Working From Home in an Empty House

Work from home

Today is a very strange day.

Not only is it a strange day in itself, but it marks the beginning of a whole new stage of life for me, which is pretty daunting. Bittersweet. Exciting. Frightening. Lonely. So many things.

Today all three of my children are in school for the very first time.

A part of me wants to say that this is a change after a full decade of homeschooling, but really it’s been even longer than that. I was home full-time with my kids since my oldest daughter was born sixteen years ago.

There have years and years and years of always having kids around.

And now, not.

I am out of work. I no longer had the job I had for the last sixteen years. There is no place to go apply for a new one like it. The job has permanently outsourced.

Now, I suppose, I have a new job. Although it doesn’t quite feel like it yet. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say I’m working toward getting a new job.

I am officially a full-time writer now. Not in the sense that I am making a full-time income yet, but in the sense that I will be working full-time, or at least very close to it.

Now only on this blog, but also on my books. For example, I have a new release coming out this Thursday. I have to finish formatting the paperback version (which I am putting off till tomorrow, since it drives me batty), make image teasers, double-check the categories in Amazon, and set up some ads.

Coming out this week – click for details!

And then, of course, I need to start working on the next book.

Right now it is almost noon. Three and a half hours until the first batch of kids come home; four and a half hours until they are all home.

I have updated some blog posts, made blueberry scones and coffee for breakfast. I am working and eating at the kitchen table. I do better there, it seems, than sitting on the couch. I’m not sure exactly what my story is about, but I did a couple writing sprints to get some ideas going and wrote 530 words. That is not nearly enough. My goal is to write a bare minimum of 1,000 words a day. Really, 2,000 would not be unreasonable, or at least a goal that I should strive for in the near future.

I went for a short walk around the block after writing the 530 words. I think a key to regularly move, regularly take breaks, clear out my head. I might do a quick yoga video in another hour or so, probably this one:

A fellow writer said to never take a TV break. I will be taking their advice, at least for today.

After I write this post, I will work on updating another post that needs some work and doing some more writing sprints. I may play the piano, which is always more enjoyable in an empty house. I am in a Joni Mitchell mood today. I may dig out the music for this song, if I can find it:

I must sound sad. I know this is a different type of post than I usually write here. Thanks you for listening to my ramblings.

It’s the first day in sixteen years that my kids are gone. And I’m working from home in an empty house.

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