Hurray for Magic Bands!

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 hurray for magic bands
Okay, it’s official. We are never taking a Disney vacation where we stay off-property again.
Why? Three reasons:
1) The Disney resorts are just beautiful, and you never have to “leave Disney” to go back to the normal world during your vacation;
2) Disney transportation makes the trip so much easier and more relaxing. It’s absolutely exhausting to drive to the park first thing in the morning, drive back to your room for a break, drive into a park again later, and drive back to your room yet again in the dark, when you’re tired (and often wet).
3) Magic Bands![Technically, you can get Magic Bands even if you stay off-property, if you’re willing to buy them at the parks or Downtown DIsney for $12.95. I’m not sure I would recommend that option.]

However, if you stay on Disney property, the Magic Band bracelets are awesome for several reasons:

1) They arrive in the mail a few weeks before your trip, so you don’t have to waste any time picking them up, and it’s also fun to wear them on your way to Disney.
2) Since the Magic Bands are also your room key, you don’t have to do anything to check in when you arrive. We just parked the car by our building and entered our room using our Bands.
3) There was no issues of, “Make sure we have a key before we leave! Who has the key? Do you have the key? I don’t have a key!” Since we could shower, swim, and sleep in our Magic Bands, we literally had our room key attached to each of us at all times.
4) The Magic Bands serve as both your park admission ticket and your Fastpass+ admission, so there is no fumbling in your purse or pocket to keep getting your ticket out throughout the day.
5) You can purchase anything on Disney property and have it charged to your room using your Magic Band, so there’s no reason to bring cash, debit or credit cards at any time during your stay. (Another nice plus: if you’re staying on Disney property, you could have any gift purchases sent to the gift shop of your resort so you don’t have to lug packages around at the park.)

In addition to all the practical reasons why the Magic Bands are great, they’re also kind of fun. You get to choose your color (choices include red, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange and iconic gray) and it’s exciting to get them in the mail and realize your trip is right around the corner!

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