Stainless Steel Serving Bowls

Stainless Steel Serving Bowls

When my oldest child was a year old and I was pregnant with my second child, we did a much-needed remodeling of our kitchen.

My husband insisted that the new appliances — a dishwasher and microwave — be stainless steel. He thought it had a richer, more quality look to it. Since he is the one with the graphic arts and design background, I didn’t argue.

In the same way, stainless steel serving bowls have a particularly nice look to them, and they have several other selling points as well.

For one thing, they are easier to clean than plastic bowls. Unlike plastic, stainless steel don’t scratch, absorb odors or become discolored from things like spaghetti sauce. (Don’t you hate using a bowl that you know is clean, but that still has an icky stain on it?)

Compared to glass bowls, stainless steel ones are lighter weight, making them easier to work with. I’m guessing they’re less breakable than glass as well.

So whether you’re serving soup, pasta, or salad, or whether you’re having a huge party or just serving the family at home, here are the most handy and sturdy bowls I found that gave rave reviews from users.

Round Pasta Serving Bowl
Round Pasta Serving Bowl

This 11-inch round pasta bowl is double-walled, which means you don’t have to worry about arranging hot plates on your table or burning your hands. This handy insulation works either way. It can keep hot dishes hot when you cover them with aluminum foil, or it can keep cold items, like pasta or fruit salad, cold. It also works perfectly to hold ice and beer bottles or soda cans at a party.

The bowl looks heavy, but reviewers say that it’s surprisingly lightweight.



Salad Spinner with Serving Bowl and Storage Lid
Salad Spinner with Serving Bowl and Storage Lid

I don’t know about you, but I love salad. The only reason I don’t make it more often is that my kids don’t it, for some odd reason. But I love how versatile and healthy it is. You can add fruit, nuts, meat, and experiment with different dressings.

The salad spinners I’ve used in the past either had a push-button or a crank, both of which I thought were clunky. This one has “Pull-Dry Mechanism creates an ultra fast spin.” Several reviewers commented that it was the best salad spinner they ever had, and that it actually got the lettuce dry. Even better, it keeps the lettuce crisp and fresh for a long time. Reviewer Desert Sun says:

I’ve washed up to 3 heads of Romaine and put most of it into the spinner and then in the fridge. It kept just fine for 2 weeks – crisp and green – no brown spots.


Dip On Ice Party Bowl
Dip-On-Ice Party Bowl

What’s a party without plenty of great, homemade dip? You can keep your dip chilled and fresh with this 3-piece serving bowl.

Do note that this bowl is a little smaller than the image above makes it appear. It is six inches across the top, holds 22 ounces, and is just a little deeper than a typical cereal or soup bowl. However, that’s more than enough to hold a 16 oz container of French onion dip. And the size didn’t seem to bother Amazon reviewer California Avocado Lover, who said:

This is an awesome little party bowl. It’s great for travel because the bowl is not glass and I can chill my dip or whatever I choose to put inside. But it’s nice enough that I can use at home too as a compliment to my other crystal and pewter dishes. I don’t need to worry about my dips going bad while sitting on the counter for hours, during a party. The lid is great for easy storing at the end of the party. These are awesome! I plan to buy more as gifts!


Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl With Lid and Spoon
Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl With Lid and Spoon


This stainless steel sugar bowl comes complete with a spoon that fits in a hole on the side. The lid is made of glass (which you means you can easily see the contents), has a steel edge around it, and is fairly sturdy. In addition to using it for sugar, it would also work well for salt, curry, jam, and hot sauce.


Insulated Serving Tray for Dips and Hor d' ouerves
Insulated Serving Tray for Dips and Hor d’ ouerves

Having a party? Planning to serve shrimp cocktail, veggies and dip, or warm hor d’ ouerves? This 3-piece set might be perfect for you. Just fill the bowl with either ice or warm water and then cover it with the five-section serving tray, and your food stays at whichever temperature you need it to. At over 14 inches in diameter, it hold plenty of food — easily two pounds of 21-30 count shrimp, one reviewer says.

I wanted to include a negative about this bowl, or what the downsides might be for some people, but I couldn’t find any. There are literally no bad reviews for it on Amazon.


Stainless Steel Condiment Tray with Removable Cups
Stainless Steel Condiment Tray with Removable Cups

This condiment set includes three 8-ounce removable bowls that fit neatly onto a rack. It’s designed to fill with basting sauces and safely rest on a grill rack. It has side handles for carrying it from the grill to the table. In addition to using it for warming sauces, you could use it for serving different nuts, candies, and pretzels. On burger night you could fill it with ketchup, mustard, and pickle slices, and on taco night you could fill them with salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. The uses all almost endless.

All the pieces in the set are very durable and dishwasher safe.

I hope I’ve helped you find the perfect serving bowl that will keep your food fresh, look great in your kitchen, and help to give your guests a great time!

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