DIY Teddy Bear Halloween Treat Boxes (with Templates)

DIY Teddy Bear Halloween Treat Boxes (with Templates)
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I love Halloween as much as anybody else, but I always like the “cute” side of it (pumpkins, fun costumes, cartoony ghosts) aspects of it rather than the scary/gory/haunted house element.

And, of course, the candy.

If you’re looking for a cute-not-scary way to pack up your candy, these teddy bear box templates are perfect for you.

Just print out on cardstock, fill, and fold, and — Ta-da! You’ve got adorable little treat packages for party favors and trick-or-treaters.


Halloween Goodie Bag Fillers

Looking for treats instead of — or in addition to — candy?

Little toys that glow in the dark, like wands and rings, are cheap and easy. (Not to mention helpful to have when you’re trick-or-treating.

There are also several goodie bag fillers over on Amazon that can fill the bill, from wind-up toys to plastic spiders to mini orange Slinkies.

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The templates for these treat boxes are available for free in my Printables Library. If you don’t already have the password, just fill out the box below.

Not only will signing up give you instant access to these templates, but you’ll also get a discount code for items in my Shop.




Treat Box Instructions

  1. Print all four pages out on card stock paper.
  2. Halloween treat box templates


  3. Using a scoring tool and a ruler, create a crease along all dotted lines. Press down hard and score each line 2 – 3 times.

    Halloween candy bag template and ruler


  5. Cut out the card. Make sure to cut out the small thumb arches, too.

    Cutting out treat bag template


  7. Fold the box in half, along the dotted crease in the middle.

    Halloween box Folded in half


  9. Fold the tab on the right side of the card and glue in place. Allow to dry.

    Side tabs of box folded


  11. Using your fingers, buckle the card to open it at each end.

    Buckle card to open


  13. Fold the flap with the thumb arch in first, carefully creasing along the dotted arch.

    First in first treat box flap


  15. Fold the other tab over the first one.

    Fold in other box flap


  17. Tape the bottom of the box shut. (Optional)

  19. Fill your treat box with candy or other treats.


  21. Finally, fold the top of the box shut, and your treat box is ready to go!

    Finished Halloween treat box





DIY Halloween treat box

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