Fourth of July Berry Parfaits

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Berry Parfaits Fourth of July Dessert

We’ve never been good at celebrating the Fourth of July the way you’re “supposed” to. We don’t attend or participate in any neighborhood parades, and we’ve never, not once, been to see fireworks.

It’s not that we’re not patriotic, or that we don’t like having fun. It’s just that every year there’s always at least one kid who begs us not to go, saying they hate fireworks, they’re too loud, they’re too scary.

So our big Fourth of July festivity this year was for Rebecca, our middle child and resident dessert maker, to make us these Berry Parfaits, which we ate while watching the movie The Theory of Everything.

The parfaits were wonderful. The movie was good, not great.


Becca’s Berry Parfaits

1) Mix one container of lemon curd with one container of cream cheese.
2) Layer the lemon-cheese mixture with angel food cake (she just used store-bought cake), strawberries and blueberries

It helps to have cute glasses like this to put it in.

Blueberry and strawberry parfaits

Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

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