Total Solar Eclipse 2017!

Monday. August 21, 2017, was a big day in history, as you probably well know — there was a total solar eclipse!

We decided it would be worth it to drive up to Franklin, North Carolina, to be in the path of totality. It was easy for us because my in-laws live in Franklin.

First, of course, we got some cute t-shirts:

Total Eclipse of the Sun t-shirt

There was a bank in Franklin that did a great job of setting up a free viewing spot. They had volunteers helping with parking and gave out free solar eclipse glasses, plastic cups, and soft “moon balls.” Even better, they had bottled and water and sodas, little bags of popcorn … and Moon Pies! How cute is that?

Here we are waiting:

Solar eclipse 2017 totality in Franklin, north carolina

The girl on the left, by the way, is not my daughter Rebecca (who was there, just not in that picture), but rather Rachael’s friend, who was our extra child for the weekend.

My husband, being the science and space nerd that he is, was very concerned that the clouds would cover up the total eclipse. Finally, about six minutes before totality, he urged us to run to the car and head down the street away from the clouds. Since it was already kind of dark and we were yelling out the minute countdown as we were speeding down the road, I felt like we were in some sort of apocolyptic movie, fleeing the bombs or the zombies or something.

It made the whole thing more fun and exciting.

We got a great view of the eclipse, although we didn’t get any really great pictures … not like the ones I’ve seen some friends posting on Facebook.

2017 solar eclipse

Solar eclipse in North Carolina


It was amazing how dark it got at totality. My husband was smart enough to get a photo:


Darkness at eclipse totality

I’m really glad we took the time to travel up to Franklin. It was even worth the fact that traffic was so bad coming home that it took us at least an extra hour.

This song was going through my a head a lot that day. This “literal version” of the music video is really funny and worth the time to watch it. (It starts a little slow, just like the song, but then gets funnier as it goes.) Enjoy!

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Literal Version)

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