Stopping by the park

Every kid gets a little shafted in their own way, and one of the plights of the youngest child (at least around here) is that he doesn’t get to go to the park nearly as much as his older sisters did.

They were close in age, and when they were about four, five, six years old I used to take them to the park of often as three times a week.

Benjamin, not so much.

Anyway, yesterday I had a doctor appointment, and since I often try to make doctor visits a little less of a drag by combining an outing, we stopped at a park that we rarely go to because it isn’t near our house. In fact, the only time we’ve ever been there is when I go to the doctor.

The weather was beautiful, and Benny had a good time.

Benny on slide Benny swinging one Benny swinging two

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