Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker Reviews

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best Mickey Mouse waffle makers


If you’ve ever eaten at Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort, Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom, or Tusker House at Disney World, you probably know how fun Mickey Mouse waffles can be. But unfortunately, most of us don’t live at Disney World, so how are we supposed to have magical breakfasts the rest of the time?

The answer, of course, is — get your own Mickey Mouse waffle maker so you can have them any time you like. Here are three I found that were highly rated.


Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker
Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

This stainless steel maker make a light, fluffy Mickey that peels off easily with a spatula. It has a Mickey icon indicator light that switches from blue to red to show that it’s hot enough to start cooking. When it is hot, be sure not to touch the actual outside of the waffle maker, but just the handle, as that is the only part that stays cool.

Be aware that this technically makes a thick pancake more than a real waffle. Yes, it’s cute and Mickey’s face in unmistakable, but it doesn’t have the nooks and crannies of a true waffle. Some people won’t mind, but if that’s an issue for you, keep scrolling down for more options …



Mini Belgian-Style Waffle Maker
Mini Belgian-Style Waffle Maker

If you’re dead-set on a true waffle with actual squares to hold the syrup, then you might want to consider this “mini” waffle maker. Since it makes a smaller waffle, it’s great for a breakfast for toddlers or preschool-age kids. One nice feature is that the indicator light clicks when it turns off, so you don’t have to stop everything else you’re doing to stare at the light or monitor when the waffle is ready.

I’m always big on trying to save space and avoid clutter, so to me it was worth noting that this has a very small profile and fits easily into cabinets without taking up much room.



4 at a Time Mickey Waffles on a Stick
4 at a Time Mickey Waffles on a Stick

How’s this for cute — tiny Mickey Mouse waffles on a stick!┬áLike the picture shows, it makes four small Mickey heads, each two and a half inches in diameter.

The sticks, of course, are optional, but it comes with 50 wooden sticks and you can easily buy more at most craft stores or at Amazon. Here’s a pack of over 100 multi-colored sticks that look like they would be fun:

Mickey Mouse waffles on a colorful stick
Colorful sticks! (sold separately)


This waffle maker is primarily made of plastic, and unfortunately the handles and sides get very hot, so be careful, especially if you’re cooking with kids. There’s a red Mickey indicator light to tell you that it’s on, but nothing to tell you that the waffles are ready, so you have to guess and check until you get the hang of what works. Amazon reviewer SW wrote an extremely helpful review that describes not only how long it takes to see that they’re ready and the best way to measure the right amount of batter, but also includes the recipe they use to make the waffles.



If I were to choose one of these, I would probably get the last one. I like the fact that it makes four waffles at a time, and I would definitely want to true waffle that hold syrup in Mickey’s ears!

Whichever waffle maker you get, here’s a tip: make extra waffles, wait for them to cool, then wrap them in Saran Wrap, put in plastic bags, and freeze. Then you’ve got your own homemade version of frozen waffles that you can pop into a toaster any time you like.


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