit
  • You typically think of jeans shorts as being hot or constrictive
  • The idea of wearing them when they’re wet gives you the heebie-jeebies


Can you wear gym shorts to the Disney parks?

It’s perfectly acceptable, practical, and common to wear gym shorts at the Disney parks.

Some first-time visitors worry that they’ll look out of place in workout clothes, but there is such a, um … variety of attire worn in the parks that you’ll look just fine.


Should I wear shorts or dress to Disney World?

Personally, I wear a combination of shorts and dresses (Not at the same time, although these slip shorts are great for wearing under a dress.)

I mostly wear dresses because I think they’re cooler and more comfortable — and also because I think I look better in them. (That last point might be important to me than to the average person, because I’m dumb brave enough to actually plaster photos of myself all over the Internet and open myself up to public ridicule.)


What Kinds of Shorts Do You Like to Wear to Disney World?

Now it’s your turn.

Do you like to wear shorts at Disney World?

If so, let us know in the comments below what your favorite styles and brands are. And if not, let us know what your prefer to wear instead.


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