Fun at the Dentist

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The kids had their dental check-up earlier this week.
Ever since Rachael was three and had her first dentist visit (which she was very scared about thanks to this book I read her which I thought would be helpful), I’ve been very impressed with how welcoming and fun their office is. There is a Lego table in the waiting room, a foam basketball and hoop in the back, and of course lots of stickers and a “prize box.”
Another thing they have is a Coloring Contest. Each month they have a coloring sheet, and when a child colors one, they hang it on the wall. At the end of the month, they select a winner and give them a $15 gift certificate to Target — pretty cool!
Rebecca won a year or two ago, and she did another nice job this time.
By Rebecca — will she win again this year?

Nine year old Benjamin mostly played basketball, but he also made this drawing.

Artwork by Benjamin!
Thankfully for us — and our wallets — no one had any cavities, and no one shows any signs of needing braces.

If you’re around my age (I’m 46), you might remember “Time for Timer.” Here is “Brush Your Teeth,” for your viewing pleasure.

Time for Timer — Brush Your Teeth

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