What to Wear to Disney World — Cute Outfits and Accessories

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What to wear to Disney World

The first couple times we went to Disney World we had toddlers, and I was more concerned about just figuring everything out and making everything work than I was with whether or not I was wearing a cute outfit.

However, now that we’ve all gotten the hang of “doing Disney,” planning a Disney trip also involves having a little fun, fashion-wise.

Here are some tips and ideas on what to wear to Disney in order to mange the heat, be comfortable, and still achieve a fun, pretty look.

Wearing a Dress to Disney World

I personally enjoy wearing dresses when I go to Disney World — and in fact, on our last trip, I wore nothing but dresses on our days at the parks.

Cute dress for a mom to wear to Disney World

Feeling pretty at the Magic Kingdom!

I like dresses for two simple reasons:
1) I think they keep me cooler; and
2) I think I just look better in them.

Wearing a dress makes me feel like I’m doing something “special,” and not just traipsing around an amusement park, getting sweaty and feeling dumpy.

Sequin Embroidered Bodice Knee Length Dress for Disney World

At the Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2018

This is the purple sequin embroidered dress I’m wearing above.
It’s a particularly good dress for heading to the park in the early evening, after “nap and pool time.”

Here are a couple dresses that I bought for our last trip, but ended up returning. I still think they’re cute, but it was one of those, “Um, it looks better on the model than it looks on me” situations.”

Women's Summer Sleeveless Floral Swing Dress with Pockets
Women’s Summer Sleeveless Floral Swing Dress with Pockets

Women's Summer Sleeveless T-Shirt Dress
Women’s Summer Sleeveless T-Shirt Dress

One important note if you wear a dress to Disney World:
Got some Jockey Underwear Skimmies to wear underneath your dress. They are more comfortable, prevent “pantylines,” and make you less self-conscious about flashing your underwear when you get in and out or a ride.
NOTE: These are NOT shapewear.

Disney Accessories for Adults

An easy way to give a regular dress or outfit a cute Disney look is simply to pair it with a cute hat or headband.

On our last trip, I wore a couple pairs of mouse ears that I got from Rachel Wallace at The Mouse Project on Etsy.

I felt cute and pretty the entire time and was complimented on them multiple times a day. (I told Rob I don’t think I’d ever received so many compliments in one week before in my entire life!)

Blue sundress and Etsy Mickey Mouse ears at Ohana at Polynesian resort

With Rob and Benjamin at “Ohana
Maxi Dress available here
Floral Mouse Ears from Rachel Wallace at The Mouse Project on Etsy


If you really want to be cute and clever, you can match your Mickey Mouse ears to where you are and who you’re meeting:

Another thing I did on our last trip was get a rose gold Minnie Mouse pendant with a matching set of earrings. Again, I got a received a lot of compliments on them.

The nice thing about the pendant and earring is that — unlike the mouse ears, sadly — I’ve been able to continue to wear them after we came home from our trip.

What a mom wears to Disney World -- Mickey Mouse ears from Etsy and a maxi dress

I got a lot of compliments on this rose gold Minnie Mouse pendant and the matching earrings.

Here are some other accessories that can give your outfit a bit of a “Disney flair” that you can continue to use in real life:

This Minnie Mouse is easy to read and comes in 5 different styles, including a version with “classic Minnie,” back when she had a hat with a flower in it instead of a bow.

Disney Women's Minnie Mouse Watch
Disney Women’s Minnie Mouse Watch

This crossbody handbag has a beautiful collage of Bambi, Thumper, and Flower, but you almost wouldn’t know it if you weren’t looking for it; it just looks like a really pretty handbag. Great if you want to show off your Disney love without looking tacky or garish.

Bambi LeSportsac Cross-Body Tote
Bambi & Friends LeSportsac Cross-Body Tote

What to wear to Disney World in the Winter

The above photos of me were all taken in late September, when it’s still pretty hot. On our last trip, the temperatures went into the 90’s every day.

We’ve been to Disney World in both November and December, and I’ve worn sundresses then, too. However, I do bring a cardigan, jacket, and jeans, just in case.

When we went in November a few years ago, it was surprisingly cold.

Wearing jeans and sweaters at Epcot in November

Wearing jeans and jackets at Epcot in November!

Look at us, all bundled up! Not only that, but we were downright cold — uncomfortably cold — while watching Illuminations at Epcot that night.

I wouldn’t say that’s typical. That trip was significantly colder that when we went in December of another year. But be prepared, and pack layers!

Lightweight Long sleeve cardigan
Lightweight Long-Sleeve Cardigan with Pockets

What to Wear to Disney World — Plus-Size Edition

While I’m not exactly the thinnest person in the world, I don’t think I’m officially considered “plus-size,” so I turned to some other lovely ladies for advice on those particular challenges.

Bianca Karina loves wearing leggings when she goes to Disneyland. “Leggings are breathable, flexible, and stretchy so you can fully enjoy the Disney magic without getting swamp butt,” she says.

Torrid Premium Leggings
Torrid Premium Leggings

Bianca also likes to wear a t-shirt dress paired with sneakers, claiming, “You get all of the breeziness of shorts and the stretchiness and comfort of leggings.”

Wearing a dress when you’re plus-size and walking several miles in one day means chafing (or “chub rub,” as it’s sometimes called) can be a problem. Body Glide works wonders for this. (My family has also used it on our feet to prevent chafing against our shoes.)

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm
Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

Plus-Size Fashion — Disney World Outfits

Heather Traska, a size 16 Disney Style contributor, likes to wear bright colors and lush fabrics that “makes me feel like a real life Princess.” And she always wears shorts, leggings, or Spanx under her dresses while at Disney.

Disneyland Outfit Ideas for Curvy Girls

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What to Wear to Disney World in the Summer

I personally refuse to go to Disney World in June, July, or August — both because of the crowd levels and the intense heat in Florida during the summer.

Well, okay … I guess maybe I would go if someone paid for the entire thing. But I haven’t been to Disney World during the summer months since I was 8 year old.

I found this helpful bit of advice about dressing for Disney during the summer months on the WDWMagic Forums:

Actually, wearing skimpier clothing (e.g., tank top and short shorts) — especially if they contain non-breathable fabrics like polyester or spandex — can make you feel hotter than if you wear fuller-coverage clothing that breathes.

In a tank top, for example, your sweat just pools on your shoulders and in your armpits — in a breathable top with short sleeves, it gets absorbed and wicked away from your body. (Locals in tropical climes put this principle to work all the time — ever notice how when you visit someplace like India or the Caribbean, everybody’s wearing long pants, button-down shirts and hats in the heat? They’re doing it in light colors, and breathable fabrics, and staying cooler as a result than if they were wearing less.)

My suggestion would be to either go full-on vacation wear in breathable, natural fabrics, in styles that offer some protection from the sun (chambray rompers or sundresses — no polyester, no spandex, etc.!, lightweight cotton maxi dresses, linen button-downs and bermuda shorts), or if your personal style is more sporty, to opt for athletic wear that doesn’t necessarily look like athletic wear (e.g., golf polos and skorts).

Steer toward light colors if you want to repel the sun even more, and if you’re a “hat person,” by all means adopt a crushable floppy hat or a straw fedora with a decent-sized brim. If your hair is long, wear it up, or braid it, to keep it off of your neck and shoulders.

One thing I would absolutely “wear” at Disney in the summer (or even the fall and spring) is a Frogg Togg Chill Pad Cooling Towel.

Frogg Togg Chill Pad Cooling Towel at Disney World

Burgundy Tshirt Dress available here
Cooling Towel available here

Yes, these really do work. You wet them with cold water, squeeze out the excess, and it feels incredibly cool (yet dry) against your skin.

Being an Irish redhead, I particularly like how it gives me added sun protection on my neck, back, and shoulders.

On our last trip, Rob liked my cooling towel so much that he bought one for himself at the parks, where they sell a version by a brand called CoolCore.

He said it definitely did NOT get as cool as my Frogg Togg cooling towel did.

Now let me hear from you.
What are your favorite things to wear to Disney World? Are there any lessons you’ve learned the hard way about what NOT to wear? Please share below in the comments!

Cute Dresses and Outfits for Disney World

Cute dresses and accessories to wear to Disney World

Cute dresses and accessories to wear to Disney World
Cutest Outfits to wear to Disney World
Pretty dresses and mouse ears to wear to Disney World


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