7 Best Wobble Boards and Balance Boards for Kids

7 Best Wobble Boards and Balance Boards for Kids
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I regularly do yoga, so I’m very aware of the importance of balance, an area of physical fitness that’s often overlooked. (And I’m quite proud to say that I can still sit down — and get back up — off the floor without using my hands.)

So I was intrigued when I heard about “balance boards” and “wobble boards” for toddlers.

After reading this post, you’ll know why balance boards are beneficial for toddlers and how they can be used. You’ll also read reviews of the best balance boards, so you can decide which one is right for your kids.


Are wobble boards good for toddlers?

Wobble boards are great for toddlers. They’re a great toy for building strength and coordination, for open-ended play, and as a cause and effect toy.

But you shouldn’t stop there! They are actually great for any age (even teens and adults) to help with balance and coordination in a fun way.


What is the best age for a wobble board?

Some wobble boards are small and safe enough for an 18 month old to start using. In general, though, most boards are recommended for age 3 up.


What is the difference between a balance board and a wobble board?

All wobble boards are balance boards, but not all balance boards are wobble boards.

Put another way, “balance board” is the big umbrella category, and a wobble board is just one specific kind of balance board.

A balance board is made for balance and can be made many ways, (ie. round, center balance, squishy half ball, wobble board, etc.).

But a wobble board is a curved board made for balance, coordination, and imaginative play.

Wobble board are generally the best type of balance boards for toddlers because they’re slightly easier to use and they allow for more options for play than just balance and coordination.


How do you use a wobble board?

Easy — just hop on, placing your feet on the raised sides of the curve, and then rock back and forth.

But that’s not the only way to use it. Because of it’s shape, you can also:

  • Flip it upside down and make a car race track
  • Lean it against the couch and use it as a slide
  • Rock a favorite stuffed animal (or younger sibling)
  • Use it for pretend play — the rounded shape can be a bridge, rainbow, whatever


What are the benefits of balance boards?

  • Improve gross motor skills
  • Work on core strength
  • Give better sense of balance
  • Grows spatial awareness
  • Enhance coordination
  • Increases physical development
  • Encourage imagination
  • Create active play
  • Be soothing
  • And these types of boards aren’t just for toddlers. They can be fun for the whole family.


    Best Wobble Boards For Toddlers

    The best wobble board for toddlers is the one that will work with the abilities and needs of your child. Below are several boards that are safe, durable, and received positive customer reviews.


    Gentle Monster Wooden Wobble Board

    Gentle Monster Wooden Wobble BoardGentle Monster Wooden Wobble BoardGentle Monster Wooden Wobble Board


    Board size: 31 x 12 x 0.66 inches
    Board weight: 5.19 pounds

    This particular curvy board has three things going for it:

    1. It has a weight limit or 480 pounds, so it can easily hold the weight of an adult or of multiple children at the same time
    2. It’s made of high quality natural wood, with unique coloring and texture, so that each board one of a kind
    3. It’s made in the USA

    The actual weight of the board is 5.19 pounds, so be sure your child can lift it if you want them to use it for imaginary play. But if you just want them to be able to do some exercise or work their core muscles indoors, this could still be a great option.

    Due to the size at 31 x 12 x 0.66 inches, this particular board may be better for 3 year old’s and up.

    Click here to see a photo of a 3 year old boy enjoying this board.


    Play-in-Joy Wooden Balance Board

    Wooden Balance BoardWooden Balance BoardWooden Balance Board


    Size of board: 36 x 12.25 x 0.5 inches
    Weight of board: 8.5 pounds

    Wobble boards are great wooden toys and are often found in Montessori homes for open-ended toddler play.

    This particular balancing board is slightly longer than the one above. It’s a high-quality board made of wood, eco-friendly water-based paint, 11 layers of high-quality birch and 2 layers of beech.

    The max weight limit is only 390 pounds for this one, but it’s recommended for ages 18 months and up.

    The larger size lends well to creative play and more fun. The company uses machine grinding to make these boards nice and smooth. They also offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed with a 30 day full refund.

    Amazon reviewer Heidi Gray says this board is amazing:

    … EVERYONE in the family can use it, for all different reasons and results.

    • Young kids practice their balance while getting some exercise in.
    • Young adults can use it to hone a certain skill, for example- a sports skill.
    • And adults can use it for exercise, core balance, meditation.
    • It literally can be used by all for so, so many things. This is truly an all in one product.


    Wooden Wobble Board and Montessori Rocker

    Wooden Wobble Board and Montessori RockerWooden Wobble Board and Montessori RockerWooden Wobble Board and Montessori Rocker


    Board size: 37 x 11 x 0.66 inches
    Board weight: none mentioned

    This wobble board has something none of the other original wooden rocker boards have — spacing around the edge that acts as finger protection. An additional piece of wood on the bottom cteates a gap around the edges between the floor and the edge of the board, so a toddler’s finger (or puppy’s tail) won’t get smushed while someone else is using the board.

    Amazon reviewer Elaine says that this safety feature is well worth the extra money:

    … within 10 minutes of opening the gift, I was so happy that I had opted for the beveled “safety edge”.

    From across the room, I saw the youngest with his fingers tucked under to hold on, and his sister standing above him rocked the board suddenly and there was no time to rescue his little fingers! We took a breath of relief when he went on giggling and having fun … It would have been very painful for those little fingers to get pinched or crushed under that board.

    The max weight for the board is 330 pounds.


    Infindez 360 Degree Rotation Wooden Balance Board

    INFIDEZ 360 Degree Rotation Wooden Balance BoardINFIDEZ 360 Degree Rotation Wooden Balance BoardINFIDEZ 360 Degree Rotation Wooden Balance Board


    Board Size: 16 x 10 x 3 inches,
    Board Weight: No mention

    Are you interested in using your child’s balance board yourself, but afraid that you’ll be bored after two minutes? Then this is the board for you! It includes a simple, yet challenging, marble maze.

    The board has an eye-catching design with a cute panda pattern. Geared toward indoor and outdoor pay, the safety design of this board is what makes it fun for young children. There’s an anti-slip surface on the top and an anti-slip material on the bottom.

    It’s made of solid wood, but the max weight on this board is only 250 pounds, which is low compared to the boards above.

    The rotation of this board is designed to help even more with balance, a child’s posture, and coordination. It’s portable and versatile, but from an imaginary play standpoint, it is not as open-ended as one of the basic curved wobble boards.


    Wood City Wobble Board

    Wood City Wobble Board for KidsWood City Wobble Board for KidsWood City Wobble Board for Kids


    Board size: 16.5 x 9.4 x 2.5 inches
    Board weight: 2.1 pounds

    This board is small and lightweight, making it easy for toddlers to carry around the house, bring it ouside, turn it upside down, and move around any way they like.

    Be aware that the maximum weight capacity is only 220 pounds, so adults should be careful. The fun on top is UV printed making is safe from fading and very durable. The board itself has polished edges, is durable and sturdy, and is ergonomically designed with a 15 degree inclination angle.


    Bodo Maze Balance Board with Labyrinth

    Bodo Maze Balance Board with LabyrinthBodo Maze Balance Board with LabyrinthBodo Maze Balance Board with Labyrinth


    Board size: ‎23 x 15 x 2.5 inches
    Board weight: none mentioned

    With one center point of balance and a marble maze, the Bodo Maze Balance Board may be one of the most challenging on the list. But that also means it is hours of fun.

    The board is made of eco-friendly material and is designed to help improve balance and train muscles through play.

    One thing about this board is that it doesn’t have traction on the bottom of the board, so it’s not ideal for smooth surfaces like hardwood floors. But it’s large enough for any age to use, even teens and adults. The maximum weight recommendation is 440 pounds.

    Amazon reviewer Jeremy was particularly impressed by the quality of this board:

    I bought this after looking at a bunch of plastic balance boards. I’m so glad I didn’t buy another throw-away piece of exercise equipment. This is attractive and very sturdy. It’s made of really nice solid 12-ply wood and looks like it will last forever.

    I use it for planks and balance training. You could also velcro your phone on it and play games instead of using the steel balls and voila – you have a classy and more versatile version of the ugly plastic stealth core trainer that I was considering when I found this


    Click here to see several photos of this board up close.


    Glintoper Wooden Wobble Balance Board

    Glintoper Wooden Wobble Balance BoardGlintoper Wooden Wobble Balance BoardGlintoper Wooden Wobble Balance Board


    Board size: 27 x 9 x 3.75 inches
    Board weight: 3.5 lbs

    This versatile balance board is a little different than the others, although it functions exactly the same way. The Glintoper board is made of natural wood but it’s backed with felt cloth to protect flooring and reduce noise.

    This board has a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

    Amazon reviewer Toni explained what she did and didn’t like about this board:

    I bought thus for versatile reasons….for my son of course to introduce him to balance, yoga and exercise but also use this when we have big emotions and want to calm down and talk. Just rock back and forth until we calm down. Love it.

    The only issue I have is I have hardwood floors and it slides. There is a gray grip on the bottom to use for other things… not sure if that is indeed suppose to prevent it from sliding, I can only assume because I bought a different balance board for myself that has grip on the bottom of it.


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