How This Blog Makes Money (and how YOU can do it too!)

Did you ever wonder how people many money with their blogs?

And more importantly, did you ever wonder if YOU could do it too?

Well, my name is Jen, and I’m a blogger who makes a very healthy side income that continues to increase every month!

I’d like to tell you a little bit about it by answering the questions people ask me about blogging and telling you how you YOU can get started with your own blog.


How Do You Make Money From Your Blog?

There are two main ways this blog makes money:

The first way is with ads. Every month I get a bank deposit for hundreds of dollars in ad revenue.

The other way this blog makes money is with something called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a beautiful thing. Basically, I find great products from Amazon, and if someone chooses to buy them, I get a small commission. (If you want, you can read the official legalese describing it here.)

It’s a win-win situation for everybody. Amazon makes sales, my readers find exactly what they’re looking for at no extra cost, and I make money.

For example, I have a post about The Best Shoes to Wear to Disney World. People will click on one of the shoes I feature in that post and buy it (and/or something else) off Amazon — and I get a commission.

I was an Amazon junkie long before I started blogging, so it’s pretty fun for me, too!



How Much Money Does Your Blog Make?

Currently, my blog is making about $1,500 a month. That number goes up almost every month, and I expect it to double within the next year.

But that’s nothing compared to what some other bloggers make.

Click to see how much this mom who blogs about her son’s favorite toys makes!

The really cool thing about blogging is that it makes money for you 24/7. On the weekends, when I’m sleeping, when I’m on vacation … this blog is still making me money!



How Much Does Blogging Cost?

Any business has a start-up cost, and blogging is no different. But the cost compared to other businesses is so small, it’s laughable.

Starting a blog costs less than $5 a month.

Yup, that’s right. Less than $5 a month. Less than what my lunch yesterday cost.

Click here to see the cheapest way to get started.



What’s it Like Working as a Blogger?

One of the views from my “office”


I’m not gonna lie to you. It can be a lot of work. It doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it can be very frustrating, especially when you’re just getting started.

But picture this:

Right now I’m typing this sitting outside on my covered porch patio enjoying coffee (in my pink Minnie Mouse mug!) and a peanut butter and banana breakfast cookie. There’s a nice, cool breeze outside today and it’s raining. (I love the sound of rain!)

I’ve been spending the morning re-visiting some photos from our family’s Disney vacations to see which one I want to include in my latest post. (It’s kinda like scrapbooking, but without all the expensive supplies.)

In two hours one of my daughters has a doctor appointment, so I’ll wrap up what I’m doing and head over to her school to pick her up and then stop for a quick lunch afterwards.

After all, I set my own hours and don’t have a boss to report to or ask permission from.


If you’re thinking that sounds like a totally cool job, YOU ARE RIGHT.

And part of what makes it a great business is what it doesn’t have. There is inventory to store, no shipping, returns, or rental space.

My business is just me and my laptop.



Sounds Awesome! How Can I Learn More About Blogging?

I’m so glad you asked!

I have a free 7-day blogging course that you can start right now.

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