Benjamin’s Lego Town

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Because Rebecca does so many things that make good visuals, like baking and crafts, I tend to write about her a lot. Today, however, I thought it would fun to feature one of Benjamin’s favorite toys right now, which is Legos.

I asked him to take a few photos of the Lego set-up in his room and then tell me a little about. Here’s what he came up with.


This is the police station. As most kids who are into Legos will know, it costs around $100. This is a nice view of it on the table. It comes with seven minifigures — four police and three criminals. a helicopter and a motorcycle and a police car and a cool criminal car.

I like this one because it has the most activities.

Police station helicopter view

Lego police station



This is the main picture of the town. The picture shows practically everything in it.

Lego panoramic photo

Main Lego town



This is the crook hideout. The crooks have their secret hideout in the swamp. It contains several sets. I like this part because it has some interesting looks about it.

Crook Hideout

Lego crook hideout



This is a nice street view of the city. It shows what it would be like if you were driving down the road. I like this view because it looks as if you were actually a person in the town.

Lego street

Lego street view



This is the entrance of the town, where everyone would come in. It shows the pizzeria, the hospital, and the bike shop. It is nice because it’s nice and bright.

Lego main entrance

Lego town entrance


Legos are awesome, except you have to be careful not to step on them.

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