Mickey Mouse Crafts for Birthdays, Christmas, and More!

Mickey Mouse Crafts for Birthdays, Christmas, and More!

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Mickey Mouse Crafts for Kids birthday parties

Whether you’re getting ready for a kid’s birthday party, decorating for Christmas or Halloween, or just need a fun activity to keep your toddlers busy, you can create some fun by adding a little Disney!

Here are some Mickey Mouse crafts that I found on Pinterest. Some are for adults, and others are for kids of various ages. Enjoy!

Mickey Mouse Crafts for Birthdays

Mickey Mouse-themed birthday parties are really popular with toddlers and preschoolers. Here are some crafts you can make as party decorations, as well as crafts kids can during the party.

How to Make a Mickey Mouse Head Pinata

My kids always loved pinatas at their birthday parties! This pinata isn’t “difficult,” exactly, although making it is somewhat time-consuming. Expect it to take the better part of an afternoon.

Use a “Mickey head” template to cut two Mickey heads out of cereal boxes. Then cut a strip of cardboard that connects the two heads around the edges, creating a “Mickey box” to put the candy in.

Tape a string behind the ears and cover it with red and black tissue paper.

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DIY Mickey Mouse Centerpiece

DIY Mickey Mouse Pom Poms

I remember making pom poms when I was a kid (although mine never turned out as nice as the ones below!)

This could be a nice party craft for kids to make and take home. All you need are scissors, black, red, and yellow yarn, and a pom pom maker.

Depending on their ages, kids might need some adult assistance, especially with the scissors.

Pom Pom Maker
Pom Pom Maker

Mickey Mouse Bookmark Craft

Here’s another cute craft that creates an instant party favor for your little guests!

Paint a jumbo craft stick red, then print and cute out the Mickey head templates on white cardstock and the Mickey shirt template on black cardstock. Draw on a face with marker, glue together the pieces, and add two mini buttons.

Jumbo Craft Sticks
Jumbo Craft Sticks

Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Shirt

Here’s another neat idea that would be great for a party and allows kids to be creative. Order some Hanes t-shirts and use a heat transfer vinyl to put Mickey heads on them. Then give each kid their own shirt and some fabric paint and let them go to town!

5 pack boy Hanes t-shirt
5-Pack of Boys’ Hanes T-shirts

How to Make Mickey and Minnie Birthday Party Hats

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Mickey Mouse Picture Frame Craft

Here’s a nice craft that you can make after the party to showcase your favorite photo from that day. It’s also a nice way to display a photo from a recent Disney World vacation.

Mickey Mouse Christmas Ornament Crafts

Want a little Disney in your Christmas? Here are 3 fairly easy ways to make your own Disney Christmas ornaments:

These Mickey ornaments are pretty and really simple to make. All you need to do is remove the cap and snip off the “neck” of two small ornament balls, then use a glue gun to attach it to a larger ornament to create “Mickey ears.”

Then simply thread some ribbon or string, and attach a bow if you like.

Here’s another Mickey variation on a round Christmas ornament. Simply paint a plastic ornament with all-purpose paint (you will probably need more than one coat), then create a Mickey silhouette with different sized daubers and/pr paint brushes. When it’s dry, add some ribbon for hanging.

Sponge Daubers for Painting
Sponge Daubers for Painting

These terra cotta pot ornaments are just adorable!

Turn a pot upside down, paint it with red and black patio paint (with optional white polka dots). When the paint is dry, cut out some black felt circles and glue gun them to the pots for ears.

Set of Terra Cotta Pots
Set of Terra Cotta Pots

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Stockings

But why stop at just making ornaments? You can continue with a Mickey-themed Christmas by making these inexpensive stockings!

Simply cut the shapes you need out of white, red, and black felt (which you can get at the Dollar Store). Then add two piece of black felt ears with a cutout of a cereal box between then to give them shape. Add a red ribbon for Minnie.

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Mickey Mouse Halloween Crafts

I always like Halloween decorations that are “cute and friendly” (like pumpkins and black cats) oas opposed to “creepy and gory.” So Mickey Halloween decor is right up my alley!

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Craft

To make this pop=up pumpkin, just print the template provided by Disney Family, out on orange cardstock. You’ll also need a paper clip, rubber band, glue, a ruler and pencil, and crayons for decorating.

Orange Cardstock
Orange Cardstock

Mickey Mouse Halloween Hanging Decorations

Hanging decorations are fun because you can hang them in doorways and use them as hanging table centerpieces for parties. These bat mobiles are also from Disney Family and are made using their template and black cardstock.

Mickey Mouse Crafts for 2 Year Olds

When my girls were toddlers, I was constantly looking for simple craft ideas for them. (My son, on the other hand, had no interest in crafts or coloring, and just wanted to play with his cars and trucks.

Mickey Mouse Paper Plate Craft

This is a really easy craft for toddlers and preschoolers that doesn’t require much prep or elaborate materials. It would be great for a birthday party activity.

Just paint the bottom half of a paper plate red, then the top half black, letting in dry in-between.

Cut out the inner circle of two paper plates for “ears.” Paint them black, let dry, then glue them to the big plate.

Cut 1-inch circles out of white cardstock, then punch two holes in each circle to make them resemble buttons. Glue them on.

That’s it!

Kids Washable Paint
Kids’ Washable Paint

Minnie Mouse Paper Plate Craft

You can also make a Minnie Mouse out of a paper plate. This version lets little girls do to town with the glitter, which is something that one of my daughters loved to do!

Mickey Ears Paper Chains

Paper chains are always easy. You be as creative or as simple with them as you want, and they can go on and on and on if your kids are interested enough. This is a particularly good idea if you want a fun countdown calendar calendar for your next Disney trip.

Minnie Mouse Crafts for Toddlers

In addition to making crafts from scratch materials you can buy inexpensive craft kits and booklets like this one. My girls were absolutely crazy about sticker books when they were little!

Minnie Mouse Coloring Book Set
Minnie Mouse Coloring Book Set

Here’s a set that girls can grown into: They’ll enjoy going crazy with the ink pads and stamps when they’re toddlers, but then as they grow older, they’ll enjoy coloring in the pictures, and perhaps using them to make birthday cards for their friends.

Disney Minnie Mouse Wooden Stamp Set
Disney Minnie Mouse Wooden Stamp Set

Minnie Mouse Shells Craft for Kids

Mickey Mouse Craft Supplies

Of course, if you want to be really creative, you can just get some Mickey-themed craft supplies and figure out some neat ideas on your own.

Amazon has plenty of things to get you started, including Mickey Mouse craft paper, a punch, and button embellishments:

Mickey Mouse Halloween Crafts and Decorations

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