Printable Slumber Party Activities (Mermaid Style!)

Printable Slumber Party Activities (Mermaid Style!)
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If your little girl is planning a slumber party anytime soon, you’ve got to check out this adorable activity.

Each girl gets to pick a pillow and sleeping bag for their sleeping bag, then they all get to pick a mermaid name and work on the activity sheets together.

One of the things I really like about this activity (other than the fact that it’s cute) is that it encourages friendship and social interaction.

Did you ever go to party when you were a kid and feel uncomfortable because most of the guests knew each other, but you went to a different school or something and felt like the “outsider”?

I know I did!

So this is a good way to get all the girls talking and interacting together in a way where no one feels left ouot.

The great part for you is that all you have to do is download and print the templates, and you’re done. No materials to buy and set up, and no mess!

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Slumber Party Kit Instructions

  • Print out all 4 sheets. Use card stock for pages 1-2 and regular paper for pages 3-4.

    Printouts, scissors, tape


    Fold the sheet with the sleeping bag in half, lengthwise. The paper edges may not line up perfectly, and that’s okay. Just make sure that the fold doesn’t crease into the sleep bag image.

    Sleeping bag folded


  • With the card stock folded in half, cut along the outline of the sleep bag. (Do NOT cut the crease.)

    Cutting out sleeping bag


  • Next, choose a pillow to go with your sleeping bag. Carefully cut it out.

    Cut out pillow


  • Use tape to attach the top edge of the pillow to the top of the sleeping bag image. Make sure the pillow shape can open and close easily.

    Tape pillow on sleeping bag


  • Choose and cut out your stuffed animal and tuck it under the pillow. If you like, you can secure it in place with tape of glue.

  • Write your name on the pillow in the heart.

  • Take the activity sheets and cut them in half along the white dotted lines.

    Cutting out lists


  • Cut out the Mermaid Name Tag and attach it to you shirt.

  • Have fun completing the activities and sharing them with each other! Use some tape to attach your Mermaid Name Tag to your shirt! Have fun!

    Mermaid Sleepover Activity Printables for Girls


    Don’t Forget to Get the Printable Templates for this Activity



    Mermaid Slumber Party Activity Pin

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