Our Once-Every-Five-Years Trip to the Movies

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We almost never go to the movie theater, and when we do, it’s usually the “dollar show” (which of course stopped being a dollar many years ago).

However, for Christmas we received some movie gift certificates from a relative and decided a few months ago that we would use them when Inside Out came out.

Movie Review of Inside Out
Rebecca’s Drawing of Inside Out

As we were driving to the theater yesterday afternoon, I said, “Hey, when was the last time that the five of us all went to see a full-priced movie?”

Okay, you’re going to laugh: It was when Toy Story 3 came out.
In 2010.
I think the people who work at the theater could tell we don’t do this often.
“Um, hi …. we need five ticket to Inside Out … uh … is there a difference between kid tickets and adult tickets? No? Okay, well then just five tickets, please.”
“Uh, yeah … can you get free refills with the big tub of popcorn? You can? Okay, great. And do you have, like … little trays so we can dole it out? Okay, good.”
“No, wait …. make that a large Smoothie … oh, there’s only one size Smoothie? Okay, then.”
“Oh, look, we get to put the butter on the popcorn ourselves!”

Seriously, though, how do families afford to ever go to the movies?? The tickets alone were $42, and one tub of popcorn and only two drinks was $17. I can’t imagine going to 2-3 movies over the summer — and god forbid we all ordered sodas or got any candy in addition to the popcorn.

As far as the movie itself: Well, it’s much easier to review something that you disliked than to review something you enjoyed, so I won’t say much about that here.

Stay tuned for our next movie outing, scheduled for 2020!

Inside Out Trailer

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