Our Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our Christmas Tree Ornaments

We have a pretty set-in-stone Christmas tree tradition around here.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we put on the soundtrack for A Charlie Brown Christmas, get all the Christmas stuff down from the attic, and start setting it up while the Thanksgiving leftovers are warming in the oven.

Then when we’re either finished or just ┬áhungry and need a break, we sit down and have the leftovers.

Well, our tree is now officially up, and here are some of our ornaments:

Cardinal Christmas tree ornament

2015 Christmas Ornament


2014 Christmas Ornament

Last year’s 2014 Ornament



2013 Christmas Ornament

2013 Christmas Ornament


Angel Christmas Tree Ornament

Angel ornament — I can’t remember when or where we got this one


Minnie Mouse Christmas tree ornament

Minnie Mouse Ornament that Rebecca got for Christmas last year

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