The “Practically Perfect” Printable Planner

  • If the notes about your Disney vacation are in 5 different places, including various post-it notes, a piece of paper hanging on the fridge, and a file somewhere in your Google Drive …
  • If you’re tired of pulling up the same Disney sites over and over because you can never remember which rides are Tier One Fastpasses or which characters are where …
  • If you want to make to make sure you don’t miss the BEST Disney snacks at each park …

Then you should check out:


How to plan and organize your family’s Disney vacation —

without having to stay up til all hours of the night stressing about how to fit in all the rides — and trying to remember where you put that list of restaurants you wanted to try.


Girl meeting Mickey Mouse on Disney vacation


I know — whether this is your first, fiftieth, or final ever time going to Disney — that you want to spend your time making cherished memories instead of “playing tour guide.”


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Why is why I’ve created for you The Practically Perfect Planner.

So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation.

Well, you know … as much as possible with small kids.



“This was the first WDW trip for us that had organization that worked.

We enjoyed the trip much more and felt we got to do everything we had hoped to squeeze in. The time planning charts were especially useful, and the individual park schedules.”
— Lori T.


The Practically Perfect Park Planner is 31 colorful, organized pages including:

  • 2 different cover designs
  • A page for all your travel information — flight, hotel, car rental, etc — so you can refer to important stuff quickly
  • A vacation planning timeline, so you know which important tasks need to be done when
  • A page for keeping track of your vacation budget — because there’s nothing magical about a credit card bill that’s bigger than what you expected
  • A packing checklist, so you don’t forget anything important
  • A list of Fastpass rides for 4 parks, with the best Fastpass options marked
  • Your own personal Fastpass tracker, so you know at a glance exactly where and when you need to be
  • A list of Disney characters in the parks, so you know exactly where to find your children’s favorite characters
  • A list of all Disney character meals in the parks, including where they are and who you’ll meet, so you can make the best choices for where to eat
  • A list of all Disney character meals in the resorts
  • A character meet and greet wish list, so you don’t get distracted from meeting the characters that your children’s heart are set on
  • Your own personal vacation bucket list, to keep your most important goals top of mind
  • A list of all rides with height requirements, so there are no sad surprises for little ones
  • Your own personal Advance Dining Reservations (ADR) tracker
  • A day planner for each of the 4 parks
  • Lists of the best snacks in each of the 4 parks, plus where to find them
  • Lists of all restaurants in each park



printable Disney vacation planner pages


Hi, I’m Jen!

I help families of all shapes and sizes have magical, stress-free Disney vacations
… because the more information you have, the easier it is to make the best decisions!


Me at ‘Ohana with my husband Rob and my son Ben

With the help of my Deluxe Vacation Planning Printable Bundle, my customers have been able to:

  • Have a magical Disney vacation while spending less time gathering the information they need
  • Avoid that feeling of panic because they’re afraid they won’t be able to fit in everything they want to do
  • Keep track of all their dining, Fastpass, hotel, and airplane reservations without feeling overwhelmed


Lady and tramp eating spaghetti


Thank you so much for your help. You have no idea how much easier you are making it on me and my sister trying to plan everything.
– Dorothy M.


You get all this for just $18!



For less than the price of a family dinner at a fast-food restaurant, you can shave off hours of stress at the parks and weeks of nervous anticipation.


“Even though I’ve been to Disney World several times now, I still like to use visual organization systems, like these printables, to work through all the details. There is something about seeing everything laid out before you that really simplifies the process.”

— Amy C.