Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cupcake Ideas, Patterns, and Toppers

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What’s even better than cake and cupcakes?

How about Disney cake and cupcakes?

Whether you’re planning a mouse-themed birthday party for one of your kids, getting in the mood for your family’s next Disney World Trip, or just want a fun activity to do with your kids, these Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcake ideas are fun, relatively easy … and delicious!


Mickey Mouse Cupcake Ideas

Let’s start with some creative variations for decorating cupcakes to resemble everybody’s favorite mouse.


Mickey Mouse Cupcakes With Oreos

Using Oreos for Mickey’s ears are an obvious choice. They’re black, they’re round, they’re sweet and delicious! Here are a few different variations for what you can do with them.

Isn’t this chocolate Mickey Mouse cupcake beautiful?

It’s actually pretty simple to make. Simply glue two white buttons onto red cupcake wrappers, pipe on some canned frosting, and top with 2 mini Oreos for ears!


Red Cupcake Liners, Standard Sized, 200 CountRed Cupcake Liners, Standard Sized, 200 CountRed Cupcake Liners, Standard Sized, 200 Count



The cupcakes below are made to resemble the huge ones you can get at the Disney World resorts. The Oreo crumbs sprinkled on the top makes a nice touch

That may look like a huge pile of pure icing on the top … but it isn’t! Angie at Big Bear’s Wife shares the secret to how it was made:

Also for the height of the cupcake. It’s not all frosting in my cupcake (their’s yes, mine no). I actually cut the middles from my cupcakes and made cake balls with the cake insides and a little frosting. I then filled the inside of the cupcake with frosting and sat the cake ball ontop of the cupcake. (hope that wasn’t confusing)

Then I swirled the icing onto the cupcake, around the cake ball, to add the height.


The Mickey Mouse cupcakes below are super-colorful and would be great for a kids’ birthday party.

Add red food coloring to buttercream frosting, spread it on the cupcakes, then sprinkle generously with red sugar.

For the Mickey ears, separate and cut the large Oreo cookies in half, keeping the side with the cream. Then separate the small Oreo cookies, keeping the side without the cream.

Press 2 small Oreo cookies against the cream of the big half-Oreos.

Place a set of Mickey ears on each cupcake, then add 2 yellow chocolate candies for buttons.


M&M'S Fun Size Chocolate Variety MixM&M’S Fun Size Chocolate Variety MixM&M'S Fun Size Chocolate Variety MixCK Products 4 Ounce Sanding Sugar Bottle, RedCK Products 4 Ounce Sanding Sugar Bottle, RedCK Products 4 Ounce Sanding Sugar Bottle, RedOREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich CookiesOREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich CookiesOREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich CookiesMcCormick Red Food ColorMcCormick Red Food ColorMcCormick Red Food Color



Video — Mickey Mouse Cupcakes with Oreos — Dishes by Disney

How to Make a Mickey Mouse Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake

If you like the idea of using a Mickey Mouse “cake” that your party guests gently “pull apart” to get cupcakes, here is a template pattern you can use.

You can give Mickey his face with gel icing and candy eyes once all the cupcakes are arranged.

DIY Mickey Mouse Cupcake Stand

This cupcake stand is made with inexpensive items and would look great at a Mickey Mouse birthday party.

All you need is:

  • Red and black plastic table cloths
  • White paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • 4 empty boxes (If you’re like us, you get boxes arriving at your home almost every other day that say “Prime” on them)


Hallmark Mickey Mouse Wrapping Paper with Cut LinesHallmark Mickey Mouse Wrapping Paper with Cut LinesHallmark Mickey Mouse Wrapping Paper with Cut Lines



Video — How to Make Mickey Mouse Cupcake Toppers With Fondant


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Minnie Mouse Cupcake Ideas

If you’re like me and adore Mickey’s girlfriend, Minerva Mouse, here are some ideas for cupcakes and other sweet treats:


Pink Minnie Mouse Cupcakes for a Baby Shower

These Minnie Mouse cupcakes are so beautiful, especially the way they’re arranged on the cupcake tower.

They are vanilla white cupcakes, piped with a swirl of pink buttercream frosting and then topped with mini Oreo ears and a fondant bow.

Sure, they would work for a birthday party … but to me, they also look like an adorable treat for a Minnie Mouse-themed girl baby shower!



Video — How to Make Fondant Minnie Mouse Bows for Cupcakes


Other Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Food Ideas

What can you serve along with cake to go with the Minnie Mouse theme?

I think these “berry bows” are a pretty complement to the pink cupcakes:

Of course, as much as I love sweets (hint: too much), you should probably serve some “real food” too.

Here’s a cute “make your own sandwich station” where the bread, cheese, and meat is all cut into mouse ears.


Minnie Mouse Steel Cookie and Biscuit CutterMinnie Mouse Steel Cookie and Biscuit CutterMinnie Mouse Steel Cookie and Biscuit Cutter



Printable Pink and Gold Minnie Mouse Cupcake Toppers

Want some pretty cupcake toppers for your Minnie Mouse party? You can instantly download these printable toppers from Etsy.


DIY Minnie Mouse Cupcake Toppers



Minnie Mouse Pull-Apart Dress Cake

This is a cute and easy idea — you can arrange frost 22 cupcakes with red icing to make Minnie’s dress!

Use the same piping tip as you use for rosettes to make the white dots.


Video — DIY Minnie & Mickey Mouse Cupcakes w/ Charli’s Crafty Kitchen


I hope you found some great ideas for the next time your family is in the mood for a Mickey or Minnie sweet treat!

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