17 Adorable Penguin Crafts for Preschoolers & Kindergartens

17 Adorable Penguin Crafts for Preschoolers & Kindergartens
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Don’t you just love penguins?

Whether of the cartoon variety or the real-life one, there’s something so cute about them. Whether it’s their waddle, their unique black and white coloring, or just the fact that they don’t live in the northern hemisphere, making them kind of “exotic” to Americans, I don’t know.

What I do know is the penguin exhibit was by far our favorite part of the Gatlinburg Aquarium when we visited years ago.


Penguin at Galinburg aquarium


Below I have a list of 17 penguin crafts designed for preschool/kindergarten/first grade ages.

Whether you’re looking for a winter-themed activity or just want to add some cuteness to your crafting repertoire, these penguin crafts are sure to be a hit.



Fun Facts About Penguins

Here are some fun facts about penguins (from City of Albuquerque) that you can discuss with your kids while you’re crafting together:

  • Penguins’ “tuxedo look” are a well-designed camouflage. When penguins swim, the black on their backs helps them blend in with the darkness of the ocean, hiding them from predators looking down from up above. Their white bellies, on the other hand, help them blend in with the bright surface of the ocean, hiding from predators viewing them from below. Clever, huh?
  • Penguins aren’t just in Antarctica. You can also find them in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Peru and Chile.
  • Male penguins often “woo” a female with gifts — of rocks. Why? Because the females use these rocks to build a nest.
  • Penguins and polar bears don’t hang out together. Not because they don’t like each other, but because they live on opposite sides of the world.

    Want a penguin snack to go with your crafts?
    Here’s how to make Chocolate Penguin Cookies out of Nutter Butters!


    Penguin Crafts for Kids

    Go on a nature walk looking for stones, then come home and paint your own penguin family!

    Video — How to Make a Simple Penguin Out of a Paper Plate

    This video shows you how to make a penguin out of a single paper plate!


    Video — Rocking Paper Penguin Toy

    Here’s a cute craft that becomes a toy as well.


    Finally, I couldn’t resist sharing this Pebble Penguin Family from Sustain my Craft Habit.

    Pebble penguin family craft

    Made with a wood slice, pebbles, acrylic paint, and ribbons, this is a penguin craft that you can do!



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