The Best Drum Sets for Toddlers and Babies

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When I was a kid, my first “drum set” was created by my mom stringing yarn through an empty container of Quaker Oats, which I would wear around my neck and play with two spoons as I marched around the house.

Today I’m a music teacher and freelance pianist.


What are the Benefits of Playing the Drums?

According to electronic drum advisor, drumming is more than just a fun thing to do, even for a 1 year old.

The benefits of drumming for toddlers are:

  • Development of Motor Skills
  • Keeping Fit
  • Social Connection
  • Academic Development
  • Stress Reduction
  • Self-Expression
  • The Gratification of Learning New Things
  • Developing Listening Skills

Wow! I bet you had no idea that a toy drum could enrich your toddler’s life that much.


How Do I Introduce my Toddler to Music?

Many parents love music and want to encourage their child to be musical, but they’re afraid that they can’t do it “right” because they’re not musical themselves (or so they think).

This doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t have to be Adele.

Play your favorite music and dance with them. (I played The Monkees for both my daughter since they were babies, and both of them, now teenagers, have Monkees on their Spotify playlists.)

Have music on in the background while you drive somewhere, or make cookies together, or put toys away. It doesn’t have to be Mozart, and it doesn’t have to be Barney.

Sing with them. Sing anything. What you enjoy. Make up a song about them. Or don’t.

And have fun together with one of these drum sets.


Musical Drum Set for Toddlers

=Electric Toy Drum Set for Kids=Electric Toy Drum Set for Kids=Electric Toy Drum Set for Kids



Wooden Drum Set for Toddlers

PlanToys Solid Drum Wooden Musical Toy InstrumentPlanToys Solid Drum Wooden Musical Toy InstrumentPlanToys Solid Drum Wooden Musical Toy Instrument


If you’re worried that giving a toddler a drum would produce a nightmare that would send you running for the Tylenol, don’t worry: due to its design, this wood drum produces different tones depending on where you strike it, giving it a more melodious and pretty sound that you normally expect from a drum.

This particular drum is sized for a 9-18 month old. If you’re looking for a drum for a three or four year old, you’ll want to buy this larger drum designed by the same company.

I like this wooden drum because it is

  • Real
  • Durable
  • Not over-stimulating


Toy Drum Set for Babies


Whichever drum you choose to buy — or even if you to go with the empty oatmeal box like I had — be sure to be involved in your children’s music education. Dance with them, sing with them, clap with them, tap rhythms for them to echo. And most of all, have fun together!



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