How to Make Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cake Pops (Easy & Homemade!)

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If you’re looking for fun activities to countdown the days til your family’s Disney World trip, then eating “Mickey Mouse food” is a great choice.

Even if you’re not planning a Disney trip anytime soon … go ahead and make some Disney treats anyway! It’s a great way to spend quality time together and let kids learn some beginner baking skills.

I searched for a bunch of ways to make Mickey (and Minnie!) cake pops, plus a few cake pop alternatives as well. Enjoy!

Mickey Mouse Cake Pops with Marshmallow Ears

These Mickey Mouse cake pops are a copycat version of the ones at Candy Cauldron in Disney Springs. They take some time to make, but a lot of that time is spent letting them chill, not actually working.

Bake a chocolate cake, let it cool, then crumble it with your hands and mix it cream cheese frosting. Spread the mixture in a pan and chill in the fridge.

When chilled, cut out circles with a round cookie cutter or biscuit cutter. Place the circles on parchment paper (these pre-cut parchment sheets are great) on a cookie sheet.

Use marshmallows to make Mickey’s ear, then pour melted white chocolate over the heads and ears to cover completely.

Cover the white chocolate with colored sprinkles, then put in the fridge until the chocolate is hardened.

Flip over and repeat with more melted white chocolate and sprinkles. After cooling, insert a cake pop stick.


DIY Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cake Pops

These cake pops are a little more artistic, but boy do they look impressive!

After making the actual cake pop, you dip it into melted red candy melts, then use black candy melts for ears.

Using tweezers, place yellow sprinkles where you want Mickey’s buttons to be.

You can use a silicone bow mold for Minnie.

Silicone Molds for Minnie Mouse cake pops
Silicone Molds for Minnie’s Bow

Minnie Mouse Cake Pop Tutorial

Here’s another visual tutorial of a very similar idea. They used some thinned out white chocolate to make polka dots on the bottom half of the cake pop.

Don’t use chocolate bars, chocolate chip morsels, pure chocolate or baker’s chocolate blocks when making cake pops! It won’t harden completely like candy coating.

How to Thin Candy Melts for the Perfect Cake Pop


Christmas Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cake Balls

Wow, these are a beautiful treat for a Christmas party or cookie exchange!

They used 2 Ghirardelli Chocolate wafers with each cake ball for the ears, piping various colors of cookie icing to decorate, and topped them off by placing Wilton holly leaves and sprinkles with a set of tweezers.

Wilton Holly Mix Sprinkles to make cake pops
Wilton Holly Mix Sprinkles


Ideas for Displaying Mickey Mouse Cake Pops:

You can use cute mug, a styrofoam block, and some shredded crinkle paper to make a real cute cake pop centerpiece for a party.

Mickey Mouse Mug
“Mickey Pants” Mug

You can also be a little more creative and experiment with not only the container, but with substituting candy, decorative stones, or beads for the shredded paper:

How to display Cakepops in a Gift Bouquet Arrangement

How to Display Cake Pops in a Gift Basket Box

Mickey Mouse Cake Pop Alternatives

If cake pops seem like a bother to try to make — OR, if you’d rather just be a little more creative — there are several cute and clever alternatives that are “kinda like” cake pops. (ie, they are sweet and they come on a stick)

Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Treats on a Stick

Who doesn’t love Rice Krispie Treats? I know my kids do! This is a really easy alternative and sure to please

Make Rice Krispie Treats like you normally would ((here’s the standard recipe if you’ve never done it before of just don’t remember), except put them in a 9×9 pan to make them nice and thick like the ones at Disney World. (Or you could always just double batch, which is always a good option.)

Once they’re cooled, cut them using a large Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, then insert popsicle sticks in the bottom, using some melted chocolate to help them stick, if necessary.

At this point, they are a perfectly respectable treat … BUT you can also dress it up by using a piping bag with melted chocolate, then topping with sprinkles.

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter
Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

Mickey Oreo Pops

Another easy cake pop alternative, using a food that is universally loved, these Mickey Oreo pops only require 3 ingredients:

8 “Double Stuff” Oreos
16 Mini Oreos
10 oz melting chocolate
8 Lollipop sticks

Arrange the Oreos into “mouse ears” shapes on a tray lined with wax paper, then carefully put the sticks through the double stuff filling.

Drizzle some of the melted chocolate onto the spot where the “ears” and the “head” connect, then put it in the freezer for 10 minutes until the chocolate is solidified.

Remove one stick at a time and use a spoon to drizzle chocolate over the whole thing. A spoon or rubber spatula is perfect so you can smear it around all the edges. (Don’t dip it directly into the chocolate or you might lose an ear!)

Place the chocolate covered Oreo pops into the freezer to solidify, and you’re done!


Mickey and Minnie Oreo Cookies:

You could even skip the cake pop angle entirely and just make these Minnie and Mickey Oreos. They’re decorated with red, pink, and white chocolate melts.

White chocolate chips are used for Mickey’s buttons, rounded white sprinkles are used for Minnie’s polka dots, and 2 heart sprinkles are used for Minnie’s bow.

heart sprinkles used for Minnie mouse cake pop
Heart Sprinkles Used for Minnie’s Bow

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Christmas Oreo Cookies


How to Make Mickey Mouse Marshmallow Pops


How to Make Mickey Mouse Caramel Apples

We love caramel apples! I think it has something to do with not only that great crunch you get from them, but also the taste combo of both tangy and sweet.

This pin image gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make them with a “Mickey Mouse” twist:

And here’s a simple way you can dress them up! These Mickey apples have marshmallow ears, are coated in both milk and white chocolate, and are decorated with yellow jelly beans and red sugar crystals. They would look totally cute for a kid’s birthday party.


How to Make a Mickey Mouse Apple at Candy Cauldron

I hope you’ve discovered some great ideas for Mickey and Minnie Mouse cake pops that you and your family will love!

How to make Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cake Pops

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