Snow Tubing at “Snow Mountain”

Some friends of ours invited us to go snow tubing with them this past weekend at an attraction called “Snow Mountain.” We had never been before.

Snowtubing at Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Georgia

The Top of “Snow Mountain”


While I had a great time, I couldn’t help but be amused by how un-authentic it was. Like I mentioned here, I grew up in Western Pennsylvania, which is a pretty hilly place. Sledding, to me, means dodging trees, smashing into snowbanks, and being both freezing cold and wet, and I was hoping for something at least a little reminiscent of that experience (minus the trees).

Instead, it was more like an amusement with a slide that happened to look like it was coated with snow. At no time during the entire trip did any part of me come in contact with any snow, including my shoes. There were lanes and attendants setting you up at the top of the hill and pushing you down.

So it wasn’t even remotely like sledding or tubing down a big mountain. Still, I guess you can’t hope for much when you live in the south.

Girls Group Snowtubing Snow Mountain GA

The girls and I going down in the group tube (that’s me in the earmuffs)


Going down hill at Snow Mountain in Stone Mountain GA

Benjamin about to go down the hill


Going down hill in Snow Mountain GA

Benjamin heading down!

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