In a Galaxy Far, Far Away … in Disney World!

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In a galaxy far far away in Disney World -- Star Tours

I’m probably not the best person in the world to rate Star Tours at Hollywood Studios, because:

1) I have nothing against Star Wars (and am quite the fan of Harrison Ford as Han Solo); but I’m not really into it. I always get confused about which planet is Tatooine and which is Naboo, and I’m still not sure I know who exactly Darth Maul or Count Dooku are. And my husband will forever remember — in great shame — that I briefly fell asleep during The Phantom Menace. (Well, of course I did — there was no Han Solo.)

2) Even more importantly, I have something called Strabismus and have never had stereoscopic vision, so any movie or attraction in 3D looks the same to me as it would to anyone not wearing the 3D glasses. So if the 3D effects are a big part of an attraction — and in Star Tours, it is — it’s all totally lost on me.


Ewok village outside star tours at Hollywood studios
Ewok Village Outside Star Tours


Actually, though, now that I’m writing this, I may actually be the best person to review Star Tours. Because, even though I would always be sure to lose any Star Wars Trivia games, and even though I can’t see any of the 3D effects … I still think it’s pretty cool.

So I imagine that it would be really cool if you could enjoy the 3D and/or if you were a rabid Star Wars fan.

In conclusion, let’s all enjoy watching this …

Best Han and Leia Moments

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