Kitty Cuteness with Scooter!

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kitty cuteness with scooter

Since we wouldn’t have Scooter if it weren’t for my son Benjamin, I asked him to tell everybody about him.


“Scooter was a swamp kitty found in Florida when my dad and I were in Florida visiting relatives,” Benjamin said.


Kitty Cuteness -- Scooter
Scooter sleeping on Rebecca’s bed

“We were on our way home from a walk when we heard a small and cute meow,” he went on. “We looked behind us and saw two kitties, one being adorably small, and the other being one that looked like a Mom.”

He’s not as small anymore!

“When we were finally back at the house, we noticed that the cat kept scratching to try to get in. Our grandpa said that we should let him in and see what he looks like. Once we did that, my grandparents decided to keep him. A few months later we came back to Florida and they said that we could keep him.”


Cute kitty photo
Scooter sleeping with Rebecca’s HUGE dog

Since Rebecca had been asking for a kitty for months and by this time it was almost her birthday, we decided to officially make Scooter her cat.

Cute Kitty photos -- kitty in scratching post toy
Climbing out of the Kitty home!

My husband describes Scooter as “the perfect combination between cuddly and playful,” which I’d say is pretty accurate. He’s a really good kitty.Because you can never have too much Kitty Cuteness, I’ll leave you with this video of non-Scooter kitties:

Best Funny and Cute Cat Videos Compilation 2014

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