11 Fun and Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

11 Fun and Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

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Fun and Unique Gifts for Book lovers

Book lovers — such as myself — are a bit of a weird breed.

When we’re out in public and see a stranger reading, we try to get a glimpse of the title of the book (or often, in my case, just flat-out ask.) Our idea of a wild and exciting evening out is wandering through a bookstore. We go into a tailspin if the movie adaption of the book is a disgrace. (Anyone remember Simon Birch, the supposed movie version of John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany? No? Well, probably just as well. And I would never, ever, even consider seeing the live-action versions of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas or The Cat in the Hat.)

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

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I personally pack at least four books any time I take a trip: the book that I’m currently reading, one fiction and one non-fiction book for when I finish the current book (because I don’t know which type I’ll be in the mood for) and one extra back-up just in case I don’t like either of those.

And then, of course, there are always a few extra books on my phone’s Kindle app. Just in case.

Whether you’re shopping for the bibliophile in your life, or you are one yourself, you’ll love these clever and unique gift ideas that I found on Amazon and Etsy. You can also scroll down to the bottom to see some tips on how to make a gift basket with a book theme.


Personal Library Lending Kit

If you love books, you’re probably always lending out your favorites to people who you know will enjoy them. This can eventually turn into a headache when you forget who has what or wonder why you can’t seem to find your favorite self-help book when you suddenly need to refer to it.

Enter this library lending kit to the rescue! It has 20 self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards, plus a date stamp and inkpad, and a pencil.

This would be a particularly great gift for school teachers and college professors, who probably loan out lots of books for their students and colleagues. Oh, and don’t worry — you can purchase refill packs!

Personal Library Lending Kit
Personal Library Lending Kit


Novel Teas with Literary Quotes
“Novel Teas” with Literary Quotes

If you belong to a book club, this would be a lovely Christmas gift to give to everybody in the group. (If you want to make it an extra-fun gift, consider pairing it with one of these mugs for book lovers.) It could also make a great gift, or part of a gift basket, to thank your local library workers.

These 25 tea bags each have quotes by famous writers such as Louise May Alcott, Mark Twain, and C.S. Lewis. (“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.”)

Read ’em and steep!


Kindle Book Cover Case

I confess that I have never actually read a Jane Austen novel, but I do love the movie adaptations, especially Emma Thompson’s Sense and Sensibility.

This lovely Kindle Paperwhite case perfectly imitates the look and feel of a classic hard back book and keeps your device safe.

Amazon reviewer Michelle H. says that she originally bought this cover as a novelty, but then later realizes some advantages to having a book-like cover: “It offers privacy when sitting near someone and I find that the cover keeps the light off of my husband as he is sleeping next to me. I also like that it does not initially look like an e-reader.”

If you like the idea of a hardback case but aren’t particularly a Jane Austen fan, there are several other covers to choose from, including ones for Harry Potter and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Pride and Prejudice Book Cover Style Kindle Case
Pride and Prejudice “Book Cover” Kindle Case


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Custom Stamped Spoon

Cozy up with a good book and a cup of tea — and stir it with this stamped novelty spoon! One Amazon reviewer said that she combined this spoon with some sugar tongs, sugar cubes, organic tea, and a good book and put it in a very pretty Victorian box to make a great gift.

Good Book Cozy Nook Stamped Tea Spoon
“Good Book Cozy Nook” Stamped Tea Spoon


Book Lovers’ Quilt

Of course one of the requirements for curling up with a good book is having a warm, snuggly blanket to wrap yourself up in. This beautiful quilt is printed with hardbound books in rich colors and is lightweight enough that it’s perfect for travel as well as home. It’s cleverly designed so that the minky layer provides warmth, but the cotton stays cool during the summer.

It’s machine washable in the gentle cycle and measures 44 by 52 inches.

Book Lovers Quilt
Book Lovers’ Quilt Blanket


Library Book Scented Candle

It’s no secret that many book lovers have a fondness for the smell of books. Well, here’s a candle that lets us fill our homes with that scent! This soy candle in a jar has the scent of “aged paper and dusty shelves” with vanilla undertones. Perfect for burning while you’re reading in bed late into the night.

Book Lovers' Scented Candle
Library Book Scented Candle


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Book Lovers' Charm Bracelet
Book Lovers’ Charm Bracelet

There’s nothing like literary-themed jewelry to let the world know where you stand when it comes to books! This charm bracelet features 7 silvertone book and reading themed charms, with the word “bookish” spelled with letter beads that are replicas of old-fashioned typewriter keys. It fastens with a lobster claw and chain, making the length adjustable from 7 to 9 inches.


Just One More Chapter Embroidered Patch
“Just One More Chapter” Embroidered Patch

What a cute little patch! It can be ironed (or fastened with safety pins) onto a tote bag, jumper, or denim jacket. You can give the patch itself as a gift (it comes with iron-on instructions), or use it to create your own unique clothing or accessory before giving it to your favorite book lover.


Gift Set of 7 Book Lover Pencils
Gift Set of 7 Book Lover Pencils

I love the colors of these pencils: shimmery, midnight-blue foil on pretty pastel shades. Each pencil in this set has a different color and quote, such as “I Heart Books,” “Certified Book Addict,” and “Book Nerd.”

A nice plus is that the pencils are hex-shaped, so they won’t roll all over your desk.


Library Card Book Art
Library Card Book Art

These prints are a fun and unique way to pay tribute to your favorite classic novel! They are displayed as an old-fashioned library card and include the correct Dewey Decimal System classification number, the title and author’s name, and the first and last lines of this beloved book.

They are available in two sizes: 5×7 inches (printed on a 5.5×8.5 inch sheet) and 8×10 inches (printed on an 8.5×11 inch sheet). The mat and frame are not included and the print will have the copyright watermark removed.

The print in the image above is of The Secret Garden because it’s one of my very favorite children’s chapter books, but there are prints available in many other book titles as well. The Etsy seller, Folio Creations, can legally only use material in the public domain, which generally means books that were published before 1923. That still leaves a lot of great titles, though, including Anne of Green Gables, A Christmas Carol, Wuthering Heights, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, The Wind in the Willows, and another one of my very favorites, Little Women.


Book Lovers Gift Set with Planner and Journal
Book Lovers’ Gift Set with Planner and Journal

My oldest daughter and I both share this strange desire to buy all the blank books, calendars, and planners in sight every time we walk into an office supply store. This gift set would make us both deliriously happy. It combines the beautiful pastel pencils listed above with this planner and a yellow journal with a ruled interior.


Christmas gift for book lovers
Book Club Christmas Ornament

If you’re looking specifically for Christmas gifts for book lovers, book-themed ornaments are always nice. This ornament from Etsy is made of lightweight wood, can be personalized along its banner, and comes in a nice gift box.

Other Christmas gift ideas for book lovers include books about the holiday season OR holiday movies that are based on books.

8 Classic children’s books about Christmas

8 Christmas-themed novels

8 Christmas movies that are based on books


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Tips on Putting Together a Book Lover Gift Basket

Tips on Creating a Gift Basket


Gift baskets are a creative way to make a personalized gift and are especially nice for a departing college students, teachers or someone who is sick and/or in the hospital.

I’m certainly no expert on creating a perfect-looking gift basket (working with cellophane gives me the heebie-jeebies), but I did some research and found some tips that will help.


1. Be creative with your container.
Don’t limit yourself to just baskets, and don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money on your container. Dollar stores sell containers in all shapes and colors.

2. Begin by covering the bottom of your container in tissue paper.
This props up the gifts and makes the overall effect more attractive. If your basket is particularly large, you can line the bottom with newspaper and then cover it with tissue paper.

3. Put your largest and/or sturdiest gift in the center.
This becomes your framework. Once you have it set up, put the next largest gifts around it, then tuck the smaller gifts in-between them, especially in the front so that they’re not hidden.

4. Add some snacks.
You need something to eat while you read, right? Some good choices might be cheese and crackers, a non-messy fruit like grapes or bananas, nuts, and tea bags.

5. Consider including a book signed by the author.
A signed book can be a real treasure, especially if it includes a personalized note. Local indie bookstores and ebay are a good place to find these. If your gift basket recipient like sweet, clean, and slightly humorous contemporary romances, drop me an email and I can send you a personalized copy of one of my books for a good price.
(Scroll down to see the titles or click here.)

6. Add a personalized tag.
A tag gives it a “finished” look and makes it clear what the theme of the gift basket is. You can make your own (either by hand or computer), or use the Internet to help you.

I found some cute printable tags that are free:
“Made with love” printable gift tags
Bright polka dot gift tags

Or here’s one of the many customized tags you can get from etsy:

Custom printable gift tags
Custom printable gift tags

7. Skip the cellophane (if you want).

Sure, you might need to wrap the basket if it’s for, say, a school auction. Or maybe you’re just a better wrapper than I am and like the finished look of a basket being bound up with ribbon at the top.
But don’t fret if you’re like me and feel like no matter what you do, you end up cutting the wrong amount of wrapping and you have trouble getting the ribbon to curl and the end result looks somewhat crooked. A gift basket — especially when it’s adorned with a cute tag — can look beautiful without being wrapped.


I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at all these cool gifts for book lovers and that you’ve found the perfect one to give to a friend or relative. Maybe you even found an extra one to get for yourself! 🙂


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