The Best Places to Watch Epcot’s Fireworks (Restaurants, Fastpass, and more!)

The Best Places to Watch Epcot’s Fireworks (Restaurants, Fastpass, and more!)
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Epcot’s fireworks show, “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth,” was a tribute to the nations of the world, involving not just fireworks, but also lasers, dancing water, and music. Premiering on October 1, 1999, it was Walt Disney World’s longest running fireworks show and, according to Wikipedia, has received several awards over the years, including 11 straight Best Outdoor Night Production Show Golden Ticket Awards.

If you haven’t already heard, the final showing of Illuminations was on September 30, 2019.


Illunminations fireworks show at Epcot
Illuminations — Epcot Fireworks from 1999 to 2019
Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy of of Brett at Disney Photo Snapper

After reading this
article, you’ll know the details about the new (yet temporary) fireworks show, Epcot Forever, the best viewing spots for the show, how to get those spots, and the pros and cons of each.

Note: I first wrote this article when Illuminations was the current fireworks show, and I have not updated the section on the best places to watch.

Having seen both shows, I would imagine that, overall, the details about the viewing spots hasn’t changed much. The small amount of research I’ve done seems to verify that. But I did want to make it clear that I wrote that section is regards to Illuminations, specifically.


What Time is the Epcot Fireworks Show?

Epcot Forever is at 9pm every night, almost without exception.

However, it’s a good idea to double-check the time, because sometimes (not often) it varies slightly.

For example, during the holiday season, the fireworks may be pushed back to 9:30 on certain nights due to the Candlelight Processional.

Also, Epcot closes an hour early (8:00pm) on Good Friday, so the fireworks show that night is 8:00pm as well.


Does Epcot Have Fireworks Every Night?

Yes, weather permitting.

I did a little research to see what exactly “weather permitting” means.

Will they still have fireworks if it’s raining? Yep. (You can read more about which Disney rides and fireworks get canceled when it rains.)

Even in cases of thunderstorms, they usually delay the show for an hour or two it before deciding to cancel it altogether.

So … does Epcot have fireworks every night? It sounds like the answer is “yes,” except in very, very rare occasions due to weather.

Touring Plans, one of my favorite Disney planning sites and the authors of my all-time favorite Disney World planning book, points out something important about the ending of the show, especially if you have young kids:

“IllumiNations ends the day at Epcot. When it’s over, only a couple of gift shops remain open. Because there’s nothing to do, everyone leaves at once …
More groups get separated and more kids get lost following IllumiNations than at any other time. In summer, you’ll be walking in a throng of up to 30,000 people. If you’re heading for the parking lot, anticipate this congestion and preselect a point in the Epcot entrance area where you can meet if someone gets separated from the group. We recommend the fountain just inside the main entrance.”


What is Epcot Forever?

Epcot Forever replaced Illuminations on October 1, 2019.

The show is a celebration of Epcot’s four founding principals:

  1. Innovation
  2. Exploration
  3. Imagination
  4. Celebration


How Long is the Epcot Forever Show?

The show is 11-12 minutes long.


Epcot Forever over World Showcase
Epcot Forever


Is Epcot Forever Temporary?

Despite its name, Epcot Forever was created to last for one year, basically bridging the gap between Illuminations’ retirement and the beginning of the “real” new fireworks show.

Some people have described it as a time and way to grieve the loss of Epcot’s true vision before it is completely overhauled for Disney World’ 50th anniversary in 2021.

The new permament nighttime fireworks show coming to Epcot after the run of Epcot Forever is called “HarmonioUS.” It will celebrate how Disney’s music has inspired people from around the world.

The closest I come coming to finding a date for Epcot Forever ending and HarmonioUS beginning is “Summer 2020.”


Epcot Forever Soundtrack

People who are hard-core fans of the original Epcot from 1980’s 1990’s will probably have some emotional reaction while watching Epcot Forever (whether happiness, sadness, or a combination), in part due to its soundtrack of songs from older attractions.

Here is the Epcot Forever soundtrack list, in order, according to Touring Plans:

  • Epcot Main Entrance Loop weaves throughout the show
  • “One Little Spark” from the original Journey Into Imagination attraction
  • “We’ve Just Begun to Dream” from EPCOT Center original music
  • “New Horizons (If We Can Dream It)” from Horizons
  • “Universe of Energy” from the original Universe of Energy attraction
  • “Listen to the Land” from the original Listen to the Land attraction circa 1982
  • “Soarin’” instrumental score from the original Soarin’ (circa 2005)
  • “Magic Journeys” from Magic Journeys
  • “Tomorrow”s Child” from the Spaceship Earth circa 1986
  • “One Little Spark” reprise
  • “Making Memories” from Magic Journeys attraction pre-show
  • “Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit” from Kitchen Kabaret
  • “It’s Fun to be Free” from World of Motion
  • “Tapestry of Nations” (the meyla weyla song) from Tapestry of Nations parade
  • “Golden Dreams” from American Adventure
  • “Celebrate the Future” from Epcot’s Millennium Celebration circa 1999
  • “One Little Spark” reprise
  • “A Whole New World” from the motion picture “Aladdin”


Video — Epcot Forever Full Soundtrack


Epcot Forever Review

I recently saw Epcot Forever on my adult-only Disney trip in November 2019, with my friend Loraine.

We’re probably not the best people to give a personal review of the show.

I don’t think Loraine ever went to Epcot in the early days, and her comment after the show was that she liked the kites and that she never really liked Epcot’s fireworks because it seems like there’s always a tree in your way.

I only went to Epcot once, briefly, in the 1980s and 1990’s, as part of a college convention I was attending. The only attractions I even remember visiting were Cranium Command and Body Wars.

So I don’t know too terribly much about Early Epcot or have much personal nostalgia connected to it.

My main thoughts about Epcot Forever were:

  • I liked hearing the clip of Walt’s voice
  • The kites (pulled by people on jet skis) were cool
  • I wished I was familiar with the music
  • The children’s voices announcing the show and throughout the show bugged me


Epcot Forever new temporary fireworks show


In reading discussions about Epcot Forever on the Internet, it sounds like this is a very difficult show to people to review objectively, at least for big-time Disney fans, because either:

  1. They’re annoyed that Illuminations is gone
  2. They’re very upset that the “original Epcot era” is now really, officially over

And for more “normal people” who have just been to Disney World a handful of times, mostly in the last couple decades, Epcot Forever doesn’t do much for them just because the songs have no recognition or meaning at all. (I actually fall into this camp, as I explained above.)

Having said all that, here are some specific guests’ reactions to Epcot Forever.

FractalPotato on the DisBoards doesn’t mince words:

[We] are huge, huge fans of Illuminations, and we were very sad to hear it was leaving … we braced ourselves for Epcot Forever …

Well, not to put too fine a point on it, we thought it was awful and left very disappointed. It felt like the music, fireworks, kites and all of that were just happening coincidentally at the same time.

There was no coordination, the fireworks didn’t match the music at all, the kites seemed to glitch a light …

Also, there was no story, no narrative, it was just a YouTube style mash-up of Epcot music/sounds, it didn’t flow at all.

Random Aladdin music was weird, and the kids voice as the announcer was just kind of a strange choice.

I know it’s just filler, but it feels like some high school interns made it in the last few days before the show. Actually, that’s mean to high school interns.


Takket was a little kinder in their review, and also have a tip for getting a good viewing spot:

My child grew up on Illuminations and it was my late FIL’s favorite, so it was hugely emotional to say goodbye to it.

For those reasons anything new would have a hard time living up for me…

So tonight’s show I went into with skepticism.

The preshow announcements replaced the old dramatic narrator’s voice with a young kid. No drama at all to it. The show starts and the pyrotechnics are very good but a lot of young kids singing what I would call a poor attempt to be Wishes light. Frankly the voices aren’t that great.

But there is a lot of mixing in of Epcot classics and halfway through the show they bring in Tapestry of Nations and now I am hooked! T

The kites are well done and pretty cool and lots of very high bright fireworks. A nice show for someone like me who doesn’t care much for projections (I come to see Disney put on a fireworks show. Not turn buildings in TVs. I can watch TV on my couch.)

Like others I think they are reaching trying to use a “Whole New World” as the finale song. TONs of Epcot songs they could have gone with. Aladdin music belongs in Magic Kingom. But overall the second half really made the show for me.

In another note… we watched from well back of the railing over by the exit of the Sommerhaus. Even with DW in a scooter we could see EVERYTHING. Even the low pinwheel effects.

So if you can’t get right up in the railing don’t fret. You might even want to go FARTHER back where you aren’t staring at the back of someone’s head. The designers did a good job of making it visible from anywhere.

My grade: C+

Not bad for a placeholder show. Would be B+ if they made the finale more Epcot appropriate.


Honestly, it was much easier for me to find negative reviews than positive ones. The positive reviews I did see tended to be about the nostalgia of the songs (although several people even said that was ruined by the “Whole New World” finale).


Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Viewing Spot

1) Unlike the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom, at Epcot it’s more of a “light show” that also has low-level fireworks and visuals on the World Showcase lagoon.

So when evaluating any viewing spot, take a moment to look around and see if any trees, torches, or light poles are blocking your view of the lagoon.

If you can see the center of the Lagoon, then you can see the show, and if not … well, then you can’t. That’s how you know whether or not you have a good spot.

2) The fireworks can produce a lot of smoke, so if the wind is strong enough that you can feel it and that it’s blowing toward you from the direction of the lagoon, this is not a good thing. Not only will you get a bunch of smoke blown in your face, but the smoke could cloud your view so much that you may not even be able to see much of the second half of the show.

Because of those two things, there is no one “best place” to watch the fireworks in Epcot.

A great place could be five yards away from a “bad” place because of a tree island blocking your view, or what was a good place last week could be a “bad” place tonight because of that wind.

With that being said, here are some general “best places to watch,” in no particular order:


Best Places to Watch Illuminations Around the World Showcase

1. The Bridge between the United Kingdom and France:

This bridge gives you a bit of elevation and great views of not only the lake and sky, but also of each of the pavilions as they light up during the show. The IllumiNations Fireworks Cruise typically parks their boats under or in front of this bridge during the show, so … you know it’s gotta be good.

Another nice thing about this viewing spot is that if you’re staying an Epcot resort hotel, like like the Yacht Club, Beach Club, or Boardwalk Inn, you can make a relatively quick and easy exit.

2. The Second Floor of the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Japan:
The second floor, or restaurant level), deck of the Mitsukoshi Building in the Japan Pavillian gives you some beautiful views, as you can see from this photo from my friend Meg at The Mouselets. It also has a covered deck, which is a nice plus if it’s a little drizzly out.

View of Illuminations firework show at Epcot from Japan pavillion
View of Illuminations from Mitsukoshi
Photo courtesy of Meg at The Mouselets

If you didn’t already know, Mitsukoshi is a department store chain that originally sold kimonos when it opened in 1673. So make sure you arrive early to allow some time to check it out. They sell not only kimonos and kitchenware, but also bento boxes, snacks, and merchandise from Hayao Miyazaki movies like My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away (some of my kids’ favorite movies).

3. Italy Isola:
The Italy Isola is a spot that juts out over the World Showcase Lagoon, giving you a great, unobstructed view, especially in you arrive early enough to get a spot right up against the railing.

(Once on a November trip we were, in fact, able to get a great spot against the railing here. Not because we got there early, but because of the weather: we were all wearing jackets and still uncomfortably cold. Hard to imagine, right?
Anyway, since most people had the good sense to not stand outside freezing, we had our pick of spots. I even said to the guy standing next to us, “We need to enjoy this, because it will probably never happen again!”)

Unfortunately, because Italy Isola is such a good spot, it’s often used for private Illuminations dessert parties and therefore isn’t available very often.


Best Restaurant to Watch Illuminations

Ah, doesn’t it sound lovely to enjoy a nice dinner in the World Showcase, then sit back and relax while you enjoy the fireworks show from your table?

Unfortunately, while that is a possible scenario, more often that not it doesn’t quite work out that way.

The problem is that none of the restaurants can guarantee you a decent view of Illuminations. Sure, you can request a table with a good view, but everyone else is going to be doing that too, so you very well may not get one — no matter how nicely you ask or even if you think you deserve preference because you’re celebrating a special event.

To make things worse, even if you are lucky enough to get a great table by the window, it is very possible that total strangers are going to come to stand right next to your table or, worse, try to wiggle up in front of you so they’re blocking your view.

Personally, I wouldn’t go to any Epcot restaurant for the purpose of seeing the fireworks show. Instead, I would pick up dessert from one of our favorite World Showcase bakeries and then find a good spot around the lagoon to watch.

Having said all that, if you still want to try viewing Illuminations from a restaurant, here are some of your options:

1, Rose & Crown — United Kingdom

The Rose & Crown is your best bet and probably the only place I would even consider eating with the intention of viewing Illuminations. It’s a table service restaurant with a pub atmosphere that serves dishes like bangers and mash and cottage pie.

Your best strategy is to make a reservation for around 7:30 or 8:00pm and arrive at the restaurant 10-15 minutes early to request an outdoor table. No, you still may not get one, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, especially if you’re willing to wait a little.

Epcot Fireworks view from Rose and Crown in United Kingdom

Photo courtesy of Kris from Nomad By Trade

Even if you end up having to siting indoors, you can still step outside “private viewing area” once the firework show begins. My friend Kris from Nomad By Trade took the photo above from that spot. If you plan on doing that, it’s a good idea to let your server know when you’re seated.

2. Tokyo Dining — Japan

Tokyo Dining is known for being a restaurant that offers a view of Illuminations, so I have to mention it here. But I don’t really think it’s a good choice, and here’s why: Remember when I said above that the deck at the top of the Mitsukoshi Department Store was a great place to watch the fireworks? Well, guess where those people are standing? Yup, outside the windows of Tokyo Dining (albeit slightly lower, but still at partially blocking the view).

Add to that the fact that at least 90% of the tables at Toyko Dining don’t even have a window seat, and … well, if you’re looking for a a great view of the Epcot fireworks, this may not be the best place to find it.

What does work for some people is telling your server at about 8:55pm that you’re leaving the restaurant to go see the fireworks and that you’ll will be returning when the show is finished. To me, that kind of defeats the purpose of eating there in order to see the fireworks, but it certainly is an option.

We’ve never eaten at Tokyo Dining, but I’ve heard that both the food and service are top-notch.

3. Monsieur Paul- France

Monsieur Paul is a gourmet French cuisone restaurant with classic French architecture and bright colors. The menu has items that I literally have no idea how to pronounce, but which sound delicious when translated, like Cassolette d’Escargots Cauderanaise (Escargot Cassolette with White Wine, Bacon, and Shallots) or Salade au Roquefort à la Poire et aux Noix de Pécan Caramélisées, (Salad featuring Bleu Cheese, Pear, and Caramelized Pecans).

And Monsieur Paul actually has a dress code (for example, no tank tops, flip-flops, or cut-offs). It is what my husband Robert would probably call “hoity-toity,” which would be his way of saying that he would never want to eat there.

Dessert at Monsieur Paul Restaurant in Epcot
Dessert at Monsieur Paul in France (Preston Mack, photographer)

So how is it for viewing fireworks? Same basic story: It just depends on your luck. The restaurant is on the second floor, so you could potentially get a good view, but many of the tables are not close to windows, and the windows are fairly small, which means the view you get from your table is likely to be very limited.

4. La Hacienda and La Cantina de San Angel – Mexico

La Hacienda de San Angel and Cantina de San Angel are sort of two restaurants in one, the first being table service where you need reservations, and the second being counter service where you don’t.

It has great ambiance, with soaring ceilings, warm-colored tile floors, and hanging lights shaped like metal star sconces and the paper lanterns. We’ve never eaten there, but is sounds the general consensus is that the atmosphere is amazing, but the food is … just okay. And surprisingly mild for a Mexican restaurant.

However, if you can get a table with a view, it’s supposed to be one of the best.


Watching Illuminations at the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party

Another option that’s kinda sorta like seeing the fireworks from a restaurant but that does guarantee you’ll get a good view is to get reservations for the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party.

Keep in mind that this is probably not a great option is you’re trying to do Disney on a budget. Priced at $79 per adult (ages 10 and up) and $47 per child, it would cost my family just under $400, which is a price tag that wouldn’t have been worth it for us, even when our girls were younger.

However, I’ve heard people rave about it in reviews, and if you love both a) Anna, Else, Olaf, and the gang; and b) Large amount of decorative sugar, then you might want to consider it.

Here’s how the Dessert Party works:

An hour before Illuminations begins (normally 8pm, although I’ve heard you can arrive even a little earlier than that), you’ll head to World Showcase Plaza East (the path that separates Future World and the World Showcase) and check in at the Disney Traders merchandise shop, located right before you reach Mexico.

You’ll receive an armband and be seated at your pre-assigned table. (If you’re in a smaller group, you’ll probably be seated with others as well.)
Your seats are assigned when you make your reservations, so the earlier you plan ahead, the better seats you’ll get. (Also worth noting: unlike making reservations at Disney World restaurants, reservations for the dessert parties are usually not available until 90 days beforehand. So don’t panic if you don’t see your trip dates listed just yet.)

The dessert buffet includes things like:
* Kristoff’s Kransekake Almond Cookie
* Wandering Oaken’s Eclairons
* Hans’ Key Lime Tarts with Orange Glitter Glaze
* Troll Rock Crispy Bon Bons
* Elsa’s Blue Velvet Cupcakes
* Kristoff’s No Sugar Added Lemon Curd with Blueberry
* Freeze Fried Salted Caramel Popcorn
* Olaf’s Warm Double Chocolate S’mores Pudding Cake
* Anna’s Warm Cottage Pudding with Salted Caramel Glaze
* Hand Dipped Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

There are also non-dessert options:
* Sven’s Fresh Fruits with Berries
* Grand Pabbie’s Mystical Winter Spiced Snack Mix
* Duke of Weselton’s Cheese Fondue—served with country bread cubes, broccoli, and grilled flatbread

In addition, they serve several beverages, including soda, margaritas, piña coladas, beer and wine, coffee and tea, and “melted snow.”

When it’s time for the fireworks to begin, you’ll be given a pair 3-D snowflake glasses. (I honestly don’t know if these actually improve the fireworks viewing experience or if they’re just cute. If you know, drop me a line in the comments.) Then after the show, you’ll be escorted to the Frozen Ever After attraction in the Norway Pavilion for a special VIP ride.

Frozen Ever After in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot
Frozen Ever After attraction in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot (Matt Stroshane, photographer)
It’s important to note that the Dessert Party does NOT involve a Disney character meet and greet with Anna, Elsa, or anyone else.


Some Frozen from IMDB Trivia to impress people at your next cocktail party: The characters of Hans, Kristoff, Anna and Sven are a reference to Hans Christian Andersen, the author of The Snow Queen.


Review: Is the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party Worth It?



Watching Epcot’s Illuminations from the FastPass Viewing Area

Getting a Fastpass to watch Illuminations may sound strange at first. (It definitely did to me.) How do you get a Fastpass for a fireworks show?

But yes, there is a reserved viewing area at Showcase Plaza between Disney Traders and Port of Entry, the two tower gift shops.

See how it says “Disney Traders” smack in the middle of the map below? That’s where the Fastpass viewing area is.

I’ve heard that the view is a very good one, and certainly this photo of Illuminations is fantastic.

Illuminations Reflections of Earth from Fastpass Viewing Area in Epcot
Photo courtesy of Brett at Disney Photo Snapper

Illuminations View from Fastpass+ location at Epcot Walt Disney World


So is it worth it to use one of your precious FastPassses for Illuminations?

The short answer is “probably not.”

The problem is that Illuminations is considered a “Top Tier FastPass experience.” You can only get one Top Tier FastPass. That means that is you get a FastPass for Illuminations, you’re forfeiting the chance to get one for Soarin’ Around the World, Test Track, or Frozen Ever After.

Over on the DisBoards forums, some people had a good experience with Illuminations FastPass:

We did a fast pass for illuminations in November because we had a couple people with us who had never been. It was well worth the FP. We didn’t have to worry about finding a spot super early and fighting the crowds, and the view was great.. Typically we would not have wasted a FP for it but considering the fact that we had “first timers” with us and that was their first day so we didn’t have morning FPs scheduled for them it was well worth it.

However, it seemed like many more people had these kind of experience with it:

FP+ for Illuminations is an utter waste. About as useful as a FP+ for Pixar Short film festival. The World Showcase is massive, there are endless viewing spots. You can show up last minute and find a good viewing spot.

We were there on the 4th of July this year didn’t show up until 8:50pm and had no problem finding a spot. Yes, it was much more crowded than normal, but we still found space (we actually stood on the bridge next to Mexico and had a great view). On a normal night, a prime viewing spot is simple.


Not only is it not worth it, we find it worse than “standby”. The World Showcase is HUGE, so there are endless spots to see it. The FP+ viewing area is relatively small (by way of comparison to the WS itself) and they cram a lot of people into it. We found it much more cramped in the FP+ area than just finding another nearby spot on standby…5 minutes before the show starts.


If you’re still debating whether using Fastpass is the right choice for you and your family, here are some other things to consider:

* You could choose to ride Soarin’ Around the World the second you walk into the park and use the single-rider line for Test Track, which is a way to shorten your wait considerably without getting a FastPass.

* If you have toddlers and preschoolers, you could try this same strategy by hitting Frozen Ever After first thing when you arrive. (If they are under 40 inches tall, they won’t be able to ride Soarin’ or Test Track.)

* If you’ve already used you’re three Fastpasses for the day, you can get on the My Disney Experience app and check to see if there are still FastPasses left for Illuminations (which is very possible if it’s around 2pm). If so, you can snatch them then.

* If you are visiting Epcot at a super-crowded time, like New Year’s Eve, getting a FastPass for Illuminations may well be worth it to not have fight the crowds and stake out a spot early at the World Showcase.



Best Places to View Fireworks Outside of Epcot

The new fireworks show, Epcot Forever, has more fireworks than Illuminations did, so watching the show outside the park may be even more enjoyable that it used to be (although I can’t vouch for that personally).

Also, I’m guessing that riding the Skyliner at about 9pm could give you a great view, depending on your timing.

Here are some places outside Epcot where it’s possible to catch at least some elements of the show.

1. Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

The Boardwalk isn’t a bad place to watch the fireworks, as long as you don’t mind missing some of the low-level effects of the show. One of the nice things about it is that there is a lot of “stuff” going on, like street performers, caricature artists, and midway games.

For the best view of Illuminations, go to the bridge just past the ESPN Club.

2. Disney’s Beach Club Resort

If you’re staying at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, you have a few nice options for seeing Illuminations from your resort.

First, you can watch the high-level fireworks from Stormalong Bay.

Stormalong Bay at Disney's Beach Club Resort
Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort (Todd Anderson, photographer)

Second, you could walk to the above-mentioned bridge connecting the Boardwalk and Beach Club and watch them there.

A third option is to walk over to Epcot at about 8:45pm, stand at the wall by France, and then leave through the International Gateway. Easy in, easy out.

Illuminations Seen from the Beach Club Lighthouse Pier


Orlando Hotels with a Great View of Epcot Fireworks

If you want to view the Illuminations completely outside of Disney property, here are two good options:

1. Hilton Buena Vista Palace at Disney Springs

This is a lake-front hotel that offers a Disney character breakfast, complimentary shuttle service to both the Disney theme parks and Disney Springs, and access to Extra Magic Hours. In addition, you could use the Pedestrian Skybridge to walk to Disney Springs.

You can choose to book a fireworks view, Disney Springs view, or resort view room.

2. Capa Steakhouse at the Four Seasons in Orlando

You can great a great view of both Illuminations at Epcot and Wishes at the Magic Kingdom from this rooftop Spanish steakhouse and bar, located on the 17th floor. This is a good option for people who are not traveling with little kids, both because of the price and the atmosphere.

In addition, the Four Season also has Park View rooms, where you can watch the Wishes fireworks show from your balcony. And they have a great Disney character breakfast as well!


And now I want to hear from you!

Have you watched IllumiNations from one of these spots? What did you think? Any other spots or secret strategies to share? Let me know in the comments!

Best Places to View Fireworks at Epcot in Disney World
The best viewing spots for Illuminations, the fireworks show at Epcot. Includes restaurants, Epcot resort hotels, and hotels in the Orlando area outside the park

Best Restaurants for Watching Illuminations firework show at Epcot

Illuminations Reflections of Earth should you get a Fastpass

Illuminations Reflections of Earth should you get a Fastpass
Illuminations Reflections of Earth should you get a Fastpass