Mint Green Christmas Ornaments

Mint Green Christmas Ornaments

I’ve always loved the color green. It’s a very peaceful, calming, and lush color. (It’s always a color that usually looks great on Irish redheads such as myself.)

When I was a teenager I went through a “green phase” when I had mint green sneakers, regularly wore green jewelry, and sometimes even wore green nail polish.

Well, I don’t wear green nail polish anymore — ever — but I do still really like green.

Mint is a soft shade of green that has a sort of dreamy look to it, as opposed to a more bold and bright look. If you’re looking to add it into your Christmas decor, check out these six pretty and unique ornaments I found.


Frosted Mint Green Christmas Decoration

Frosted Mint Green Christmas Decoration
Frosted Mint Green Glass Globe

Wow, what a beautiful ornament this is! Inside the frosted mint green shell is a glass snowman with hearts and a red scarf. It has LED lights that change colors, cycling from red to green to blue. The lights can be turned off at any time with an on/off switch.

This would look gorgeous hanging from your Christmas tree, but it’s such a delicate and unique ornament that it would also look lovely as a decoration on your fireplace mantel, window sill, or bookshelf. In fact, they come with special “feet” so you can easily do that without having to worry about the ornament rolling away!


Mint Green Glass Ornament

Mint Green Glass Owl Ornaments
Mint Green Mercury Glass Owl Ornaments

This mercury glass owl ornament is shown here in mint green, but it also comes in nine other colors, including gold, copper, light blue, and red. It comes in a set of three ornaments, with each being three and a half inches high and two inches wide.

Those two ornaments were the ones ones I saw on Amazon that I particularly liked. Then I headed over to Etsy, where, not surprisingly, there were several really pretty and handmade items …


Mint Green Christmas Star Ornaments Lace Ceramic Christmas Ornaments

Lace Ceramic Christmas Star Ornaments

If you like ornaments that come in a set, or prefer the idea of handmade ornaments, then you might like these lace ceramic stars. They come in a set of three, are made from white clay, and glazed in a shiny mint color on both sides. There is a matching set of green lace Christmas tree ornaments as well.


Mint Green Vintage Charm Ornament

Mint Green Vintage Charm Ornament

This soft vintage ornament is made from shimmering cotton-blend mint green material. It’s decorated with gimp braid trim, sequins, pearls, beads, and crystals, so it’s very ornate and sparkly!

The embellishments are sealed into ornament for added strength and durability so that the ornament will last for many years. Still, this might not be the best ornament for you if you have little kids, or cats that like to knock ornaments off the Christmas tree.


Felt Owl Tree Ornament

Felt Owl Tree Ornament

Here’s a cute little green owl ornament made of wool blended felt and cotton fabric. It’s three inches tall and two inches wide. Because of its simplistic design, it’s very versatile. The Etsy seller suggests using it as a bowl or basket filler to create a decoration that fits in either a “folk art” or “cottage chic” setting.


Mint Green Cactus Ornaments

Mint Green Cactus Ornaments

Do you live in California, Arizona, Nevada, or New Mexico? Do you know someone who does? If so, these mint green cactus ornaments could make the perfect gift for them. They are made of felt and ribbon and are three and a half inches tall. If you prefer, you can request that several of them be made into a garland decoration.



Did you find on ornament that fits into your mint green holiday decor scheme? Or maybe one that makes a perfect gift for a friend or relative? I hope so!

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  1. November 27, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Mint green is a lovely colour – I love the cactus’ they’re cute. Su

    • Jenny_thewriter
      December 28, 2017 at 9:49 pm

      I like the cactus too, Su! I just recently discovered etsy and they have some REALLY cute stuff over there!

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