Easy Father’s Day Fingerprint Craft Card

Easy Father’s Day Fingerprint Craft Card
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Looking for an easy idea for a homemade Father’s Day Card to make Dad feel special?

This Hammer & Nails card craft is both unique and super easy. And it’s perfect for guys who are particularly handy.

Kids will get paint all over their arm and hands for this one, which most kids will love (except for one of children who hated getting anything sticky or messy on their hands, even as a toddler).

To wash the paint off your kids when they’re finished, use warm water and dishwashing liquid. If you need something stronger, you can try baby oil and a couple cotton balls.


Supplies Needed for this Craft

Set of 12 Acrylic Paint ColorsSet of 12 Acrylic Paint ColorsSet of 12 Acrylic Paint ColorsPaint Brushes SetPaint Brushes SetPaint Brushes SetArt Paint Tray Palette for KidsArt Paint Tray Palette for KidsArt Paint Tray Palette for KidsScotch Painter's TapeScotch Painter’s TapeScotch Painter's TapeAstrobrights Colored CardstockAstrobrights Colored CardstockAstrobrights Colored Cardstock


Supplies for Fathers Day Craft


Craft Directions

  1. Begin by tearing off a medium size piece of painters tape, and folding it backwards onto itself to create a loop.

    Put one “tape loop” at the top of your cardstock, and another one at the bottom.

    Tape on top and bottom of cardstock


  3. Turn the cardstock over, and press down gently on the table or counter where you’ll be painting.
    (This keeps the cardstock from sliding around.)

    Cardstock secured and ready for painting


  5. Paint a thick line of brown paint down your child’s outside forearm.

    This will be the “wooden handle” of your hammer, so make sure you paint your line thick enough to look like a handle.

    Brown paint on childs arm for hammer handle


  7. Have your child lay their arm onto the cardstock, and lightly press to make an imprint on the cardstock.

    Press arm down on cardstock


  9. Have your child make a fist with their hand and then paint the outer side of their fist, all the way down their pinky finger with the grey paint.

    Fist painted grey for hammer head


  11. Have your child lay their painted fist across the top of the brown handle on their cardstock, with their fist slightly loose.
    Press lightly on their fist to ensure they make an imprint. This will be the head of the hammer, with the pinky making the “claw” of the hammer.

    Fist pressed down to create hammer claw


  13. Paint your child’s thumb with the grey paint …

    Grey paint on thumb


  15. … and make a large thumbprint on the opposite side of where their pinky was on the painting.

    This will be the “face” of the hammer.

    Thumbprint on hammer


  17. Now your child’s fingertips black, and have them make dots around the bottom of the cardstock …

    Making black dots of paint


  19. … to make it look something like this:

    Fathers day craft with hammer and dots


  21. Use a black Sharpie marker to draw little lines under the fingerprints to make “nails”.

    Using black sharpie to create nails


  23. Use the black sharpie marker to add a fun saying to your painting, write “Happy Father’s Day,” or anything else you like.

    Homemade Happy Father's Day Card

  24. And there it is!

    Side angle finished Fathers Day hammer craft


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