Sugar Cookies for Tonight’s Christmas Play

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Whenever I need an idea for a blog about, I usually go take some pictures of what Rebecca is doing.

Tonight and tomorrow night both she and Benjamin will be in the play The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Apparently there is a scene when a bunch of kids run up to a table and grab and eat cookies on a plate, and Rebecca volunteered to provide (which is kind of a shame for such artistic cookies to be “wasted” like that; they could just as easily use store-bought cookies).

She’s been baking and decorating for a couple hours now, and here are some highlights:

She made this Pac-Man monster by using a heart cookie cutter, then the hand, I think, of a gingerbread man cookie cutter. She made Royal Icing with egg white and powdered sugar so it would harden and not smear.


Pac Man cookies

Pac-Man Cookies!

Assorted sugar cookies


Snowflake sugar cookies

I particularly like this Snowflake Cookie

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