Toilet Paper Roll Cat Craft for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Cat Craft for Kids
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This cat craft is super easy and requires almost literally no skills other than hitting your computer’s “Print” button and cutting out and gluing shapes.

However, if you want to be more creative, you can certainly dress it up by varying the colors, drawing designs with markers, and even adding stickers.

We chose to make a black cat with green eyes because I’m looking ahead to get good ideas for Halloween. But of course you can make whatever color cat you like. Or maybe make a bunch of different cats!

NOTE: If the idea of you or your kids crafting with a toilet paper roll grosses you out, you can substitute a “kitchen paper tube” (aka a paper towel roll) that’s cut in half.

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Cat Craft Supplies

  • Template pieces (included below)
  • Colored cardstock
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Pencil
  • Black marker
  • Glue

Cat TP Craft Supplies


Toilet Paper Roll Cat Instructions

  1. Download, print, and cut out the templates.

  3. Trace the templates on different colored cardstock, depending on what you want your cat to look like, and then cut them out.

    Colored cat template pieces cut out


  5. Glue the green eyes on the top of the cat’s head and the small pink pieces on the inside of the cat’s ears.

    Unfinished cat face


  7. Glue the cat’s nose right below the eyes.

    Unfinished cat face step 2


  9. Use a black marker to draw the cat’s mouth using a black marker and cut out some white paper strips for the whiskers.

  11. Glue the black circles in the middle of the green eyes. Now your cat’s head is complete! Set it aside for now; we’ll come back to it in just a minute.

    Finished black cat face


  13. Cut out a piece of black cardstock that’s the same height and circumference as your toilet. Put some glue on your toilet paper roll, then wrap the black piece of paper around it.

    Black paper wrapped around toilet paper roll


  15. Glue the kinda-sorta-oval white piece on the bottom center of the tissue paper roll. (This is your cat’s tummy.)

    Roll with black paper and white spot


  17. Glue the cat’s front paws on each side of the cat’s tummy.

    Paper Roll with cat paws in front


  19. Glue the cat’s face on the top of the tissue paper roll.

    Cat face added to tube


  21. Finally, glue the cat’s tail on the side of the tissue paper roll.

    Cat tail added to paper tube




    Cat toilet paper roll craft pin

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