How to Make a Mermaid Bookmark (with Printable Templates)

How to Make a Mermaid Bookmark (with Printable Templates)
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You can never have too bookmarks — and this DIY mermaid bookmark is absolutely adorable.

The printable template includes the instructions (written in first person by the mermaid, who I’ve named “Pearl”), so kids can make this bookmark with little to no assistance.

All you need is the template, a glue stick, scissors, and any optional things like glitter or Mod-Podge to make Pearl extra fancy.


Mermaid Chapter Books for Girls

Of course you don’t need a mermaid book to go with your mermaid bookmark — any book would be fine.

But if you need some book recommendations, why not start there?

Third Grade MermaidThird Grade MermaidThird Grade MermaidTrouble at Trident Academy (1) (Mermaid Tales)Trouble at Trident Academy (1) (Mermaid Tales)Trouble at Trident Academy (1) (Mermaid Tales)Ready, Set, Goal! (17) (Mermaid Tales)Ready, Set, Goal! (17) (Mermaid Tales)Ready, Set, Goal! (17) (Mermaid Tales)Books vs. Looks (15) (Mermaid Tales)Books vs. Looks (15) (Mermaid Tales)Books vs. Looks (15) (Mermaid Tales)Maybe a MermaidMaybe a MermaidMaybe a Mermaid



To make this bookmark, you’ll need the printables templates, which are available for free in my Printables Library.

If you don’t already have to super-secret password to get access to my Printables Library, just fill out the form further down in this post.

Not only will you get the templates for this bookmark, but you’ll also receive a discount code for my 10-page Mermaid Fun Activity Pack.




Mermaid Bookmark Directions

  1. Print out templates on white cardstock.

  3. Cut out the mermaid and her accessories.

    Mermaid template cut out


  5. Fold the tab on the top of the mermaid’s head backwards,
    along the dotted line.

    Tab on head folded back


  7. Glue the back part of the hair onto the folded tab. Make sure the colored side is facing the front. This will be your bookmark’s page clip.

    Glue stick againt white tab for back of hair


    Back of hair glued on


  9. Arrange the small piece of hair on the front of your mermaid’s head and glue it into place.

    Gluing front of hair on


    Gluing hair on 2


    Showing how mermaid bookmark opens at hair


  11. Glue on your mermaid’s tail, sash, starfish, and seahorse hairbow.

    Glue on mermaid tail and top


  13. Get creative! You can use glitter, sequins, paint, and/or Mod-Podge to make your mermaid extra pretty and sparkly!

    Close up applying mod podge to mermaid bookmark


  15. Let everything dry.

  17. Use your mermaid bookmark when you read your favorite book!
    Mermaid bookmark in book 1




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