Kitty Cuteness with Gingie!

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Kitty Cuteness with Gingie

I’ve already written a post about Rebecca’s cat, Scooter, and today I’m going to feature Rachael’s cat, Gingie.

We got Gingie from a shelter, I think about three summers ago. We knew we wanted to name the new cat after my mother, Virginia, who was called Gingie when she was a little girl and who, at the time we went to get Rachael a cat, was dying of cancer.

We ended up with a boy cat, but his name is still Gingie. It actually seems to fit his coloring very well.


Sleeping Gingie!
Gingie pondering the meaning of life
I sometimes joke that Gingie has the looks, and Scooter┬áhas the personality. Gingie isn’t a mean cat by any means, he just … well, he basically ignores all of us except for Rachael.
He won’t sit in our laps. He never approaches us or meows at us like our other cats do. I don’t even know that he particularly likes to be scratched, or anything. The only seem he seems to be aware of my existence is sometimes at night, when he sometimes lays on my legs.
So he basically sees me as a piece of furniture.

But boy, is Gingie a handsome kitty!

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