Souvenirs We Bought on our Disney World Trip

Souvenirs we bought on our Disney World Trip

A Disney trip isn’t complete without souvenirs, and the girls and I got some fun ones on our trip last week when we stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort.

I needed some new earrings in general, and knew before the trip that I wanted to get some Disney earrings — probably either Lady or Minnie Mouse. I ended up getting these and wearing them for the last couple days of the trip:

Minnie Mouse earring souvenir
Minnie Moue earrings

Rachael got this pack of stud earrings:

Disney character earrings
Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto earrings

Rachael also got this Donald Duck iphone case, which she was thrilled about. She would have bought a second case if she had more money.

Donald Duck iphone case
Rachael’s Donald Duck iphone case

Another thing we knew we wanted before the trip were car toppers, and we got these too — Dumbo and Olaf. I love the Dumbo one especially, because when you’re driving it looks like he’s flying.

Disney Dumbo car topper
Dumbo car topper


Disney Olaf car topper
Olaf car topper

I got this Minnie Mouse mug so I could make my mornings a little magical when I have my coffee:

pink Minnie Mouse mug
Minnie Mouse mug


Rebecca got this Minnie Mouse pillow pal, which I loooove! I was tempted to get a pillow pal myself, but didn’t.

Minnie Mouse pillow pal
Minnie Mouse pillow pal

Rebecca also got this adorable t-shirt of the Disney characters on the Tower of Terror.¬†What’s kind of funny is that she doesn’t like that ride and didn’t ride it on this trip, but she still really likes the shirt. (I do too.)


Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror t-shirt
Donald, Mickey, and Goofy on the Tower of Terror!

As I’ve mentioned before, the Disney Dining Plan gives you a ridiculous amount of food for the week, and we ended up with so many credits left that we loaded up several treats to bring back home, including these two cookies that we brought back for Robert and Benjamin:


Mickey Mouse cookie
Mickey Mouse cookie
Storm Trooper cookie from Disney World
Storm Trooper cookie

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