Listening to Hamilton

One nice thing about having teenagers is that get to learn about … well, I would say “learn about what’s hip,” except that I’ve been informed that the word “hip” is totally outdated slang, so maybe …well, let’s just say “what the younger generation knows about.”

For example, we’ve been given lessons in what “throwing shade” is all about, and what it means to be “triggered.”

One recent thing that entered our house was the soundtrack to Hamilton.

Hamilton the musical

Now don’t be alarmed — I’m not so, uh, uncool that I wasn’t aware of Hamilton, for heaven’s sake. I read that there were over one million “tweets” about it in 2015, and it was estimated to gross over $100 million in 2016. And, in a moment of time-wasting, I spent some time reading about the whole “Trump asks the cast of Hamilton to apologize” nonsense.

 Hamilton Cast Addresses Mike Pence After the Show

But I didn’t know anything about the show itself. In fact, I knew it was crazy-popular for several weeks before I actually knew that it was about Alexander Hamilton.

So now I’m delighted that our girls are playing and singing the soundtrack all the time. Our favorite song, by far, is “You’ll Be Back,” sung by the character of King George. In fact, it’s almost driving us crazy because it’s so catchy we can’t get it out of our head.

Jonathan Groff — “You’ll be Back” — Hamilton


I had no idea until right now that that was Jonathan Groff singing!

You may know Jonathan Groff as Kristoff from Frozen:

Jonathan Groff Behind the Scenes at Frozen



But I think of him as Jesse from Glee. 

“Run Joey Run” from Glee

(BTW, for all of Glee’s faults — and they were legion — it did have it’s clever moments. This is probably one of my favorite clips from the first couple seasons, until I couldn’t take it anymore and finally quit watching. And what does the fact that I watched Glee at all say about me?? I’m afraid to find out.)

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