The Best Disney World Printables From Etsy: Planners and Surprise Letters and Tickets

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Digital products are great.They satisfy our need for instant gratification, because you get them within seconds after clicking a couple buttons.

Make a mistake?
Want copies for everyone in the family?

No problem! Just go print some more.

And did you ever buy a book or planner that had pages of things you didn’t need, but not enough space for the stuff you did need?

Not a problem with a digital product! Just leave out the things you don’t want and print extras of what you need more of.

After reading this post, you’ll have the perfect printables in your hot little hands within seconds, ready to make your next Disney World vacation more fun and less stressful.


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Surprise Trip Tickets for the Kids

We never did this, but I love the idea. Instead of just telling the kids you’re going to Disney World, have a customized ticket make the announcement.

You could play this out in various ways, between setting them on the breakfast table to actually mailing them to your home.

Speaking of surprise Disney reveals, I’ve personally never been a big fan of “Hey, we’re going to Disney World … right now!” type of reveal.

For one thing, whether my kids were four or fourteen, a big part of the fun was planning, shopping for, and discussing the trip for the weeks (or months) leading up to it. They would have missed a lot if we just sprung it on them at the last minute.

Second — and more importantly — some kids can get understandably upset if you play the game of, “Hey, everybody, let’s get in the car and head to [somewhere that is not Disney.].”

So I know those don’t-tell-the-kids-til-we’re-on-the-road reveals have worked well for many people, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

Regardless of when you choose to tell your kids, I think these printable tickets are adorable.


Etsy seller SimoneMadeIt has this ticket just for Christmas:

Christmas Printable Disney World Ticket


Seller MyLittleStarStore has a Christmas ticket as well:

Printable Disney World Ticket


Rachael at LoveAndWishesDesign has some beautiful tickets that can be used any time of year:

Disney surprise trip printable ticket


“Surprise — You’re Going to Disney World!” Letters

What could more exciting to a kid that getting a personalized letter from their very favorite Disney character telling them that they’re going to Disney World?

I absolutely love this idea! They can be used either alone or together with one of the above tickets.

Etsy seller TinksTravelCards has several letters to choose from, including these two:

Surprise Disney trip letter from Ariel


Disney letter from Minnie Mouse


Amy at Theory5Designs has these letters from Minnie and Mickey:

Disney trip Letter from Mickey and Minnie Mouse


Disney Vacation Printable Planners

My husband Rob thinks it’s so strange that, with all the apps and devices available to us, I often choose to — gasp! — write things down.

But there’s just something about writing, and being able to flip through a book to look at my notes, that works better for my brain then clicking through screens. If you’re the same way, you know exactly what I mean.

These printables are great for having everything you need to plan your Disney trip all together in one spiral notebook. Depending on the specific package, they include things like:

  • Countdown of tasks to do before your trip
  • Packing lists
  • Budget trackers
  • Dining Reservation tracker
  • FastPass Reservacations
  • and lots more!


Ultimate Vacation Planner Bundle


Printable Planner Pages


Disney World Vacation Planner Kit


Disney Travel Journal Printables

Both the teacher and the writer in me love this idea. What fun is an amazing trip if you don’t savor the best moments by writing about them?

Most of these are designed for kids, although some are more of an adult/child combo.

It lets kids track each day, writing a little bit about:

  • Favorite thing they did that day
  • What they ate
  • Souvenirs they bought
  • Countries they visited at the Epcot World Showcase
  • Etc


I liked the idea of a printable travel journal so much, that guess what?

I created my own.

You can check MY travel journal out here.


Printable Disney World Travel Journal


Kids Disney World Vacation Journal with Personalized Cover


Printable Disney Vacation Journal PDF




Disney World or Disneyland Trip Reveal Letters for Kids from their favorite Disney characters
Etsy printables you need for your next Disney Trip
Etsy printables to make planning your disney vacation super easy -- vacation planners and budget trackers

surprise youre going to Disney World ticket reveal

2 thoughts on “The Best Disney World Printables From Etsy: Planners and Surprise Letters and Tickets”

  • Thank you so much for including my Disney Vacation Planner on your blog! Obviously, I prefer using paper to make my travel plans. 🙂 We surprised our kids at Christmas. We wrapped individual letter tiles and had them unscramble the letters to reveal our destination. We generally don’t do journals but only because they are usually too exhausted at the end of the day.

    • Hey Jolene! We never did anything that creative; we’d just say something like, “How would you like to go to Disney World?”:)

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