5 Unique gifts for cats lovers

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Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

Considering the title of this blog, it’s about time I write about some gifts for cat lovers. If you’re not a cat lover yourself, I’m sure you know at least one or two of them!

On the left you can see my daughter’s beautiful cat Gingie (who is a boy, despite his name.) My younger daughter has a girl cat named Snickers, who showed up at the door after Thanksgiving dinner just a few days after our beloved Scooter died. And then of course there’s Grey, who was born in our apartment before we even had kids, and amazingly will be turning twenty years old next month.

So of course it was fun and easy for me to go hunting down gifts that would make a cat lover happy. In my search, I worked long and hard to find five gifts that were somewhat unique, and not just your basic mug or keychain. I also choose to stick with gifts that were specifically for the owner and not the cat itself, which is why I didn’t list things like cat toys or scratching posts.

Note: All the gifts in this post were listed at a price over $10 on Amazon at the time of this writing. If you’re shopping with a smaller budget, check out my post on Gifts for Cat Lovers Under $10.


Magnetic Cat Wine Glass Charms
Magnetic Cat Wine Glass Charms

This set of six kitty magnets attach securely not only to wine glasses, but also through regular glasses — say, for iced tea or lemonade — and even coffee cups. The set would be great at a dinner party or any other get-together to help people keep tracks of whose drink is whose. (Not to mention being a good conversation starter.) Reviewers say that the magnets are surprisingly strong, so the magnets won’t be falling into everyone’s drinks.
They also work as refrigerator magnets, so you can easily keep them on display even when you’re not using them.


Pyropet Cat Candle with Gift Box
Pyropet Cat Candle with Gift Box

Well, this is certainly unique!

This six and a half inch tall paraffin wax candle burns for approximately 20 hours … and then reveals a metallic cat skeleton underneath! Amazon reviewer Richard Keker includes a great time-elapse video showing the process.
The candle has no scent, which is good for people with allergies. It also does not come with any kind of base, so you have to put some sort of plate underneath it for the wax to drip onto.
The cat candle comes in pink, grey, and black. Also, if you quickly become hooked on Pyropet candles, they come in many other shapes as well, including owls, bunnies, and gummy bears.
One thing worth noting is that the box the candle comes in tells you about the skeleton inside — so if you want it to a be surprise, be sure to re-wrap it in another box!


Unique Measuring Cup Set for Cat Lovers
Unique Measuring Cup Set for Cat Lovers

This set of four measuring cups/bowls in different colors makes a great housewarming gift for someone “who has everything” and could use a gift that’s just whimsical and fun.

It’s worth noting that these are more for decoration and light use. Not only are they delicate, but the fill line is marked on the inside of the cup, on one side only, roughly 1/4 inch below the rim, and the darker the color, the harder the line is to see. This makes it difficult for measurements of dry ingredients to be exactly. But if you’re buying them more for the cute faces and tiny feet than because you expect to bake with them every day, I think you will be pleased.


Black Kitty Christmas Ornament Gift

If you’re giving a gift at Christmastime, you might want to consider this adorable ornament. It is about two inches tall and hangs from a gold cord. One reviewer described it as “sweet without being too cutesy.”
One of my favorite things about it is that the green and red scarf is removable, so you use it as a decoration year-round if you want to.


Unique Board Game for Cat Lovers
Unique Board Game for Cat Lovers

If you’re shopping for a family of cat lovers, this unique version of the board game Monopoly might make the perfect gift.

In the Catopoly version, the game pieces are a milk bottle, mouse, sardines, cat food, fish, and ball of yarn. Instead of buying houses and hotels for your properties, you buy fish bones and litter boxes for your cats. “Catnip” takes the place of “Free Parking,” and instead of “going to jail, you “fall into the water.” 

The most significant difference is that instead of real estate card, you have “cat breed cards” that has trivia about different breeds of cats on the back. So you can learn something about your favorite furry friends while you play.

I hope one of these gifts is perfect for your cat-loving friends and family. And of course I can’t end this post without a cute cat video …

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