Our Free Trip to the Zoo!

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Trip to Zoo

Our local library has a DVD that is a sort of advertisement/infomercial for our city’s zoo. If you check out this DVD and then return it (whether you watch or not, and I doubt most people do), you get a family pass for one free visit to the zoo that you can use within the next seven days.

There is exactly one of these DVDs. I’m sure you can imagine how unlikely it is that this DVD is actually available at any given time.

But Rebecca loves the zoo, and Rebecca is persistent. Every time we go to the library (which is at least once a week), she asks if they have the zoo DVD. The answer is invariably no.

But … last week luck was on our side, and it was in! So we got to go to the zoo … for free!

Elephants, no charge!

They have some really beautiful birds at the aviary. You can buy a stick with seeds attached for a dollar, and someone was nice enough to give one to Rebecca. There were still remaining seeds when we left, so we “passed it on” and gave it to another family with two little girls.

Feed … the birds … dollars … a stick …

The flamingos are always fun to watch.

Pink Flamingos

The panda bears looked so cuddly and soft that we thought they looked like pillow pals!

Panda Pillow Pals!




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