Stuffed Animals with BIG Eyes

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Stuffed Animals with big eyes


Stuffed animal with big eyes seem to be particular adorable.

We’re big stuffed animal fans around here. For many years, it seemed like they¬†were members of our family.

Lammie would often have conversations with me, called me “Gwamma.”
Woofie would host birthday parties, complete with stuffed animals sitting around a circle in front of a birthday cake.
There were many times when I called Wal-Mart, or the library, of the grocery store, asking if a missing stuffed animal happened to be in their lost and found.

Sometimes I even had various stuffed animals joining us for our homeschool sessions — even turning in written assignments with their names on them.

Anyway, even though my kids are a little older now, stuffed animals are still near and dear to all of our hearts.

Although I love all stuffed animals, I found these five Big-Eyed Cuties that I really liked, who all seem to have distinct personalities of their own.

Which one is your favorite?

Stuffed Animal Unicorn with Big Eyes

Colorful Stuffed animal Unicorn with Big Eyes

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This colorful stuffed unicorn has big, dark, glassy eyes, a sparkly pink horn, and is about six inches tall. He (she?) washes up nicely in the machine and has beans in his (her?) feet to sit upright and not fall over.

Cat Stuffed Animal with Big Green Eyes

Stuffed animal pink cat with big green eyes

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I love the big and sparkly green eyes on this stuffed kitty! She has colorful polka dots (more like speckles, really) and is also six inches tall.


Big Stuffed Animal with Big Eyes


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If you’re looking for a big animal as well as big eyes, check out this soft and cuddly 14-inch stuffed elephant. It grey fur and pink ears, tummy, and highlights on the paws.


Big Eyed Stuffed Animal Monkey

Stuffed money animal with big purple eyes

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Big Eyed Owl Stuffed Animal

Owl Stuffed Animal with Big Eyes

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If you’re more the creative type and would rather make your own stuffed animal, this video can help you make the perfect eyes:

How to Make Eyes (Big or Small)for Your Stuffed Animals

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