Our Unexpected Lunch at Gluten-Free Cutie!

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Gluten-free cutie


Rebecca and Benjamin and I were driving home from a new park we had just discovered in a part of town we rarely go to when I said, “Isn’t that Gluten-Free Cutie place somewhere around here?”

I had heard [very good things] about Gluten-Free Cutie but had never been there.

Well, I was feeling in a kind of adventurous mood, and we had no appointments that day, so I slowed down and looked around, and sure enough, there it was!

Our Unexpected Lunch at Gluten Free Cutie in GA


Gluten Free Cutie Lunch Special


Well, once we found it, we certainly had to stay and eat!
I ordered the lunch special, which was a fried green tomato and bacon on a cheddar biscuit, plus macaroni and cheese. It was big enough for us to split.


I also got a Funky Monkey cupcake, which had banana pudding in the center and a chocolate-covered banana slice on the top.
There were plenty of other cupcakes to choose from. 
Benjamin got Birthday Cake and Rebecca got Cookies and Cream.
We definitely plan to go back someday and sample some new cupcakes!


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