Rebecca’s Greek Cooking Class

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We decided it was about time we got Rebecca into a cooking class, and were happy to find one for her age group this past Saturday. The theme was “A Taste of Greece.”

It sounds like the three-hour class was very well-run, and a real bargain for $35, in my opinion. They spent about the last 30 minutes sitting at a table and eating their meal together, then packed up the rest to bring home.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat most of it myself because I’m currently Gluten Free, but Rebecca did serve me a plate of the hummus with carrots when we got home.

Here’s her plate of food. Rebecca said that she particularly liked the haloumi cheese and the meatballs.

Plate of Greek food

Grilled haloumi cheese with lemon, hummus with grilled pita, lemon tabouli salad, mini meatballs, tsatziki yogurt sauce



She also said that the baklava was easier to make than she would have thought. and that it was crispy, but not dry.

Baklava at Greek Cooking Class

Baklava for dessert!


Overall, she enjoyed the class so much that I went ahead and signed her up for one next week as well. The theme for that one is — “Gluten Free Fun.” Yay!

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