Minnie Mouse Waffle Maker Review

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A Minnie Mouse waffle maker is an easy and fairly inexpensive kitchen tool that can help create endless fun family breakfasts. Whether you’re building anticipation for a future Disney trip, wanting to preserve fond memories of a past trip, or simply love Minnie, this waffle iron can easily bring a smile to people’s faces first thing in the morning.

Minnie Mouse Waffle Maker
Minnie Mouse Waffle Maker

This pink and black electric waffle maker is stainless steel with non-stick ¬†cooking plates (although, unfortunately, the plates are not removable). It has a pink “Minnie” power light to tell you if it is on or off, and it makes a 6-inch waffle.


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Some reviewers claimed that these came out more like pancakes than waffles and were disappointed in the lack of any crisp waffle edges. True, this waffle iron isn’t going to give you gourmet Belgian waffles with deep indentations. The photo below gives you a pretty good indication of the depth and texture of the finished product, so you can decide for yourself whether or not that appeals to you:

Minnie Mouse waffle maker
Waffle or pancake? Either way, it’s cute!


Amazon reviewer BooksUpBottomsDown  sums up how you can create a fun meal, especially for a crowd:

“We are always looking for ways to increase the fun in our home when we are planning a Disney vacation! A Waffle Party Buffet seemed like good idea and it was a HUGE hit! … Lemon Poppy seed, Buttermilk and Savory Dill waffles with toppings galore on the table to dress them all up as people wanted. We were able to feed 13 people no problem.”

Minnie Mouse Waffle Maker
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Overall, this waffle maker is easy to clean, reasonably priced, and gives you an evenly-cooked waffle. Check it out to see if it’s a good match for either your own family or a gift for a friend or relative who loves Minnie Mouse.


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