Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toys for Toddlers (including a talking Mickey!)

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If you’re looking for a toy for your favorite toddler, you probably can’t go wrong with Mickey Mouse. Everyone knows Mickey, and he’s been a friendly face to both boys and girls of all ages for generations.

We’re big Mickey (and Minnie) fans in our house. We’re lucky enough to live within driving distance to Disney World and have been there five times over the years. We visited Mickey and Minnie’s houses in Toontown (back in the days when it was still there) and have met him at both Chef Mickey’s and Garden Grill. There’s something about Mickey and Minnie that is happy and childlike without being overly cutesy, which is why I love them.

The nice thing about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toys is that they will never go out of style. Mickey and his friends were popular sixty years ago, they’re a big hit with my family, and they’ll continue to be popular when our kids have grandchildren of their own.


More Toys Your Toddler Will Love


Mickey Mouse Pull String Talking Toy

Mickey Mouse pull string talking toy
Talking Mickey Train Conductor Doll

My son loved trains when he was a toddler, so he would have been crazy about this talking train conductor Mickey, which particularly struck me as a good toy for boys.

It has a pull string on the back that lets Mickey say one of fifteen different phrases. Toys like this are great for this age because they like to be able to create the sound themselves by pulling, pushing, or tapping something.


Mickey Mouse Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

Disney Mickey Mouse Wooden Shape Sorting Clock
Disney Mickey Mouse Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

This clock puzzle is a great educational toy for toddlers and preschoolers. It has twelve wooden block pieces in different shapes and colors. It also has a labeled hour and minute hand for marking the time.

Not only can your toddler learn how to tell time on an analog clock, but they can also develop their fine motor skills and number recognition.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fly N Slide Toy

Fly N Slide Clubhouse Playset
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fly N Slide

This is a very basic toy that doesn’t have any fancy high-tech bells and whistles. It doesn’t make any sounds and doesn’t require batteries. It includes Mickey and Minnie figures, see-saw, telescope, table, and two stools. There is a working trap door, a slide that the figurines fall through, and an airplane that spins around the head.


Mickey Mouse Breakdancing Toy

These two different toys I found have everybody’s favorite mouse talking, dancing, playing, and even joking around a little bit. They are both quite fascinating. My family watched some of the videos reviews with me and we couldn’t believe how complex some of the moves were!


Break Dancing Mickey Mouse Doll
Break Dancing Mickey Mouse Doll

Wanna “get down in the house with your favorite mouse?” Then check out the Fisher Price MM M3 Master Moves Mickey, a break dancing version of Mickey decked out in red and white workout clothes. He is bigger than he looks in the photo — eighteen inches long and over four pounds.

He comes with 6 AA batteries installed for demo purposes. After you remove him from the box, pulling a plastic strip out of the back of his neck in order the switches him from demo-mode to the regular, fully functioning mode.

Each time his nose is squeezed, he performs a different break dance routine, including The Windmill, The Spin Cycle, The Handstand, The Mouska Mix, and various impromptu moves. If he falls down, he says things like, “Oops! Clean up on aisle five! Can I get some help?” He also says other phrases, such as, “Let’s have a mouseka dance party” and “if you want more, just squeeze my nose.”

There is an interactive element to this toy, as Mickey gives you four different break dancing lessons.

Click here to watch a video of M3 Mickey rapping and doing his breakdancing moves!

Do note that this breakdancing Mickey isn’t the type of toy that kids will cuddle up in bed with. And he needs to dance on a smooth, hard surface.



Disney Mickey Mouse Microphone with Stand

Disney Mickey Mouse Microphone
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “My First Microphone”

Switching the on/off button on this microphone will make play the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song, Hot Dog song and Mouseketools song while flashing different colored lights. A sliding switch makes different sound effects based on which of the three different characters you select. Holding the bottom button with the blue music note allows you to sing along.

The flat bottom is a nice touch that allows the microphone to stand up when placed on a table.

This toy is sturdy, portable, holds toddlers’ interest for a long time, encourages creativity, and the volume is low enough to not drive parents crazy.

Although it’s called “My First Microphone,” it isn’t really a microphone in the traditional sense. It amplifies your voice very little, and only if put your mouth up very close to it. Some toddlers may have a hard time understanding that you have to keep the blue button pressed down in order for it to work.


These Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy boxes are perfect for a child’s bedroom or playroom that has a Mickey Mouse theme.


Mickey Mouse Wooden Toy Box

Mickey Mouse Deluxe Wooden Toy BoxMickey Mouse Deluxe Wooden Toy BoxMickey Mouse Deluxe Wooden Toy Box



Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy Organizer

Multi-Bin Toy Organizer
Multi-Bin Toy Organizer

This multi-bin toy box in made of fabric, with a metal frame and hard wood side panel.

The drawers come completely out and are more like baskets sitting on a shelf than actual drawers. Again, this avoids the potential problem of little fingers getting caught, as well as providing a nice way to transport a pile of toys to another room. This isn’t a toy box that works well for large toys, but is perfect for holding things like matchbox cars, action figures, small dolls, and all those small miscellaneous toys that pile up, like whistles and tops.

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